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  1. Captain Jerry

    Minor Guild Wishlist

    I need to find that tweet
  2. Captain Jerry

    4-2 SteamCon US recap

    Thanks for the great recap. You do are great job with the guild you love.
  3. Captain Jerry

    Tournament at Fat Ogre

    To those in the Houston area, there will be a tournament at Fat Ogre in Spring, TX. There will be prize support for this great game!
  4. Captain Jerry

    Let's talk : Cast

    I agree, I like both of her Character Plays, but putting her within 6” can be dangerous.
  5. Captain Jerry

    Vet Minx?

    This guy gets it!
  6. Captain Jerry

    Captain my Captain

    This is all great information for all players. Going to keep an eye on how each Master does as captain. I’m interested to try a variety of combinations.
  7. Captain Jerry

    Questions about Cinder

    That’s pretty awesome 👍
  8. Captain Jerry

    Questions about Cinder

    So Cinder’s Hot Shot skill reads that she can attack a player once from 6” away as long as she isn’t knocked down and has LOS. Does that imply she can tackle from that far away?
  9. Captain Jerry

    General Blacksmith tips

    This is all solid information. I am looking to getting in my first game with the Blacksmiths this weekend. Let’s keep this going to help all new players.
  10. Captain Jerry

    Hunters chip away at Masons, Hunter Victory

    Of course! I can’t take credit for the painting and goal post though. I purchased the team, but the main reasons were the theme and the goal post.
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/m3Anb My first match with Hunters against fellow Hunter player who wanted to use Masons. Masons took an early lead with Skatha take out. Though I was able to come back with an Ulfr goal. Overall the score was 11-2 in my favor after Jaecar started laying traps and doing what he does best.
  12. Captain Jerry

    Union worth fighting for?

    What he says!
  13. Captain Jerry

    Decimate File

    I agree!
  14. Excited about this next community event

  15. Captain Jerry

    Engineer help

    I use Fillet all the time against Engineers. Her high defense makes it hard for them to hit her. I even like to buff her with Boiler's swift stance, making it even harder. I also don't try going for Balista, he is just too tough. It also wouldn't hurt to spread the bleed condition, it buffs Fillet and chinks away at their HP.