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    Rat's Off to Ya, a S4 Article

    amazing article. Love it
  2. Leader9-1

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    It's the right topic then let's dive in. I have had one of the worst experiences in my Morti life since I began the game 2 weeks ago as opposed to a S4 butcher team. I played Obi, Ghast Casket, VHemlocke, Vileswarm, vGraves. My opponent list was Fillet and VetOx and it's enough. .I kicked with Obi (4") . He gets the ball , passed to VetOx (3inf), dodged him 4". . Moved Casket close to Obi (4"-5") . Vet Ox passed the ball to Fillet (6 inf) , dodged 4", ran (1inf) within 4" Casket and Obi. Payed whirling chain (2inf) for a push 4" forward Obi and Casket. . Didn't move Obi at that time but Vet hemlock instead (mistake) . Fillet moved outside Obi mz, passed the ball to boiler, dodged btb with Obi. Missed the counter attack. Fillet killed Obi (before he activated, 6inf) , put her legendary on three other players with 6 dmg each (legendary + bleed), had 5 mom at the end of first turn. I condeded. . For sure I should have moved Obi before Fillet but i didn't know the trick which is extremely brutal. Even with an Obi escape, Casket was in great danger then. Vet ox is a "hidden profile" in a sens where his power doesn't appear clearly on the card but he's a terrible prey hunter for his master Fillet and we have to be aware of that.
  3. 1°) Could you tell me how please ? 2°) What is MVP ? Thanks
  4. . It's the end of the turn. Pelage last activation. She moves within 2" of enemy models. The opponent choses Snared. . Following turn. The Mort/Rat player wins the initiative. First actvation with Pelage. She doesn't move at all. Same enemy models within 2" of her. Still Snared. . Are they compelled to take 3 dmg each ? Thanks
  5. I find this answer cancels/negates the traits "cloak of rats" when the snared is already in function on targeted models. The good analogy wasn't with a KD result but rather with the fact that a model couldn't be affected twice by the same condition.
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    Could you sum up from the podcast what are her stats, plays and abilities please ?
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    Verse Farmers Tech

    I strongly disagree. This tactic should work with untrained players but not ones accustomed to the way of countering PM. Tater has to be within melee range of a KD player who'll make a parting blow against him when he leaves MZ. . Tater and Harrow have a KD on the 3rd column (CP KD possble with Tater dring a Parting blow) and it's not great but feasible with a TAC 7 vs DEF 4 (no armor is a bonus in this case). The Tater KD is dangerous for his friends and will require some preparation for this. . But The best is Buckwheat : KD on col 2. col 1 (EDIT after Sid post : even better then. thanks) So all Thresher has to do is staying within 1" of the donkey to be safe from PM
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    When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    JS , how do you play Vileswarm in your team ?
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    Scalpel or Obulus

    Hi , what is « lightning reflexes » ? Didn’t find out on any player card
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    Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    What players would you take as scorers ?
  11. Leader9-1

    Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    Hi , . Scalpel should be good for obvious resaon vs high armoured players . Silence would disturb blacksmith orders ("Iron you play first "?) . Dirge . Tooled up Graves . For the 2 remaining players , I like the idea of Bonesaw and Casket even if I have yet to use the latter and I just have 2 games with Bonesaw under the belt.
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    Morticians' Playstyle?

    I didnt' know Aaron Wilson had several counts here : I may have seen this games 3 or 4 times.
  13. Leader9-1

    Morticians' Playstyle?

    Could you give the Link , please ? I cant' find it. Thanks
  14. Leader9-1

    Skulk is a new Spook

    Is Skulk the master of rats with the new condition "disease" previously revealed ?
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    Vileswarm should be good then : just 1 inf to charge et damages when he dies ?
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    . I like Dirge, really like him. I admit is too fragile but I put 2 INF as soon as I can : 2 wraps are easy , one hit gets singled out which is great and bonus about Cosset is valuable too. . Vileswarm : Still have to test it. Nobody really explained me rationnaly why he was so bad. A good hint (read on the FB forum) : send him far in the middle of the enemy list with second wind (Scalpel) . My ideas about uppings : - Vileswarm : cancel the first column. TAC 3 with easy wraps and full mom on the playbook. I also read a INF 2/2. - V Graves : TAC 6 and gives him crucial artery : easy wraps and then tough choice between tooled up or ARM2
  17. Leader9-1

    An Issue with Morticians

    For my personal information, what are "Home crowd" and AF. Thanks
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    Morts at WTC

    El009, I like the general tone of your speech just like your insightful arguments and I hurt a lot with my guild. I was thinking like you until I get the GB championship results : 3 to 4 Morts palyers in the five/ten first places. Just a coincidence ?
  19. Leader9-1

    Mortician GIC Theory Thread

    Could you please telle me what is the Mortician GIC ? A new plot ? Thanks
  20. Leader9-1

    July Errata - ergo Morts super balanced

    Ghast & Casket ? Not Dirge, Graves (for tooled up) or Bonesaw (greedy for MP, he badly needs Scalpel activates first to get loaded in momentum) ? And Why does she really want them ? as for this errata , I'm disapointed about the lack of boost in our guild (I was realy expecting something for Vilswarm and VGraves). Moreover, Corsair is very popular and his bunker very difficult to crack (Hag, Kraken, Vet Siren, Corsair , Tantacles, ) and hasn't been nerfed
  21. Leader9-1

    table probability sheet

    Hi, Anyone could send me the link for the Table probability sheet (with or without bonus time, number of dice) ? Many thanks
  22. Leader9-1

    Puppet master vs rough ground

    In the same idea, if I PM Midas , can i spend on Mom to trigger his heroic that gives him a double dodge (that I will make him do toward me ) ?
  23. Leader9-1

    The curious case of... Vileswarm?

    Is that team so bad at footballing ? Scalpel Dirge Rage Cosset B&P Bonesaw/Ghast/Casket
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    One of my friends gave me this trick : Once Cosset is engaged (by a non reach 2" model) , at the beginnig of her activation use the inf to get the push-dodge result in 4th column to disengage. You then can charge.
  25. Leader9-1

    Scalpel 6

    I would also like to set a list with both Rage & Cosset. The main threat for furious models lies in jamming models and to overcome this I Thought about both Vileswarm (Mom double push in 2 with vindictive) and Bonesaw (unexpected arrival) as unjamming models. Still one slot for Ghast/Graves and that's it.