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  1. 1°) Could you tell me how please ? 2°) What is MVP ? Thanks
  2. I find this answer cancels/negates the traits "cloak of rats" when the snared is already in function on targeted models. The good analogy wasn't with a KD result but rather with the fact that a model couldn't be affected twice by the same condition.
  3. . It's the end of the turn. Pelage last activation. She moves within 2" of enemy models. The opponent choses Snared. . Following turn. The Mort/Rat player wins the initiative. First actvation with Pelage. She doesn't move at all. Same enemy models within 2" of her. Still Snared. . Are they compelled to take 3 dmg each ? Thanks
  4. Leader9-1


    Could you sum up from the podcast what are her stats, plays and abilities please ?
  5. Leader9-1

    Verse Farmers Tech

    I strongly disagree. This tactic should work with untrained players but not ones accustomed to the way of countering PM. Tater has to be within melee range of a KD player who'll make a parting blow against him when he leaves MZ. . Tater and Harrow have a KD on the 3rd column (CP KD possble with Tater dring a Parting blow) and it's not great but feasible with a TAC 7 vs DEF 4 (no armor is a bonus in this case). The Tater KD is dangerous for his friends and will require some preparation for this. . But The best is Buckwheat : KD on col 2. col 1 (EDIT after Sid post : even better then. thanks) So all Thresher has to do is staying within 1" of the donkey to be safe from PM
  6. Leader9-1

    When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    JS , how do you play Vileswarm in your team ?
  7. Leader9-1

    Scalpel or Obulus

    Hi , what is « lightning reflexes » ? Didn’t find out on any player card
  8. Leader9-1

    Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    What players would you take as scorers ?
  9. Leader9-1

    Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    Hi , . Scalpel should be good for obvious resaon vs high armoured players . Silence would disturb blacksmith orders ("Iron you play first "?) . Dirge . Tooled up Graves . For the 2 remaining players , I like the idea of Bonesaw and Casket even if I have yet to use the latter and I just have 2 games with Bonesaw under the belt.
  10. Leader9-1

    Morticians' Playstyle?

    I didnt' know Aaron Wilson had several counts here : I may have seen this games 3 or 4 times.
  11. Leader9-1

    Morticians' Playstyle?

    Could you give the Link , please ? I cant' find it. Thanks
  12. Leader9-1

    Skulk is a new Spook

    Is Skulk the master of rats with the new condition "disease" previously revealed ?
  13. Leader9-1


    Vileswarm should be good then : just 1 inf to charge et damages when he dies ?
  14. Leader9-1


    . I like Dirge, really like him. I admit is too fragile but I put 2 INF as soon as I can : 2 wraps are easy , one hit gets singled out which is great and bonus about Cosset is valuable too. . Vileswarm : Still have to test it. Nobody really explained me rationnaly why he was so bad. A good hint (read on the FB forum) : send him far in the middle of the enemy list with second wind (Scalpel) . My ideas about uppings : - Vileswarm : cancel the first column. TAC 3 with easy wraps and full mom on the playbook. I also read a INF 2/2. - V Graves : TAC 6 and gives him crucial artery : easy wraps and then tough choice between tooled up or ARM2
  15. Leader9-1

    An Issue with Morticians

    For my personal information, what are "Home crowd" and AF. Thanks