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  1. Pin Vice or Ballista ?

    I was wondering this the other day. I'm fairly new to the game. I started it with Ballista. All but two of my Engineers games have been with Ballista. The other day I was trying Pin Vice, and I felt like I was suffering under a great many handicaps. I am not certain if she's weaker, or if I have simply become excessively reliant on Ballista's particular suite of abilities.
  2. Help me with my Cogs 10

    I don't know about the guildline. Killing the other team 2-3 wounds at a time is a pretty steep order. I tend to drop out Salvo in a lot of lists. I may want to trade him for Velocity. Downside is that this leaves long-range shots for Hoist to replicate. Upside is that he could replicate nimble or dodge. I think if I were going to drop Velocity from either list it would be the second, because Pin Vice can pick up the scoring slack. Maybe she can be traded if you really want a spot for Harry. As to mascots, I was going straight to Mother for a while, but I have recently started to come back to Mainspring. His ability to move the ball along without any influence and donate his one to the team is about as close to a battery as we get, and it can be a really nice way to generate momentum.
  3. Engineers unfun to play against?

    So, I am pretty new, but a few of us at my store started at about the same time. I am finding that those people who have not had a lot of experience at Guildball tend to get sort of paralyzed by all the Engineers' denial abilities. I could see how that's not fun, at least for a brand-newbie. However, once everyone started to learn how the tricks worked it started to seem a lot more fair, even when I manage to win.
  4. Engineers Mirror

    I too am the only regular Engineers player in my shop (the pundit has Engineers, but he owns almost every model in the game). It makes me nervous that I am not doing it right. A good Engineer player to smack me around and show me how they work might be nice.
  5. Kicking the ball out of bounds

    I played hockey as a kid. I also watch soccer. In both sports launching the puck/ball out of play to avoid a dicey situation is a fairly common tactic, and nobody thinks of it as dirty or underhanded. In soccer, the other team gains possession. In hockey, it results in a face-off which could lead to either team getting possession. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way it's handled in guildball. I guess maybe you could move the scatter around the table depending on where the ball went out, or from where it was launched (that would approximate the situation in hockey where the face-off moves from one dot to another), but I'm not certain that it would be worth the confusion.
  6. The new season 3 book

  7. Playing the Brewers

    So, I am still fairly new to this game, and (so far) have only ever played using the Engineers. The other day, as part of our Figo League, I played my first game against the Brewers. Now, my opponent has a bit more experience than I, and he is a decent margin better at the game than me, which probably partially explains the results, but holy hachi-machi, they just ran right over me. I darted up field with Velocity and scored, and then the Brewers just beat me my carefully organized Engineer Machine to death - almost literally. I think one thing I messed up was placing Colossus and Balista fairly close together near the center of the pitch, I often use them as a sort of back-line, letting him make a big mosh-pit with them in the middle. He just stomped a whole through all my nifty defensive tech. So, how do others normally deal with games against the Brewers?
  8. Non momentous Knockdown for the win

    A tooled up Ballista can do some work, as can Hoist, though Hoist needs some gang-ups, or a singled out to get enough TAC to do much damage.
  9. Future Guild

    MESSENGERS!!!! No, wait ... Haberdashers. HABERDASHERS!!!!
  10. Masons at the Rusty Cup

    I see what you're saying about skill level, but I still think that his success does have some value. I doubt any miniatures game ever has perfect parity, the real goal is to have something close enough to allow people to win even if they do not take the strongest faction, so long as they are better than their opponent. One of the most frustrating aspects of many games, at least once gamers go to work on busting apart the system, is the creation of combinations of models that make it vanishingly impossible for someone not playing the new hottness to succeed, or even to meaningfully compete. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that once a game reaches a certain size and complexity the number of players working their little schemes will almost inevitably tear the thing apart. It is nice to see that Guild Ball has something close enough to parity that a good player can win with a team thought "weak." Maybe it's true that if two evenly matched players play at the exact same level for an entire game the Mason will lose to the Fisherman, but honestly, what are the odds. It is nice to see that effective execution still counts for a great deal.
  11. Steamcon USA

    New York City? Anyone? Crickets?
  12. New 6! New team!

    I've been toying with a few lineups. I have come to like one almost the same as yours, except with Ratchett instead of Compound. Part of that is based on the fact that I do not own Compound. Part is also that Ratchett is really good at supporting the rest of the team. The Engineers, as a whole, are not big damag dealers, but with Singled Out and Tooled Up combined, Ballista can take out pretty much anything he wants. Blast Earth is generally just good, and works really well with Ballista's Inspiring Aura. His Heroic seems really good, and so does his ability to remove conditions - one of these days I will play a game where I remember to use them.
  13. Dropping the ball, what to do when you mess up?

    I'm fairly new to this game, but I do not think I want this problem fixed. Figuring out how to keep the ball moving, or how to kill the ball, is part of the puzzle game that makes me like the game.
  14. All Mechanica

    Locus just came out, so there's only so much experience using him. A lot of people have spoken about an all Mechanica army. It seems like it has all the necessary pieces: 2 strikers, 2 midfielders, 2 mascots and a goalie.
  15. Your favorite thing about the game.

    I really like the alternating activations, it creates a more positive play experience than sitting for 10 minutes watching your opponent put everything into place to kick you in the teeth. Now when that happens, I at least get to participate, and figure out later how I was helping him kick me in the teeth. I also very much enjoy the goal-scoring aspect. Most of the miniature games I have played include some form of objectives to use in addition to killing folk, but even in the context of achieving those objectives, the players succeeded or failed primarily in how well they kill the enemy. This game provides an objective mechanism (scoring goals) that works independent of killing people. Finally, the rule system is very elegant. I am very much enjoying the game thus far.