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  1. Penguin616

    Damage Trackers

    Mako: Muse have dials that to from 0-24 too. https://museonstore.com/products/damage-tracker-dials-50-mm
  2. Penguin616

    New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    Yeah, he has to work around it Having the ball and making a pass to get a dodge can work well too!
  3. Penguin616

    New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    It's Wrecker that have follow up and that dont trigger on dodges. Is it the dodge from knockback you're thinking about with Hammer? That only works if he gets to attack. Brick can be added to that list with his 2" melee.
  4. Penguin616

    Smoke brawls with the Masons

    Today I played a friend who is just starting out with Guild ball, so it was his first game. Being a very good warmachine player, he's not new to wargaming though. I did change up my usual game plan a bit, going in a bit more brawly and switching Calculus out for Venin. Line ups: Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Vitriol, oKatalyst, Venin Masons: Honour, Marbles, oHarmony, Brick, Chisel, Mallet As he was getting a feel for how the Masons works, many of his activations weren't optimal but he quickly started to figure things out and took several of my players out. To try and get the ball away from me he put it on Marbles and ran out to the edge of the board and a big fight took place there. I pushed Marbles of the pitch, getting the ball back by a good scatter from the center. He responded in kind by pushing Vitriol of the board, thus taking her out for the second time after she had derped around in his lines without really accomlishing that much. Smoke also got pushed of the pitch. I then pushed Mallet off. Venin died to combined efford of Brick, Honour and Harmony. And he destroyed poor little Flask. Malled and Chisel ended up getting take out a few times each in the game. When the score was 11-9 to me I finally got the ball into position for a goal. Smoke got up to within tap-in range and scored!
  5. Second game in a small local six player tournament. I played against a brewers player. Our line ups were; Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, oKatalyst Brewers: Esters, Scum, Hooper, Spiggot, Friday, Mash Vitriol kicks. I fail to roll a hit. But rolls a double six on the scatter. The ball ended up where it was on the picture, until shortly after when we both remembered that it should get stuck on the pillar. I played my condition game as weel as I could, but it's a bit tricky. she fires back. Spiggot gets up in Mercurys face and bashes him. Vitriol runs after the ball across the pitch a bit and then the Brewers gets a goal in. Vitriol scores a goal! bringing my score up to 10 after having taken out Esters, Spiggot and scum twice. It's 10-10 after the goal. He's scored and taken out a few players too. What I should have done was use knee slider to dodge back around the pillar from where Vitriol came during her goal run. What I did was get in closer to get set up for a snap shot goal, hoping to get the ball back again. Vitriol had 4 boxes left. His kick out left the ball behind his goal line so no momentum for him at least. My opponent wins the roll of when the turn ends. Scum gets the ball as he jogs back on the field. Esters on a full stack of influence takes Vitriol out of the game and thus snatching the victory out of the alchemists hands. Had I won the roll off, Mercury (just outside the picture on the bottom) would have bombarded Friday to death. She was on one box. Game ended 12-10. But did the Brewers truly win, or are the alchemists just playing along until the time is right to set of the trap?
  6. Penguin616

    Smoke smashes the masonry

    First game in a small local six player tournament. I played against a masons player I've played before using similar teams on both sides. He tried to get revenge, but Smoke said no. Our line ups were; Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, oKatalyst Masons: Honour, Marbles, oHarmony, Flint, Mallet, Lucky I got the ball onto Smoke and then followed my standard plan; get as many conditions out there as possible. Here I had copied and moved the aoes around, setting a large part of his team on fire and poisoning a bunch. He scored a goal with Flint and also kille Flask. I placed the ball back on Smoke and then had the team take Flint out. Mallet charges in on Mercury to do some damage, taking an insignificant parting blow from Flask. Poor droid does his best, but it's not really enough. Mercury survives and gets pushed back a bit. Honour is afraid of dying from condition bombartment so she runs to the side. Suits me fine, I don't have to worry that much about here then. The Monkey burns to death and I take out lucky and Mallet the following turn. Score is now 9-5 to the alchemists, all on takeouts. (somethings died twice, can't remember who) Vitriol goes for the winning goal! My opponent also clocked out so I was already up to 11vp when I made the goal. Game ended 12-5
  7. Penguin616

    Smoke hunts the hunters

    Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus and oKatalyst Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Egreat, Zarola and Jaecar We were playing with Guild Identity Cards. My opponent took Bait the Trap. Mine GIC is Watch the world Burn. I need to learn to deploy more spread out. I'm to close to Flask! My opponent puts damage and conditions on the poor robot, and also on Smoke and I think Katalyst too. During turn 2 Smoke dies after he kills the robot and then goes and Boomboxes Smoke twice. I leave Theron on 3 boxes after bombarding him with poins and fire and then condition damage. Oh, and I kill his mascot. So that is nearly two dead captains and no melee attack have yet been made by either side. Reeeaaally great camera work here! A for effort at least? This is turn 4. Katalyst took out Chaska the turn before, and Fahad burned up too after clearing conditions and then attacking Mercury ending up burning again (the cat died twice too during this game btw). Oh, and Egret died. Jaecar is down there beating up my robot. Poor Flask! Theron is still on three boxes. It's up to Mercury to get him. But I need to clear snared if I want to kill him without giving him the chance of healing or clearing conditions. So I put out my fire aoe on jaecar setting him on fire and doing damage, getting the momentum I need. I clear conditions and walks up in Flame Jet distance. I don't have any momentum now to help getting the 4+ I need to kill theron. But it's ok, I just roll double-6 instead. Why worry?! Better camera work her. Same turn, but Vitriol have dropped the ball of to Katalyst who have yet to activate. She didn't have any influence so he gets to kick the ball over to Smoke so she can score a goal. Jaecar killed of the robot and Calculus. So katalyst kicked the ball over to Smoke and then walked and trickered the trap just because he could. Fahad activated and tried to get the ball from Smoke to stop me from winning. But he got caught on fire as he entered Mercurys melee range and could no longer reach Smoke. He had also forgotten unpredictable movement, so she was safe anyway. Smoke then lays up a smoke cloud, jumps and runs up close the goal and scores the final points! Game ended with 12-6. I made 1 goal and 5 takeouts.
  8. Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus and oKatalyst Black Smiths: Ferrite (Captain), Iron, Anvil, Furnace, Cinder and Sledge We were playing with Guild Identity Cards. My opponent uses Passing the Mantle. Mine GIC is Watch the world Burn. First time I play against the Smiths. I didn't take any pictures of turn 1. But I kicked with Vitriol. The ball had ended up with Ferrite by the time I activated Vitriol. I charged in on her and got the ball, but failed to get any momentum. I kicked the ball back towards my line at least and then the hurting started. Vitriol got knocked down, ganged up on and singled out was thrown in there. A tooled up Sledge then went in to pummel her. After doing 8 damage on the first attack, my opponent decided that was a mistake as he now couldn't farm as much momentum from her as the next attack would take her out. Which it of course did. So I'm one player down, got a bit greedy for goal there. Start of turn 2. Well, maintenance phases at least. I had put conditions up on most of the smiths during previous turn at least. So that train is going. Chu-chu! Still turn 2 here. Mercury did his job with his fire trick after my opponent activated Ferrites legendary and noticed she was just outside of range to get Calculus so he just ran her up the field there. Might have done something more, but a bit of lackluster activation we thought. Still turn 2, but now some melee action have started taking place! Anvil got in and did some damage to Calculus who had thrown acid on the field. The "weight of stone" token is a proxy for Anvils singled out. And brave little Flask charged in on Iron using the Sic'em plot card wrapping twice for 3 Intensify. 3 damage on Iron and Anvil and 6 on Ferrite, leaving her on 1 box. Iron got pushed away into the fire circle. (I love color coded AOEs btw). Iron have just a few boxes left too. Iron and Ferrite are dead. Anvil is the captain now, thanks to Passing the Mantle.Calculus is knocked down and beaten up but still lives. She turns out to be surpringly tanky in the match! He finally took out Calculus. I killed Furnace and Anvil and Sledge. Still haven't gotten around to making a goal, but vitriol is starting to ramp up for that. Final Turn now. Time to go for goal. Vitriol moved up closer turn before. But I go first. Think my opponent gave me first turn, probably so I wouldn't have momentum straight of the bat for it. So Katalyst will do the job of getting some. He goes in on Iron who had been moved closer to Ferrite last turn. And kills him for the win. I never got the make that goal. Game ended 12-4 for the alchemists and not a single goal was made by either me or my opponent!
  9. Penguin616

    Some newbie questions about minis

    3. I think plastic is cheaper than metal in regards to material prices.
  10. Penguin616

    The alchemists smokes the Masons off the pitch

    I uploaded them to imgur and then added them to the post with the "insert other media" button and "from url". Did'nt resize them, so they're unedited straight from phone
  11. Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, oKatalyst, Decimate Masons: Honour, Marbles, oHarmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint The Alchemists kept wearing the masons out with fire and poison. Flask got killed by Honour after this picture was taken. She was on 3 boxes and went suicidal, bashing the little robot to bits and going down laughing in flames while hurting my poor, innocent Alchemists. Katalysts proceeds to avenge the robot by giving Brick a solid beating. Marbles, Harmony and Mallet goes down to flames and poison, and perhaps one or two fists. Smoke sets her eyes on the goal post, and takes the shot after making her way up the field through a cloud. The shot hits and the Alchemists wins!