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  1. Mattias

    Brick, when to leave him on the bench

    So far what I have learned since picking up masons is that I have never even considered not playing brick. He is one of the best batteries in the game, and he turns up marbles. Gutter abuses him but she does that to any KD Mason. Into Smoke, fire is rough, but except by the hands of Katalyst, Brick is not dying soon. I can see that Smoke is a rough matchup, and so is Veteran Rage. Im open to suggestions on how to deal with the non interactive playstyle of Smoke without Brick. Into Rage, I would always play him to make the ideal scrum harder for my opponent to setup.
  2. Mattias

    Counter Charge Discussion

    I agree with this. Recently switched to Masons and man, the amount of clock it takes for opponents to measure the 6" bubble. Brick is an auto include. Marbles is great too, even better without the "Brace for Impact" plotcard.
  3. Mattias

    Ideas about minor guild

    I know what you mean, but all Hammer does for me is yell: "Team, I got this. Stand down"
  4. Mattias

    Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    They are here!
  5. Mattias

    Ideas about minor guild

    Architects Interacting with terrain to get stuff done
  6. I have recently switched to Masons, but I dont feel we have any obvious weaknesses. Making a 10 man was hard, because most of our players are just really good. Finding a 6 man for a match is mostly 5 autopicks and one flex slot. That said, I have no room for Wrecker, but he feels good enough. Marbles is just amazing as an Honour player. Also in my 10, here is no room for Granite and Chisel. Granite feels okay, but not good enough. Chisel needs more damage to be a glass cannon.
  7. Mattias

    Who do you like into Obulus Morts?

    I played hammer into morts this week. 3 turns he used puppet master to walk hammer out of range. The turn I got cllse, hammer got shutout and melted by Pelage. Game went to a 12-9 loss, but Im not confident Hammer is the way to go?
  8. Mattias

    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    Assisted honour took out Shark for me yesterday
  9. Mattias

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Really? I havent tried Hammer but as i am learning honour i can see so much potential.
  10. Mattias

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Does this work? The snared goes to her as well?
  11. Mattias

    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    New to masons, but isnt one of the biggest issues with Wrecker that you cannot play Marbles?
  12. Mattias

    Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Yes. And Thresher with the pass dodge has insane threat
  13. Mattias

    Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    I received. Which helps alot.
  14. Mattias

    Engeeners vs Morticians

    Purely from theory, I think ballista is the way to go in morticians. Deadbolt is golden if he hides the ball on Obulus, and minefield is great against cosset for example, as you mentioned. Locus feels okay, but I would leave him out for Velocity or Compound.
  15. Mattias

    Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    So I lost the game 11-12. Both getting clocked out, but a tater charge took out my velocity. If I had not derped out and healed Velocity, I would have gone to 12 on his clock. Notes from the game: Pin Vice has some insane goal pressure. Thresher struggled to keep the ball away from Pin Vice, Velocity and Hoist. Compound did not do that much, so Im considering Colossus instead. Overall, best game against thresher so far. I gave up getting Tater and Thresher taken out. I never had iniative, so I had to hide Pin Vice, and without her we dont do any damage at all. All ranged damage I did was healed bu the end of turn two by Harrow aura and momentum healing.