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  1. Atras

    The Rookies are here!

    They are available one at a time, if you want to get them slowly over time.
  2. Atras

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Having to wait so long for the models is pretty annoying. It's totally understandable, and I doubt they can do anything to make it go faster, so it becomes a simple "have to deal with it" situation. I think the price is insanely good. If I didn't already have both full teams in metal, I would jump on the crowdfunding in a second - I have other guilds to play. I wouldn't worry too much about not having the money already set aside, though. It will be going for three weeks, during which time you can hopefully find the funds. Even if you don't manage that, if the campaign fails, you missed nothing, and if it succeeds you can pick up the plastic models in stores later. Of course, if it fails by exactly your pledge, then you should be ashamed of yourself for your lack of planning - or be mad at Steamforged for the short notice. I don't think that will wind up being the case, though.
  3. Atras

    Ignoring Bonus Net Hits

    Yep, attack Benediction with his Armor boosted, roll all 1s and 2s, then apply Vengence/Tutelage, get 4 or 3 hits.
  4. Atras

    SteamCon 2018 US

    The 2017 location was great. The hotel was beautiful, the staff was great, there was a Target right next door in case someone needed something minor. It would be nice to be closer to the airport (it was around 40 dollars for an Uber), but I think the mix of a central location and a really nice building calls for a repeat.
  5. Atras

    Kick 2017 Out With Style

    Be one of 8 people to register for an end of year tournament at Turn 4 Hobbytown. This is a hard limit of 8 players, since we'll only have time for three rounds. However, if we fill all 8 slots before the day of the tournament, I will personally raffle off a 6-man starter team from what the store has available. The $15 entry fees will be used as a prize pool: 30 dollars of store credit to first place, 20 dollars for second place and 10 dollars for third place (assuming 8 participants). I'll be using Longshanks for pairings and tracking placement ( http://longshanks.org/events/?event=635) and participation will count towards the Captain Con Cup. This event will follow the standard Regional Cup guidelines as listed in the November 2017 Regional Cup Organized Play Rules - painted miniatures, 10-man rosters.
  6. Can Bolt target Siren with the Knockdown portion of Shoemerang? Obviously, if he wants to use the first part (2 DMG) it would be using the 4" RNG stat of the character play, reduced by 5" to 0", so he can only hurt her with that by being base-to-base and rolling. However, does Beautiful affect the the second 4" measurement in the character play?
  7. Atras

    Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    I didn't think to ask that (or overhear anyone else ask it), but I believe there will be a card played in turn one; whether that card determines the kicker/receiver or not I can't say. I would guess that Kicking/Receiving will still be a dice roll, and the lowest Initiative card would be the safest play in turn one, but that is only a guess.
  8. Atras

    Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    I had a chance to talk to a lot of the Steamforged guys at SteamCon US, and I think there's been some misinformation here to clarify. 1) The new initiative cards should be out at Adepticon 2018. That's March 22nd, so they will be here soon. I think, but am not sure, that they wanted them available to us before the are offical. Given that, I don't think they will be considered "season" cards. They could just make them part of the OPD. 2) The cards plus your momentum replace the dice roll. If you are tied with your opponent after adding the card and your momentum, then you will roll off for turn order. The second player will still get a point of momentum. 3) The cards also have an Influence modifier. You might have a card that is +7 Initiative, but -3 Influence; exactly what you need when you can win the game on that first activation. I don't know what the ranges for numbers are, but I suspect no more than 5 initiative and no more than 2 influence (despite my example). 4) They did consider having each player have their own deck of cards, but they like the partial information granted by getting dealt 7 of the 18 cards, so you know for sure that your opponent doesn't have the 7 you saw, but there are 11 they could have. As with everything, I think they are willing to listen if people are really vocal about it. It will be annoying for a tournament organizer to have to have spare sets of cards if each player needs their own set, because you know people will forget them, and it also opens up a path for people to cheat (that wasn't something SF mentioned, it's just a problem I could see if someone was really invested in winning at all costs). 5) There has been a lot of playtesting of this set up internally. I brought up the fact that someone way ahead in Momentum would be in a strong win-more position if they have a bunch of low initiative cards with strong effects, and they told me it was something they have worked with in playtest. So far the balance has been really good, so I'm not too worried, personally. 6) If you run out of cards, you don't automatically lose (but why are you taking 5 rounds to win or lose?). You'll either play your fifth card and take the previous 4 back to your hand for future rounds, or a full re-deal will happen (I'd much prefer a re-deal, it's a lot more interesting). That said, you will be playing a card each turn, and the effects will be active for that round. Having them face up where both players can see them should cut down on forgetting to use them. Hopefully this was comprehensive enough, but if anyone has further questions, I didn't ask any of this stuff behind 'closed doors' so if I know something, I'm happy to share it. As always, things can be changed (and I could be incorrect about some things), so don't go betting your life on this info.
  9. Atras

    OPD Changes November 2017

    You can show up with juts 6 players if you want to. Captain, Mascot and 4 players.
  10. In a rematch of the Hunters/Blacksmiths from the previous week, we use Guild Identity Cards; me with the ability to switch Captains, him with the ability to Counter-attack for free. I kick off with Cinder, and the ball is perfectly placed very close to the center line. It doesn't stop Ulfr from getting it and making a successful pass to Snow. I was quite happy that Cinder was within 6" of Furnace, so even if she failed to get a ranged Tackle off of the 4/0 mascot, it would be on fire... until I rolled nothing higher than a 2 on all 5 dice. There was some karmic payback when Theron missed Cinder twice, so I think it was a good exchange in my favor. I was able to take out Hearne with some ungodly good attacks from Sledge (7 damage at the end of turn 1, 14 more at the start of turn 2), and somehow escaped a triple shotgun on Cinder. I forgot to take pictures for that part. Ulfr was able to steal the ball off of Anvil (curse that Tackle/Dodge!) and pick up a score, plus Cinder eventually got shot up pretty badly, setting the score at 2-6 Hunters. I got a goal with Ferrite, but the kick off went right where Ulfr could get it again, putting me in the ugly position of being down 6-10. Luckily for me, I was able to get a good roll of Momentum going, and left Theron on the ground with 2 Health, and on fire. Iron had the ball, and was engaging the Hunter's Captain, so he was able to make one attack for a Take-Out, then an Impetus-fueled Jog into kick range, and with bonus time, ended the game in the Blacksmith's favor.
  11. Atras

    What vets do you want to see

    From a story perspective, I would love a Veteran Vitriol - she seems to have come back a little from her injury, and the Alchemists could use some new leadership. It would also be nice to have a new Captain option for the Alchemists, since both Midas and Smoke are mostly just score machines who go about it in different ways. I would love to get a Veteran Ballista - maybe he grabs a set of Colossus legs, shows his prowess on the field and gets some control of the guild away from the psychotic robo-queen. I could easily see a Seasoned Harmony, more of a pure goal threat Captain for the Masons. She would need something to differentiate her from Seasoned Brisket, but I think there is a lot of room in the design (and the theme of the Masons) to do so. I love the idea of Veteran Friday - something that makes Veteran Spigot more appealing to play would be nice. Give her Time's Called, make her Shoot Better After a Beer boost permanent, but she's so trashed that your opponent gives her a 1" Dodge after ending a Jog, or 2" Dodge after ending a Sprint (but not a Charge). Veteran Boiler would be a good addition, since Fillet is now the only Striker on the team, he could work on his scoring skills and get a 4th Kick dice. Veteran Egret and Veteran Skatha could be a pair: Egret as she ascends to Captaincy in the Moon Goddess' glow, and Skatha as she steps down from the position.
  12. My friend got his Hunters painted, so the two of us squared off with my Blacksmiths and his Theron-led Hunters. We're both fans of the Engineer Hat, so here is my report! The Hunters took an early lead with a goal from Ulfr, but Ferrite quickly returned the favor, getting the score to 4-4. The ball was snatched up by an eager Snow after the kick-in, but in the next turn Ferrite was able to steal the ball away and score again! Blacksmiths are up 8-4! Furnace is able to tackle the ball off of the Hunter's Captain, but thanks to some clumsy footwork (like rolling 6,2,2,1,3) he can't both Tackle and kick to Ferrite. In the mean time, Chaska boom boxes Iron and Sledge, while Cinder comes back on after taking three shotgun blasts to the face, but Hearne is taken out by Iron and Anvil, so the score is 10-10. The Hunters win initiative, and Ulfr sees Sledge, and uses his Lone Hunter trait to take out the Apprentice for a second time, giving the win to Hunters.
  13. The Skaldic National team squares off against the Erskirii team: Hearth decided to dress like Furnace for today's game. It was mostly convincing, except for the mustache made of soot. Dirge flies far too close to the camera. Vitriol is the first to put points on the board by advancing up the field and scoring a goal. Shockingly, she is able to get the ball off of Pinvice with the second activation of turn 2, and scores again! She is promptly taken out for her efforts, but it is the only points the Erskirii put on the board. With the help of Ox's Legendary, both Hoist and Pinvice fall to the onslaught for the game to be won by the Skaldic team:
  14. My friend's newly painted Hunters squared off against the first Blacksmith release box: The scrum in the middle of the pitch gets heavy as Ferrite scores a goal, getting the Blacksmiths back into the game after Ulfr makes an expert goal run: The blacksmiths pull ahead with a second goal from Ferrite: It proves to be too little, as Cinder, Sledge, Iron get taken out, and then Ulfr finishes off Sledge for the win: Even Blacksmiths, in a loss, can see that Hemlocke belongs with the Hunters.
  15. Atras

    SteamCon US Details?

    Stupid me, we still have almost a whole month. Got my PAX Unplugged date confused with my Steamcon date. I better go check my plane tickets...