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  1. Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    We have a mantra at my work: "Everyone has the right to fail with dignity, regardless of how unrealistic their goals and expectations may be." :-) In a highly competitive environment, there are those who love it and there are those who will have nothing of it... However, I've found that both can, and often do, enjoy 'the game' and can be quite good at what they do. IMO, It's best to play how you like playing and continue enjoying the game.
  2. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Sorry, but I don't understand what this means.. Care to elaborate a bit?
  3. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    From the above, the question is whether the preservation of guild identity is more important than changing functionality to be more or less competitive. For me, I'd much rather the Brewers play true to form--even if it means they are the underdog. Wouldn't you? Brewers tend to be slow and belligerent by nature. They rely on heroics and buffs from each other, and work best as a team. (Ahhh, somehow sounds like me old Navy days! ) Granted, I agree with the S3 icy sponge rule (culprit) the murder game took a back seat, maybe there are more "culturally appropriate" changes that can be made that will still preserve Brewer Identity?
  4. I'm definitely not looking forward to a Blacksmith's guild.. cuz I'd have to buy everything! At least they wouldn't be released anytime soon, give me time to save my silver.
  5. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Instead of Marked Target, maybe Tapper could have had 'Lure of Ale' or 'Promise of Spirits' to make his squad put in the extra effort for a +2/+2 movement. Times Called and Lure of Ale stack to make a swift striker indeed! And I'm sure even Stave would wheez his way up the pitch for an extra pint or two.
  6. Identity

    Random dodges! Ha! I like it. How about a super long kick but it must always scatter, and if the intended target actually gets the ball (snapped to, etc) you get 2 mom for the kick (Char Play "Double-Vision"). And he/she can still possess/control the ball while KD and prone (he/she is normally in that attitude).
  7. Identity

    Alright, Brewers won 2nd, 3rd, and 5th at Kingdom Con! ;-) I went 1 and 2: 12-6 vic to a beautiful Fillet Butchers team. 10-12 loss to a really good Corsair player (he won the tourney), and a really close 10-12 loss to a Tapper mirror match--where we both new exactly what each other was doing and it was a crazy race to 12vp.. which was probably one of the best games I've played in a long time. I didnt get to play the other Brewer player, unfortunately. We expected way more players than actually showed up..
  8. Steamcon USA

    The last time I was in Illinois in December it was -20 F (-29C). Just sayin... ;-) Here in SoCal, it's c'c'c'cold at 60! Brrrrr!
  9. Identity

    Or you win. Depending on your perspective and who's buying the rounds. ;-) As Brewers, I think we should consider (or perhaps it best represents the juxtaposition of) having fun playing vs playing a tournament winning game. Both are completely possible of course, but it's safe to say that Brewers require a bit more cunning and careful consideration than most. Mistakes tend to be much more detrimental and condemning (even early on) and we really can't rely on any one player or circumstance (repetitive or otherwise) to get us to a victory. Tournaments are about winning. Players should therefore consider fielding what best maximizes their chances. Then why bring the Brewers? No, I don't think it's that simple either. Brewers are still the best guild, imo; their aesthetic, their play style, and feel, all trump their record on BO to me. And importantly, they are still viable contenders. And so, if you are off in your game at a large tourney, why nit go ahead and grab a pint (if you're so inclined) relax and continue having fun. That's where I'll be tomorrow!
  10. Identity

    I agree for the most part. Though I really like when we outlast a good Butcher player in a fight, or score some high octane goals against the Fish. Both of which we can do, the final scores notwithstanding of course.. :-) I feel that their Guild identity, and why I was so drawn to them (aside from loving to brew and drink!) is the rough and tumble, "just-put-a-bandage-on-it-and-get-back-out-there" atmosphere they convey--even their cat is AFU and still out on the pitch! They are the slowest and have no dodges. They just keep taking the wounds, digging in, pushing, knocking down, and stomping their way through the pitch while their fleet-of-foot striker took opportunities on goal. I liked that they wrapped so easily and liked to please the crowd (comparative MOM access). That, and I appreciate the sense of support and team dependency. It's certainly not a one-man-show like the Alchs, Fish, or Morts can be, and often are. Many would argue that this dependency and use of heroics is a weakness, and they're likely right (requiring to maintain distances between teammates, telegraphing plays, etc.) but I actually prefer it. And again, I may be salty but the thought of drinking beer, smashing face, and playing some ball sounds like a good time to me! Overall, I liked this guild above any else, and it's actually what got me into Guild Ball. , like most that I;ve read, I may have been more successful in S2 than now (okay, I was). But, like most things I tend to do, I tend to stubbornly stick to what I really like. At work, got to keep it short..
  11. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    I think Shark is a special case because of his Legendary, G&S, DD, and 6 TAC.. I have beaten a few Shark players (even in tourney), however, I have a friend who is a particularly good Fish player and I've beaten him once...in fact, I believe I am the only person to beat him, that I am aware of, with his Shark Fish at least (he's lost with other line-ups). And that was one out of, I don't know how many games, and this win was also in Season 2.. I too believe it has a lot to do with skill and style, but it can be frustrating with the Brewers. Good thing we can always have a pint or two.
  12. Identity

    I have a big tourney this weekend and I've been considering bringing Engineers. But no, I'll stick to my guns and bring me 'ol Brewers with unabashed, and largely unrequited loyalty. It was actually the BOW's new 'Faction Guide' video that rekindled my appreciation (not that it was lost): http://www.beastsofwar.com/guild-ball/faction-guide-brewers-guild/ There is something to be said about Brewer's identity, or guild identity, that I find much more appealing than actually winning (except for the prize support, which should be awesome). So my question is, what is the Brewer identity to you? There's a hell of a lot of loyal players, even with the (perceived or actual) S3 disadvantages. What brings you to the table?
  13. Do you love surveys?

  14. Guild vs. Guild stats

    Yes! The Brewers aren't last place. Take that pesky Farmers! Wait....
  15. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Fiiiish! The ultimate Brewerbane. :-) I wholeheartedly agree, though. You must have fun to play the Brewers. The Brewers are the best guild, even when they aren't. They are the reason I got into the hobby in the first place!