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  1. Mr. Bleak

    Morts are still OP?- My first tournament win

    Yeah I meant the title as tongue-in-cheek; I didn't feel in any of the games that I was really any better off than I would have been with Fish or Union. Certainly the field was a little sparse of experience,especially coming back from the Chicago area.
  2. Mr. Bleak

    Morts are still OP?- My first tournament win

    Silence didn't really do much for me, no. He mostly got taken out and occasionally launched a fire blast. While shutout and tucked are still great, I often found it was more important for me to do an activation besides Silence than mess up my opponents activations.
  3. Just want to briefly talk about a tournament I attended yesterday. 11 attendees. We had 3 Butchers, 2 Engineers, 2 Morticians, 1 Brewers, 1 Alchemists, 1 Union, and 1 Masons. I'm primarily a Fish player, but decided last minute to throw down my new Morticians team. I don't have lots of time to play any more so I thought it would be nice to get lots of reps in with them in one day. I had played 2 games using Scalpel prior to the event, and never played using Obulus. Perhaps a bit of shame I went the Morts route, as Fish went unrepresented in the tournament! My 9: Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Cosset, Ghast, Casket, Silence, A+G. Game 1 I played against Butchers. He chose Fillet, Truffles, Brisket1, Boiler, Meathook, and Shank. I took Obs, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Ghast, and A+G. I received the ball, Dirge grabbed it and gave it to Graves who Tooled Up Obs and got the ball to A+G. He sprinted the pig up early, so Cosset Lured it in closer (for some reason Lured isn't human only?) and soon after A+G were able to charge the pig- wrapping for Singled Out and a double push withe damage back towards Obs/Ghast- and slingshotting Greede up to score. Ghast KD'd the pig with damage, and Obs polished off the pig to put me at 5-0. He ended up kicking the ball out to Shank on a wing, and Fillet tried charging in on Avarisse. Unfortunately for my opponent, I Defensive Stanced and Countered, and he didn't hit his KD (5 hits on 12 dice so a bit under average roll for him) so Avarisse was able to double push Fillet back. Fillet, layed down a Pain Circle on Obs and that was about the turn. I went first next, and thought I would be super cool and go with Obs, make Shank pass to Obs, then move the ball up the field and give it to Greede for an easy Snap Shot...but that plan went sideways when Obs missed the Puppet Master on Shank with a 1,1,2,2. Fun. Instead he made a few momentum on his first column, and the game got grind-ey. My opponent ended up scoring with Shank eventually and taking out Greede, putting him ahead 6-5, but he clocked out shortly after. So it went to 6-6 during a Fillet activation that accomplished little, I scored with Obs to go to 10, he did a thing and I went to 11, then I took out Boiler to finish up at 12/13 to 6. Game 2 I played against Morticians. I hate mirror matches, but my opponent was pretty new (he got the bye first round so found himself thrown into the top tables) so I felt okay throwing down Scalpel Against his Obulus. I took Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Graves, Ghast, A+G against Obs, Dirge, Silence, Bonesaw, Graves, and Cosset. This game was kinda weird, he kicked off with Bonesaw, I got the ball with Dirge and dropped it to Graves who Tooled Up Scalpel and gave her the ball, and she dodged forward. My plan was to have Scalpel pass the ball to A+G who could go score with it and then she would drag Bonesaw towards Ghast and Cosset for an easy take-out. But I got greedy with my dodge so my opponent was able to hard roll a Shutout on Scalpel after sprinting up. The rest of the turn was weird but basically I was still able to score with Scalpel and make a bunch of momentum, then went first and A+G (who just sprinted up beforehand) were able to charge in, take the ball off of Silence who he had kicked it out to, then scored. He was trying super hard to kill Scalpel but his rolls with Cosset weren't great and she ended up getting the ball again and scoring to make it 12-0. Game 3 I played against Engineers. I played Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Ghast, and A+G against Pin Vice, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus, and Harry. I kicked off with Obs, he scored turn 1 with Velocity and knee slid away, I counter scored with someone then Obs stole all his momentum and I went first and stole the ball off Pin Vice and scored again, making it 8-4. Then Obulus scored again the following turn for a 12-4 win. I had hoped this was it, but the pair down won and I went to play him in round 4. Game 4 I played against Butchers again. He played Ox, Princess, Brisket, A+G, Shank, and Boar. I took Obs, Dirge, Silence, Graves, Ghast, and A+G. This game was nuts. My opponent is someone I play regularly and I'd played against the lineup before, but never with Obulus. Honestly the details are a bit hazy but the highlights were killing Shank twice (kill once with Obs, then pushed off the board with Graves when he came back on at the same time Graves and Ghast did), scoring with Obulus after holding the ball for a full round and trying not to lose, and then Brisket missed a goal when he was on 10 points (A+G goal and 3 takeouts) and Dirge was able to get the ball to my Greede, who got the ball to Ghast, who bonus timed a pass to Graves who dodged forward and sprinted and bonus timed a goal for the win. It was nuts. But I had finally won a tournament! So a good day of games and a Morticians win. Butchers took second and Alchs took 3rd. Used my prize of store credit to pick up Bonesaw and Graves2. I might put Bonesaw in some of the games where I'd normally have Silence, because Silence has done largely nothing for me so far. I really enjoyed how I never really felt like I didn't have options in any of my games; sometimes with Fish I feel lost when the ball is dead, but Obulus means the ball can't be dead and the team can still lay down some ridiculous damage.
  4. My GB goals for 2017: 1.) Get back to playing 2-3 games a week after an unwilling hiatus and sporadic opportunities to play 2.) Top 3 at Adepticon 3.) Be less bad 4.) Be less salty than normal when #3 inevitably doesn't work out 5.) Paint, play, and immediately get frustrated with a Morticians team and crawl back to Union with my tail between my legs
  5. I think Hemlocke is the only option now. Condition removal is so crucial to Fish being able to do what they need to (standing people up so they can use momentum for scoring, healing fragile players, keeping everyone at maximum speed) that Hemlocke is almost an auto-include into Alchs, Brewers, Engi's, Butchers (Fillet) and Hunters. Losing Gutter means Corsair can't really count on 2 take-outs anymore, I think Fish are officially a 3 goal team with either captain now, especially with the buff to Angel. Kraken and Jac are just facilitators/defenders of Corsair/Angel/eitherSakanaorSirenorGreyscales to score a bunch. I'll probably still leave out Jac all the time. It's looking like Shark, Corsair, Salt, Angel, Siren, Kraken, Sakana, Greyscales and Hemlocke as my 9.
  6. Mr. Bleak

    Season 3 Tournament 9

    The Union restriction really hamstrung my Fish lineup. My tournament 9 was: Shark, Corsair, Salt, A+G, Gutter, Hemlocke, Siren, Greyscales, Sakana So I feel a bit lost. Now I'm thinking: Shark, Corsair, Salt, Angel, Kraken, Siren, Sakana, Greyscales, Hemlocke. I can't go into a tournament format without Hemlocke. I just can't. Fillet and Alchemists and Hunters just make me averse to not having momentum independent condition clearing. So my Corsair build, which used to be A+G, Gutter, Greyscales and Siren, is now probably going to be more foot-balley with Corsair, Angel, Kraken, Siren, Sakana.
  7. I think the extra activation is the biggest, but it's also helpful that Avarisse is essentially a 2 INF big guy. As many have said, Greede is barely a liability until very late in the game when you are clocked or when a player like Friday or Vitriol have gone deep for a goal and can take him out easily to close. I know little about the Rookies that have been rumored, but from what I have heard I hope they're not a required addition to each team...because then we'll just see Rookies and A+G in every team. A leash on Greede to make him a more urgent liability isn't a bad idea, and may lead to him actually getting picked back up now and then. Rather than a hard leash, making Avarisse a 0/3 INF and giving him Tactical Advice [Greede] might keep Greede further upfield...or both models end up being goalies providing INF and activations. It's hard to say.
  8. Seeing the final placings used for the rankings, I'm kicking myself for not finishing out on Sunday to try and get some more VP's...I dropped after game 2 of the finals (my second consecutive heartbreaking 10-12 loss) to get an early start on heading home and wander around the hall...if I came in 10th overall considering the weekend as a single tournament, without even playing two of my games, I wonder if a win or two in those games could have clawed my way up some spots. As far as the faction breakdown, I agree with Slothrop that the over-representation of Fish was to a much lesser degree than that of the Morts. I was playing Fish because I have the most games with them and I think they're dual captain pairing is much stronger than that of my other team (Union). I've already posted in another thread on why I think Obulus needs a tone-down and why that makes him over-represented so I won't get back into it here. What I actually would like to discuss almost more than Obulus is the preponderance of Avarisse and Greede. I didn't play a single game without them, and every opponent fielded them as well. They're great additions to any team and that's getting old quickly for me. If you don't take them you can be at a such sever disadvantage that I don't think you can leave them out in competitive play. Part of me wants a line added to Greede saying he cannot enter the pitch until the second game turn, just to make taking them more of a decision rather than an auto-include.
  9. Mr. Bleak

    Another Fish Report from Gencon

    So you never once played Shark? Do you have him in there just to try and list chicken your opponent or do have a specific matchup you like him for? While I also tended towards Corsair for the weekend, I do still love Shark into Brewers and Masons
  10. Mr. Bleak

    Union members on The Fish

    I haven't played a game without Gutter since I first put her in a Fish lineup. In a Corsair team she's the momentous damage that Fish lack outside of the Cap himself, and in a Shark team she helps you get those last 4 VP's after scoring twice. I take A+G when playing competitively, I feel Avarisse is a great big-guy and damage dealer in a Corsair team and a decent mid-pitch anchor in a Shark build, but the extra activation to allow Shark to score as the last activation is crazy powerful. Corsair loves Singled Out. When playing more casually, I think Fangtooth is a lot of fun, and I love the model. Hiding Shark and Angel behind him is hilarious against Brewers/Mason's/slow teams especially if you received the ball/they don't have MoM. Hemlocke is is a necessity into Butchers/Fillet, Alchs, Engineers, and Hunters. She always makes my 8/9. Always. Solid tackler/ball mover too. I don't see any reason to take Snakeskin in Fish unless you're doing something gimmicky like Siren/Hemlocke/Snakeskin/Greyscales for 5+ Def skew/UM/hard to hit build. Greyscales/Siren/Sakana can usually do her job just fine and more.
  11. Mr. Bleak

    My Vet Rage at GenCon

    So Vet Rage wants to take out opposing players, pure and simple. The most efficient way for him to do so is get lots of free charges (charge in the first time, if engaged at start of activation then push or KD people and then charge, etc) and also be somewhat clustered with Gutter and Decimate and Avarisse or Minx or whoever so that you can leverage your heroic and legendary to get single activation and/or single round take outs. A Vet Rage team also should expect to get a single goal by means of either Mist or Decimate, bothvery capable ball-handlers. The issue against Fillet is that Fillet also has very capable ball handlers- herself, Brisket, and possibly Shank- who can score a return goal or even two goals with relatively little effort. On top of that, Fillet gets her take outs easiest against clustered opponents, as she can layer Bleed onto lots of people at once with just a few attacks, then legendary to get you in a range where you die to bleeds or her own attacks when she wins initiative in the next turn. Basically, her take-out strategy leverages what Vet Rages take out strategy depends on, and on top of it she can score more goals and bleed your players to death. Tough matchup for VRage.
  12. Mr. Bleak

    My Fish at GenCon

    Yup, I used A+G in every game and most others did as well. I think I only played one game all weekend where my opponent didn't play A+G, and I think A+G was still in their roster. As the kicking player, being able to string two activations at the end of the turn often means being able to kill Shark/Mist/Flint/Vitriol if they came in for a turn 1 goal is just too good to pass up, as being 2-4 and then being in control of the ball and having a player to victimize when they return means getting to 8 becomes very easy. Also, despite Greede being a liability in the late game, he only died to a Shank going deep in one of my games all weekend. And Avarisse is just such a solid big player, he wouldn't need much tweaking to be worth taking if he didn't come with Greede...the amount of times I've had him double push Jaecar away on a counter attack is hilarious, and Singled Out when you've got Corsair and Gutter left to go is a death sentence
  13. Mr. Bleak

    My Vet Rage at GenCon

    Hey guys, I played Vet Rage in the Friday Regional Cup at GenCon and thought I would talk about my games briefly, just so they're on record somewhere! I took VRage, Coin, Gutter, Mist, Decimate, A+G, Hemlocke, and Fangtooth (if I had her painted in time Minx would have Fangtooth's slot) Game 1 I played against a fellow named Scott and his Hunters. He took Theron, Fahad, Hear e, Jaecar, Egret and Chaska. I took Gutter,A+G, Mist and Hemlocke. He made it known to me that he was pretty new to tournament gaming so we played a pretty laid back game, I won with 1 goal and 4 take-outs, having taken out Theron, Hearne twice, and Chaska; VRage got 2 of those kills and Gutter claimed two. He managed to take out Hemlocke with Mist over the course of our game. Game 2 I was matched up against Brian White, who took second in the finals on Sunday. He was playing Fillet, Princess, Brisket, A+G, Rage, and Boiler. I basically considered this a loss for me in the list-building phase; I feel like Fillet does everything a VRage team wants to do but just better because it layers conditions and speed on top of tons of damage and one serious goal threat. I managed to score a goal at some point to put 4 points on the board, but he scored one against me in return and got 4 take outs fairly quickly. He went on to win the regional. Game 3 I played against Doug and his Alchemists, running Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Katalyst, Calculus, and Venin. I took Hemlocke, Gutter, A+G, and Mist. I got a turn 1 goal, and i also killed Vitriol in the first turn I'm pretty sure. I went on to kill Katalyst, Flask, and Venin to win, while Smoke scored a return goal at some point. So I took 3rd place out of 8 or so players and got some neat dice and a Union patch for my troubles! And that day was my birthday, and a day well spent I would say. Vet Rage is lots of fun. I think Blackheart would have been better into Fillet but I actually really enjoyed VRage overall, maybe because he requires much less finesse than almost any other GB captain. Stick at least two INF on him, fill Gutter, toss a few on Mist, and you're gonna score some VP's every turn.
  14. Mr. Bleak

    My Fish at GenCon

    Hey all, finally have had some rest post-GenCon and thought I would share how things went with my Fish. I took Shark, Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Siren, Greyscales, Gutter, Hemlocke, and Avarisse+Greede. I played in the Thursday qualifer, going undefeated after three rounds. First round I played Morticians (who were 9 out of 21 players). I took Corsair, Salt, Siren, Greyscales, Gutter, A+G against Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, A+G, and Mist. I won 12-4 with 1 goal and 4 take-outs (Ghast/Silence/Mist/Dirge) and he scored a return goal at some point. Opponents name was Alex, top guy, good game. Second round I played against Fishermen. I took Shark, Salt, Siren, Greyscales, Gutter, A+G against Corsair, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, A+G. I won 12-4 with 3 goals, he had scored a return goal with Sakana after my first. I feel bad because I can't remember exactly but I'm fairly sure my opponent's name was Chris? Another great guy, he qualified the next day. Third round I played against Butchers. I took Corsair, Salt, Greyscales, Hemlocke, Gutter, A+G against Fillet, Princess, Brisket, Shank, Rage, and Tenderizer. This game was super intense, against my local pundit and great guy Ben. I ended up winning with 2 goals and 2 take-outs to his 1 goal and 3 take-outs...came down to Corsair making his own momentum and shooting for a goal on 2 dice (had blown my legendary early on attempting a One Touch goal maneuver and not connecting with 4 dice on the first pass) after winning an initiative roll where I was down 1 momentum... he rolled a 2 or 3 and I rolled a 6. So i went on to the finals. Saturday night, the first game, I played against Morticians again. I kinda got juked because I assumed my opponent would play Obulus but he took Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Rage, Ghast, and Mist against Corsair, Salt, Siren, Greyscales, Gutter, and A+G. This game, I could not make a pass to save my life. first activation of the game, Greyscales goes out to retrieve the ball, carries it back, passes to Greede... and misses. Greede gets the errant ball, goes to pass it to Corsair...and misses. Corsair grabs the ball and attempts to pass it to Gutter...and misses. I ended up just harpooning in Ghast instead (who had kicked off and then activated to come closer as bait.) Now, Ghast was bait, but I took it because after some careful measuring I realized I could harpoon him in and smack him around without getting Corsair or Gutter pulled in by Scalpel's legendary because of Ghast's large base, a wall, and the fact that I was barely past my deployment line. The plan worked, I put a bunch of damage on Ghast and racked up a bunch on momentum so next turn I started with Corsair, finished off Ghast, and went over to start working on Cosset and prevent her free charge. This is where things went all upside down, because Scalpel rolled fire dice against Corsair and almost took him out. The rest of my team failed to make meaningful momentum and Corsair died first activation of turn 3. We fought like crazy, Greyscales went deep and scored at some point, I took out his Mist at some point, putting me at 8 points... and then Corsair missed a 4 die goal on his legendary to win the game. We kept going, I took out a fully loaded Scalpel with a fully loaded Gutter swinging for Scything Blows against his Avarisse, and then I lost the initiative roll to win the game when I was up 2 momentum. I would have been able to just activate Greyscales first and swing 4 times for 1 damage each against Cosset to win. But Scalpel came back and slaughtered Greyscales and Siren both. By the end of the game I had missed a 4 die goal and something like 5-6 passes. My opponent rolled something like 5 5's with Rage swinging on Siren at some point. I decided the dice gods did not want me to go to England for the worlds. 10-12 brutal loss to Antonio. The next morning, I went in to play for best Fish or maybe even a podium, as 12-10 is pretty much as close as a loss gets. I got lined up against Hammer, Marbles, Mallet, Brick, Avarissse and Greede, and Mist. I used Shark, Salt, Sakana, Gutter, Siren, and A+G. I scored two goals without losing Shark, I killed Mist, and while I gave up a return goal and Gutter to do it, I ended up winning a first activation with Shark who was close enough to grab the ball off Avarisse and score. I charge in, looking down at my cards, my opponent asks, "you good?" I say yes without looking up, and he counter charges with Brick. I mentally note that I lose the game. I still loathe myself. I've played that matchup so many times, and at the end my opponent said, "you manhandled me all game, Brick was my only saving grace. Sorry." Great opponent from my area Jamison, I don't begrudge him for it at all, he didn't make any poor decisions all game, it's just a rough matchup for Masons and I had one severe misplay on my part that he capitalized on. After knocking Shark down, Hammer was able to kill a fully loaded Sakana, and I actually still had a chance to win with Siren. She was fully loaded, all i had to do was swing on Avarisse once to get momentum, then swing with a bonus time just in case to get to her tackle, then swing for another momentum and dodge, then walk out of combat to take a 3 die shot. I rolled all two's on my bonus time tackle attempt. I have no more influence left on the board in places that matter, he gets the ball out to a returning Mist, and kicks a 3 die goal to win the game. Another heartbreaking 10-12 loss. I dropped the tournament, as I was busy working in the salt mines and it wouldn't have been fair to my next opponent for me to try and play through a fouled mood. Overall a pretty good showing for my Fish I think. I also played Vet Rage in the Friday Regional and took 3rd place, but that's not for this section of the boards.