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  1. Refused8778

    Wtb alt vet hearne

    Looking to buy falconers alt vet hearne. US based. Thanks
  2. Refused8778

    Looking for egret and vet hearne

    Looking for egret and vet hearne. Have paypal. NY based.
  3. Refused8778

    Master Crafted Arsenal as a playable list

    Im not seeing how impact avoids tackle counter attacks... am i missing something?
  4. Refused8778

    C'mon you gearheads!!

    Like a half man half giant mechanical spider body. They literally made mechanica people. Why did they have to give him giant spider legs. Why not go with 2 and give him a normal size human shaped bottom? Why bother making a man into a spider thing at all? Why not just make it all mechanica and let the gimped dude just hang out home and eat cheetos? Cuz engineers.
  5. Refused8778

    Union in Chains initial rankings

    We smiths players are sitting here saying "ehh who needs some washed up union player when you have an alloy. We're all set! Thanks!"
  6. Refused8778

    C'mon you gearheads!!

    I think the fact theyre so quiet is dangerous. It means theyre over the building some sort of contraption to murderize us all in the most complicated way possible...
  7. Refused8778

    Gutter + Butchers = Suicide

    I actually laughed out loud at this.
  8. Huh. Thats odd. Especially since anvil and sledge were the first ones spoiled.
  9. Why are ferrite and irons cards not shown?
  10. Refused8778

    So we got a striker....

    Dropping a captain is hard because their corresponding apprentice usually looses some sort of benefit, but given what we have so far i can see dropping anvil and cinder for heart and alloy. Ferrite and alloy present 2 high powered goal threats. Hearth gives out +2 net hits to both iron and sledge, helping mitigate sledges loss of a free pile driver. She also can give iron that free 2 inch melee. Furnace for tooled up and negating crowd outs. Also a free 2 inch mellee is nice. Hot swap between ferrite and hearth as captains. Ferrite for the big goal run turn, hearth fod the beat down turn. She could give everyone 2 inch melee and +2 net hits. Anvil does have some really nice scrum tech though... and a reliable tackle from 6inches away is fanastic...
  11. Refused8778

    Blacksmith painting schemes

    So think ive settled on this. Most of gball stuff use this scheme, but the armor was a treat and im happy with it
  12. Refused8778

    Hello from Albany, NY

    Im originally from albany and not sure what the meta looks like anymore, but if you feel like taking a trip out to rochester sometime, we're heavily into the game out here. Also i can try to set something up next time im out thay way, just nit sure when that will be.
  13. Refused8778

    KR bag help

    I use the WMH-E loadout. Gives you 3 trays of 18 30mm base models. Pretty much any gball model with a 30mm will fit in them (aside from modelz like grace). It then gives you 2 medium size trays. Your 40mm will be able to stand upright in these slots. I think corsair is my tallest with his spears and he fits comfortably. The only issue i had was when i got seenah and vkat. So i just took an exacto knife and made two of the 40mm slots into a 80mm lol. I fit full butchers, fish, alcs, hunters, and union in that set and still have plenty of room to spare. KR is great. Foam is best on the market hands down. Ive been running it for a year or so and none of my models have chipped (knock on wood)
  14. Refused8778

    Scoring in your opponents turn

    Seduced would fall under this as well. Hmmm
  15. Refused8778

    Future Guild Ball seasons

    I think it would take some work to flesh out, but having models attached to seasons lays ground work to allow models to retire. So say for instance they release a 4th season butcher captain, and vet boiler. Then u make it so only vet boiler, vet ox, tenderizer, boar, meathook, shank, and the mascots can play for the season 4 captain. Noone beyond season 3 plays for fillet, noone beyond season 1 plays for ox. This becomes more or less flexible as steamforge deems fit. It would allow for the current guilds to expand without becoming bloated, allow models to retire from working with new models, but allow old favorites to still be tournament legal. Of course you can still bring on new guilds, but eventually the horizontal expansion will be just as dangerous as vertical.