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  1. rickybobby17b

    New Player in Upstate NY

    We have 4 guys that get together and play if you guys wanna meet up somewhere and play sometime message me
  2. rickybobby17b

    New Player in Upstate NY

    I'm also in the Albany area @E-Warden do you have regular opponents or play at a local store?
  3. rickybobby17b

    Big league trades

    Does this really work like that? That's bad ass. I might have to show our morticians player that when he plays against someone other than my alchs
  4. rickybobby17b

    Big league trades

    So I'm playing in a big league and I'm wondering what other players were fun to use favors and trade for? Probably not going to go for Harry just because I play that all the time but any players from any other team stand out as would work really well with alchemists? I play Midas most often but will use this big league to learn smoke better.
  5. rickybobby17b

    Problems with our Vice Cpt Calculus

    There's also her aura, while it doesn't usually play a big factor into a game if someone comes into her they're getting the poison condition. I've been playing Midas, Flask (gotta finish up Naja), Vitriol, Harry, Calculus and vKat (who will soon be replaced by oKat), but against scoring oriented teams I would swap out Calculus for Compound. My 9 is soon to be similar when everything gets finished just with Harry instead of Mercury.
  6. rickybobby17b

    Problems with our Vice Cpt Calculus

    Can you list the teams that you've tried her in? So you played Midas, her, and what other three with which mascot? With smoke what did you play?
  7. rickybobby17b

    A&G or Harry

    I played AnG the other night with Midas, Flask, Vitriol, vKat and Mercury. They were good at getting me momentum, and Singled out is nice on someone, but I did miss Harry even though I don't play him up to his full potential. The third goal threat was nice to have, but seemed unnecessary, especially because if I dropped Greede he would have died (my opponent was playing Honor masons, so they can delete him pretty fast. I think I'm going to stick with Harry because I like his cheap source of fire, and he has the pushes and KD like Averisse has, but there's the added benefit of the Hat aura. Play with both and see who you like though. I feel I play AnG better overall, but when taking them I like to have a burn source so I feel compelled to play Mercury, where with Harry I have a burn aoe already so I can play Calculus. Honestly I've been very back and forth on this but after playing AnG I feel for me Harry takes the spot.
  8. So I know there is an active GB community around Ithaca and Rochester, but I'm wondering if there are any players left around the capital region NY. I'm not a new member, but I've been getting back into the game and most people I used to play with have decided they'd rather play something else. Would love to find more active players and maybe even a weekly game at a shop or something.
  9. rickybobby17b

    Having a hard time with takeouts

    Yea I'll definitely have to keep the practice going with Harry. At least I did a bang up job painting my Harry so I'm pretty proud to put him on the table lol.
  10. rickybobby17b

    First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Both awesome looking models, but what I'm really hoping for is SFG to hide a card in the box set that lists other models from other guilds that have turned to the Solthecian church and want to play on the church team... might play Benny prob not Grace though
  11. rickybobby17b

    Having a hard time with takeouts

    Lol I've only succeeded in a witness me one time. It was glorious when it happened though
  12. rickybobby17b

    Having a hard time with takeouts

    Vitriol can do damage pretty well, I guess I just need to bring the whole game together. It seems like I'm either scoring or killing and not really doing them simultaneously. I think it's more my inexperience with the guild and the game. I came from the Butchers and didn't really have a problem finding damage dealers there, so the alchs are just going to take a bit to figure out for me I suppose
  13. rickybobby17b

    Having a hard time with takeouts

    I play Midas a lot, but I also have Smoke and have begun to play her. My team consists of Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, vKat (I don't have one Kat painted up yet), Vitriol, AnG and Compound. I can score my 2 goals reliably but the 2 takeouts or the 1 witness me don't come so easily. Who do you use to get that damage to rip down other players? I've played Harry quite a bit but I just don't like playing him as much as AnG. I don't know if Decimate is strong enough of a damage dealer to replace AnG in my list, she's just more of a momentum generator.
  14. rickybobby17b

    Bricks counter charge

    Just played against Brick and his counter charge really gums up mid field. A question came up, I charged Vitriol into my buddies Honor forgetting about Bricks counter charge, now does that disrupt my charge and he gets to resolve Brick before I get to resolve vitriol attack from the charge?
  15. rickybobby17b

    4/29 - Ivy League Guild Ball @ Cornell, Ithaca NY

    You guys planning on having a decent turnout? I'm near Albany and it's kind of a long ride if only 2 other people show up... how'd the last tournament go. Do you guys have an active group?