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  1. Ingjard

    Make Brewers better

    Brewers are getting a buff with the plot card changes, well hopefully. Taking the Bracer For Impact plot card out will help scum and friday most notably.
  2. Ingjard

    Stave Redux

    I've been trying to get some work out of him recently. I decided to try to make him work to help against beater teams. The plan is to use him to change scrums in my favour. being able to push tapper backwards 4inch and knocking down and pushing enemies away sounds potentially really useful. True there may be times when my opponent can farm momentum off stave..but just having momentum doesnt win games. Id run him against lowish def beater teams. Beware thousand cuts and similar abilities that are easy to trigger off stave! Ive been running a really fun team comp. Tapper, scum, stave, friday,spigot and mash. So many pushes and ways to screw over the enemy and its a team with a lot of options. Need more games with it but so far I'm liking it!
  3. Ingjard

    What's on your wishlist for Season 3?

    Not a fan of the stave missile strat. I just don't think investing that many resources into stave is worth when you have people like Friday Hooper and esters herself to buff turn 1. I highly doubt that barrel with have that much impact especially if you are now using multiple activations to set it up as well. I like DEF 3 as a buff option. Sadly he is staying where he is..on the bench.
  4. Ingjard

    What's on your wishlist for Season 3?

    He was spoiled at spiel, no change to him I had hopes for 2/3 inf or gluttonous mass. O well! I guess we could consider tappers increased range on his heroic a buff to stave...
  5. Ingjard

    What's on your wishlist for Season 3?

    I was really hoping for a buff to stave.. Pretty excited to try out stoker, brewers turn 1 ranged game is strong! I've mostly played esters since I started playing so I will be interested in trying tapper out, I like his changes a lot. Alas my lovely lady Friday has already been toned down. We know hooper didn't get touched really and the next worry I have is spigot, but I doubt they will take away anything other then the ability to buff union players(which was so good and I will miss it).
  6. Ingjard


    Quaff. Stave for scale.
  7. Ingjard

    Friday Missile

    That is a great play that I am a huge fan of! I'm even a bigger fan of killing a player on the enemy base line with esters. Followed up by a 2 influence 2 momentum goal run by friday for a lovely 6point first turn. I also like to setup hooper on first turn as well to make that monster a threat to the enemy (while receiving of course). I recently started trying to use Friday as my main kicker because Esters is still able to use her ranged character plays and buff up other players (friday). All the while Friday is lurking with roughly 6 different buffs on her threatening a large part of the field for dmg or goal/return goal. I guess my main question for choosing to kick with esters over friday is where does your influence go now? It will be harder to get friday into a good target, harder to get her to score, at that point do we even want to invest in friday? Friday can also generate momentum, albeit not as well as Esters. I just feel that kicking with friday and preparing a missile gives you options you don't get with Esters kicking conversely kicking with Esters doesn't really give you great options for friday. Getting Esters into enemies when they don't expect has become a specialty of mine XD Esters is in my top 3 captains in the game, probably tied with a few other notable ones. So many options!!!
  8. Ingjard

    Friday Missile

    I've been thinking about kicking strategies for Esters brewers, my tournament 8 is Esters, Quaff, Friday, Spigot, Hooper, A&G, Gutter, Rage. Typically A&G seems the best choice (really having a hard time trying to argue for anyone else) but I like Rage or Gutter as the fourth member vs certain teams. The Friday Missile Strat I believe there are only two good options for kickers, Friday or Esters. My logic for Friday kicking over Esters is that Esters can still do a lot of work without having that extra 4" kick off jog. Now Friday is also extremely threatening, with just under 17" natural threat from the baseline. So you give 4 INF to Friday, 5 to Esters, 1 Spigot, last three INF would probably only be for positioning on other models, or you could give Quaff two for Second Wind on Friday to make the missile crazier! Now you have a lot of 'what is your enemy planning' activations before ideally your last two are esters then friday. Friday with Quaff buff, Tooled up, +1 dmg esters song, 2/2M esters song, and maybe +1 DEF buff if you have to go with Esters early (enemies threatening Friday too much). If no one is in range of friday after all that, the game is going very strangely. Last time I tried this build I was able to net 6 points first turn while Kicking, pretty ideal eh. I'm trying to think of ways to improve on this strategy and I'm hoping to start a discussion about this 'Friday Missile'. I would love to have some feedback! Has anyone tried something similar? How did it go? Does anyone else have a kicking strategy they think is the 'bee's knees'?
  9. Hello all, been playing the game since some time in March this year. I'm a long time pc gamer, this is my first miniature game. I've probably played around 40-50 games now with more or less the same comp, I am typically running Esters, Quaff or Scum, Friday, Hooper, Spigot, last spot has been inconsistent, trying to figure out what fits best. Looking forward to get involved in the guild ball forums and I'm hoping to foster some high level theory crafting and community building.