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  1. So if I am reading this correctly "Once per turn, in addition to any successful attack or character play, the target enemy model suffers a 4" push directly away from this model." Does not specify attack or character play from this model, could it be if a friendly model gets off one of the 2 triggers while in melee range of Buckwheat it would trigger the trait.
  2. Barbercat

    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Looks great Mako! She is in my painting queue but mine won't look as good.😁
  3. Barbercat

    My Guilds

    Farmers edition Benediction and cauliflower ball.
  4. Barbercat

    My Guilds

    Finished my Hunters.
  5. Barbercat

    My Guilds

    Couple more things done.
  6. Barbercat

    My Guilds

    I decided to fix the face.
  7. Barbercat

    My Union :)

    Nice color choice. Not sure what mine will be yet. Just got them assembled.
  8. Barbercat

    My Guilds

    Just got in the rest of the Hunters and started to paint. Here is Snow.
  9. Barbercat

    WANTED: Alt Graves & Alt Bonesaw

    I bought the launch kit from an Australian store online. Http://toysoldierimports.com/
  10. Barbercat

    My Union :)

  11. Barbercat

    My Union :)

    Lookin' good! I still haven't got mine. 😔
  12. Barbercat

    My Guilds

    Finished my Hunters box.
  13. Barbercat

    The Goal Post Thread

    My Hunters goal post.