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  1. Balefirestorm's WIP

    The Thanks. The green is Vallejo game color Scurvy green. New model finished. This time it's Veteran Decimate
  2. Balefirestorm's WIP

    And the promised balls
  3. Bonesaw

    Making sure that I need to take 1 parting blow or that I can't place him in range of the goal. Against Fish 1/2 successes on the Parting blow is enough to steal the ball. So counter placement. The problem for Bonesaw, is that the 50mm base is not to his benefit, combined with only having Tac 4. If he'd also have Rowdy, that'd be different.
  4. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Final two Rat catchers done Have also painted their rat ball, as well as the Farmers pumpkin ball. Try and post them later today.
  5. Bonesaw

    yeah. Forgot that last one. Never had a chance of using it yet. My opponents are usually clever enough to make sure I can't use it.
  6. Bonesaw

    Bonesaw can be useful, but it requires 2 things: 1) He scores a goal asap during turn1. 2) You have the ball. He is one of the models that need a real lookover and some proper rebalancing.
  7. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    Guess that would be the problem with that change. Think they would need to rebalance the Goal vs T.O scoring a bit then, as there would be incredibly difficult against some teams. I do agree that Ball killing needs a change though. This one I really like.
  8. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    So to get back on topic here, what do we want to see in s04? * I wouldn't (and this is super wishful thinking) mind seeing all guilds get a mechanic that benefits them. This doesn't have to as extreme as the Harvest marker mechanic for the Farmers, but might even take some inspiration from the GIC cards. * I would like to see the Harvest marker mechanic changed from it's current form. I still think that saving them for extra Influence is a bit too strong. Instead I would like the to be used to pay for character plays and some traits. * In case of the Farmers, I'd like to see the Infl generation of the models to be more standardized (all reapers generate 1 all planters 2, excluding captains). This to open up the roster/team selections a bit. * I would like to see all models with a lower max Infl to have Traits/Heroics that compensate for the lowered cap. Lots of models in the game already have this, but others don't. * I would like to see some changes to the OPD that integrates the Major/minor guild relations. So instead of having a 10 model roster, you're allowed to bring 2 8 model rosters. Each roster contains 1 Captain, 1 Mascot and 6 squaddies (following the normal rules). In case of Blacksmiths, that'd be 3-5 masters and/or 3/5 apprentices. The rosters may be 1 from the Major guild and 1 from their minor guild. Before each game, when you normally reveal captain/mascot, you instead reveal the 8 model roster you will be using. * As mentioned above, i woul like to see both placement of the ball via scatter and placement of AoEs to be either within or fully within. * Rebalancing of models within the guilds, so to make all models viable. This is especially true with original and veteran models, that competes with spots in the team. If this means that some models need to be brought down a bit, so to be able to make others stronger, it would be worth it. So what would you like to see
  9. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Just finished the Rat catchers. Awesome models.
  10. Game balancing the butchers

    Ox: Remove Tough Hide for "How it's done": Cost / Range: P / Zon 2" Aura / Sus: Yes / OPT: Yes Friendly models within the aura gain +1 Tac. Fillet: Change column 1 to Shank: Give him something to compensate for the max cap INfl 3 ( as SFG claims are done to all models with that max cap). I'd like him to get Heroic play: From the flank This model may use character play "Where'd they go?" without spending the Influence cost. Tenderiser: Make him a INfl 2/4
  11. So what's your favourite thing about Guild Ball?

    * Clear rules that are easy to learn, but offers great depth the more you play the game. * Factions that all feel different, with their own theme, strengths and weaknesses. * Low model count. Makes it ok to sit down and paint them and even spend some extra time with details on the models. * A really great community. Always helpful and supportive. * Personally really enjoy the fluff. So dark and gritty, but still have elements that are a bit on the "silly" side, but without stepping over then line. * Models that all feel different and in many cases manage to mesh the fluff of the character with the rules/traits/plays. * Alternating activations. Think I'd have problems playing games that does not have it. * Models returning to the game after being taken out/killed. Even losing a captain only means it comes back next turn again (unless Casket time.... Caaaaaaskeeeeeet!!!!) * One set goal of the game, but two paths to get there (or more commonly, a mix of them). * Nicely sculpted models that really fit the game (yes, even Colossuss and Farris).
  12. The Faithful - New Beginnings

    Will there be any story progression connected to these models? If so, will we be getting the vCinder fluff, before the oCinder fluff? Still waiting for the Blacksmiths fluff after all
  13. Veteran Cinder

    Would love to have her become a master that does not have an apprentice. Maybe even going so far as breaking the tradition of the Guild and actually being able to support different Apprentices. Would have been great to actually have the fluff for the Guild
  14. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    Wouldn't mind seeing them changing the AoE meassuring to either "within" or "fully within". Would make measuring a bit simpler.
  15. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I agree somewhat, but take Falconeers instead . To complete their lineup, you need to buy both Sun Father's box and Winter herald's box. So instead of paying more for two extra models (plus their tokens and health dials) and knowing that you don't need to buy anything else for that specific guild, you need two extra boxes for a guild you might not even want to play. So if you don't want to play Hunters, that is a lot of extra money and models. In addition, you might have problems selling the remaining models, since the buyer can't buy the missing models separately. So from a customer perspective, I'd unfortunately say it's far from a perfect system, and might be worth looking over.