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  1. Stephan

    Colorado Guild Ball Master Thread

    5 or 6 at a rough guess.
  2. Who won? For Adepticon 2017, please keep us informed. I'm already looking forward to playing now that I've got my Fishermen painted!
  3. Stephan

    Colorado Guild Ball Master Thread

    Gamers Haven in Colorado Springs is also doing a Guild Ball night on Thursday.
  4. Stephan

    Future Mascot ideas

    I want a Nutria for the fishermen. A big, fat 12lb swamp rat to represent for all freshwater fishermen in the guild. http://downeastwildliferehabilitationcenter.com/nutria.htm
  5. Stephan

    First Game

    A friend and I had our first real game last night. Previously I'd only had one demo at Adepticon. I played my Fishermen and he brought the Brewers. We kept it down to a Captain, 2 players, and a mascot each and played to 8 VPs on a 2x2. I brought Shark, Siren, Angel, and Salt. He brought Tapper, Hooper, Friday, and Scum. Fishermen kicked off and placed the ball in the Brewer's deployment zone, just to the left (from my perspective) of the center line. Tapper started off by taking possession of the ball and running it up the center. Shark then charged in and locked down Tapper, though he opted not to Tackle. Friday then moved up to support Tapper, on the opposite side from Shark. This roughly put Tapper in the center of the pitch with Shark to the left and Friday to the right. Next Siren moved up to the far left of the pitch and lured Hooper to her in an effort to pull him away from the main action around the ball. That ended poorly for Siren since Hooper proceeded to put a beat-down on her that took her to about half health. Angel then ran up left of center, near to Shark, to position for next turn, followed by Scum running up into engagement range of Angel to lock her down. Lastly, Salt ran up to within 4" of Angel to give her the DEF boost. Turn 2, the Brewers won initiative again and kicked things off with Tapper attacking Shark, with minimal results. Shark then proceeded to Tackle the ball from Tapper, pass it to Angel, and then knock down Tapper. Scum attacked Angel, but failed to do anything at which point Angel activated, turned on Super Shot and Nimble, and then jogged away from Scum. Scum tried his parting shot but missed, allowing Angel reposition and then make the first goal of the game. The ball was thrown back in and landed right next to the Fishermen's goal, making it a race between Friday and Salt for the ball. Friday wasn't positioned close enough to make it, clearing the way for Salt to spend his 1 Influence for a Where'd They Go Dodge, which put him in range to take possession of the ball and then jog back down the left-hand side of the pitch. Hooper activated, putting some more hurt on Siren before moving out towards Angel. Finally Siren activated and Lured Scum over towards her to clear a path for Salt on the next turn. To abbreviate the rest of this, Shark and Tapper continued to beat on each other in the center of the field, generally knocking one another to the ground over and over again. Scum proceeded to put more hurt on Siren until she only had 3 hit points left by the end of the game and Hooper moved in to beat on Angel. The real action for the rest of the game was between Salt and Friday. Salt moved in on the left of the pitch and took a shot at the goal, which he missed. That deviated the ball right into range of Friday, who took possession but had no one to pass it to. Salt used his Where'd They Go dodge to put him in charge range of Friday and then proceeded to wrap damage on her, allowing him to Tackle the ball, dodge out, and then take a shot, scoring the winning goal. A great learning game overall. Guild Ball isn't widely known at our local game store, but one of the store employees is really interested and we had several people stop by and ask questions during the game. I'm hopeful that we'll have our own league going before too long.
  6. Hi all! Just getting into Guild Ball. I had a demo at Adepticon and bought the Fisherman's Guild with some Union support. I live in Southeast Denver and am regularly in Colorado Springs if anyone is interested in a game sometime.