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  1. TheBitterFish

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Actually, I really like the Cooks guild. I admit it was a bit of a blindside for me but I welcomed that. I think the minis are pretty sweet and it's refreshing to see an different style. I'm rather excited about their play-style and I hope that it will allow for a team with multiple options for an effective take-out game. Right now the Butchers' guild are bogged down in the dreary "Superstar 11-inf Fillet" swamp which is, while quite workable, is not really that interesting since it lacks optionality. So I hope that the Cooks are the direct opposite of that!
  2. TheBitterFish

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    Angel All right: The much complained about Angel. Angel is a goal-scorer, pure and simple. She can punch the ball straight through the opposing line with 4-7 kicking dice at 10'' when the stars are right. Her high kick makes her a decent snapshot turret and can usually handle both crowd outs and impaired line of sight or intervening model. She's resonably quick and has a high Def stat and access to nimble which makes her tricky to take out. However, with 12 boxes she tends to go down quickly once she's snared, knocked down, bleeding, poisoned and set on fire. But Angel has two jobs. 1. Slam a turn 1 goal into the net and then act as a turret until she dies. 2. Once she's dead and comes back, she hangs back and prevents the opposition from killing the ball by kicking it to your side of the pitch. Don't make an effort of keeping her alive. Make sure she is standing and that she has Super shot (and perhaps nimble) up. Good into: Most teams (once you accept that she's a 2 for 4 trade in), and esp. Morticians. Risky into: Engineers, Alchemists and Hunters (since they limit movement and/or kicking range)
  3. TheBitterFish

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    Give us another set of in-guild AoEs, one of Each and I think we'll be just fine. I'd love to see some new equivalent to Harry with low mom pushes (or mom dodges), AoE and basically no playbook damage. So, just give us Calculus' sister Algebra and Mercury's brother Hermes.
  4. TheBitterFish

    Alchemist Player Summaries

    Naja - Good into Obulus Morticians and Siren Fish. The High def often leads a large drain on enemy resources. If they manage to get a puppet master or seduced in then the ball typically doesn't go too far because of her low kick stats. Keep her well away from low-def targets and she'll be quite safe against playbook-triggered seduced as well. VKat - Good - into teams with a lot of 10 - 15 health models without tough hide. Risky - Against teams with a lot of tough hide. Unless you fluff the rolls completely, VetKat does 12 damage when he blitzes (fully loaded). Never assume he'll do more than that (although it happens every once in a while). That dmg is cut in half against tough hide which makes him very unreliable.
  5. TheBitterFish

    How to buff Angel?

    Nice to an discussion about Angel! I think she’s an under-utilised player in our guild of ballers. I like Angel overall. She’s a really sharp tool that usually lands me at least one goal in the games in which I use her. In my opinion, she’s good for a late T1 non-interactive goal and for moving the ball back upfield after the opposition has scored. Since she can reliably shoot/pass over enemy models that’s what I use her for. There’s something delightful about making a pass with a base dice pool of 7 when you have super shot, bonus time and composure. So landing that pass on Shark or Sakana for a Snap-back Snapshot is pretty easy, even without composure. She will eventually get bogged down and torn apart, but if she has delivered a goal by that point I don’t care. Pre-Corsair fish was all about the trading game, and for those of us who still mainline Shark, this has not changed. In my last two games she was really hit or miss. In the first game, against Hunters, I positioned her badly after a Sakana-kicked G1 and she didn’t do anything all game, but that was my mistake, really. In the second game, against Masons, she scored 2 goals. I think that Shadowlike or something similar would make her ridiculously overpowered. If there were any changes to be made to Angel, I’d love to se her get a Mom < on 1 or even a non-mom < on 1, since this would allow her to reposition herself a bit better when she eventually gets tied down. I think this would make her a bit easier to play for beginner fish-players and a lot more comfortable for us old basses out there. But that being said, I think that she's fine the way she is. You've just got to plan your game a bit more carefully.
  6. TheBitterFish


    Like everyone has already said: It was probably just bad dice. I was in a Big League this autumn and I think My Shark missed rougly 70 % of all the shots he took during the ENTIRE league.. So, don't worry. Have Salt do 3-dice snap shots: he rarely misses, in my experience.
  7. I have been playing Sharkfish for a while now and I love it. My Win/Loss rate is quite abysmal, though, - but I’m improving. I keep hearing about these “two turn wins” which are supposed to be possible with fishermen in general and Sharkfish in particular. How are do you accomplish this? At the moment, I can only imagine some kind of snapshot bonanza while the opposition politely lets you win. Please, Old fishes, enlighten me about how to win by the end of turn two.
  8. TheBitterFish

    A few pointers on how to deal with Spooks

    All right. Thanks for the tips!
  9. Hello I have a few upcoming league games against several Mortician teams. I have never played against them before so I was wondering if people could share some of their Tactics? We're playing with Season 2 and 3 plot cards + Guild plots (Ergo, standard big league). Any tips or tactics are welcome.