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  1. captainraffi

    The Captain's (painting) Log

    Thanks. Do you mean along the folds of the fabric? or in the pattern itself? I bought some lighter paint so when I do future players I can highlight and shade better.
  2. captainraffi

    So are Hunters... bad?

    I've heard this as well, however at the last open game night I went to I sat across from a player who saw my Hunters and said "Man...I heard they're like, impossible to beat". I don't consider myself experienced enough to weigh in either way, though I did win that match. My primary opponent has been Masons and I've had games where I crushed and games where I've been crushed. The difference seems to be momentum generation which is rather difficult with Hunters early game. Having ranged attacks is great but they're not super awesome for Momentum generation. Morticians are also often couched in a "difficult to learn" framework and I don't think anyone would consider them the lemons of the game :). I currently have Hunters and Masons assembled and they're the only teams I've played with. I don't know which team is stronger, but I have a lot more fun playing Hunters.
  3. captainraffi

    The Captain's (painting) Log

    Now for the actual Brewers. The first model I actually painted was Quaff: Can't really see it in this image, but his rope collar is blue and white, to match the color theme. Next, a WIP of Mash. He's my test model for the tartan pattern. I couldn't find a Blue and White one that I really liked, so I've settled on this Blue/Gray/Black one. This was my first attempt at freehanding a pattern and I am VERY happy with how it turned out. Huge shout out to Kujo's Tartan tutorial. It's a different pattern, but watching that 2 or 6 times helped me figure out how to breakdown a pattern into steps and actually paint it.
  4. captainraffi

    The Captain's (painting) Log

    Figured it was about time to start my painting log, now that I've committed to really doing some detail work on a single team. First: the final results of my speed painting. Masons: Hunters: These were just speed painted. Roughly 3.5 hours each team, including basing (which isn't pictured in these pictures). I spent almost as much time on this Brewer's ball as I did the other teams. Facepalm moment. My brewers will be Blue/White/Gray hence the laces.
  5. captainraffi

    Merry Guild-Mas?

    I did a non game specific painted mini swap once. It was really cool. Trickiest thing is of course being able to commit the time to get it painted
  6. captainraffi

    The Amazing Egret, or Did I Play This Right?

    Excellent thanks! So situationally very powerful, and when playing against hunters I'd need to be aware of those situations.
  7. captainraffi

    The Amazing Egret, or Did I Play This Right?

    Actually that brings up a follow up question...does the -1 DEF from Snared stack with the -1 Def from Gut & String since they are two different named effects?
  8. I went to my first Guild Ball league night at a local store last night. Pretty excited about it, as it was 3/4 new players (which I count myself) with a few more people who said they would be coming the following week. I played as the Hunters vs some Masons and wanted to make sure I was playing this right. The setup: I had Egret tucked between two of my players with 4 Inf on my side of the pitch, and my opponent had left a narrow alley straight up the field between some of his Mason figures. Passed Egret the ball. On her activation, she jogged straight towards the goal stopping before triggering any parting blows. Then, I did 3 snap fires on a Def 3 target, moving 1 inch after each one (due to her ability). Kicked on the goal, scored, and used my dodge from scoring + my 4" "Back to the Shadows" to dodge right back past everyone to where she started. My opponent and I agreed that it felt crazy, given how much dipping and dodging she'd done on the previous turn as well.
  9. captainraffi


    All done!
  10. captainraffi

    My Hour with the Dark Souls Demo

    I never actually figured out how to join other people's games, though I've definitely invited people in a few times. I was also pretty worried that people would jump into mine PvP style...I read that can happen? Seems frustrating. As for grinding, I was referring specifically to the little loop you can do between the two fireplaces on the Lothic walls. Get the dragon to kill a bunch of stuff for you, and loop back and forth.
  11. captainraffi

    My Hour with the Dark Souls Demo

    Thanks! They were pretty good. They were definitely better than your average boardgame miniature. In the ball park of FFG's stuff, though I didn't have an FFG mini with me to compare. They mentioned that the pieces we were playing with were still prototypes and that the final production minis would be even better. Given the material used and that (to my knowledge) there wont' be assembly required, they may not be quiet as detailed as the stuff you'd get from Guild Ball or a traditional miniatures game, but they looked to be a very high standard relative to boardgames.
  12. Hi from the Guild Ball forums! I was at GenCon a few weeks ago covering the show for the boardgaming podcast that I host. One of the things I got to do was sit with DC for about an hour to discuss the design/development of Dark Souls and play through the demo with him. Up until that point, my whole experience with the Dark Souls video game was bout 3 hours of frustration followed by turning it off and never turning it on again. I was really interested in the game from a boardgaming perspective, as tactical "dungeon crawler" types are my jam. Plus, it's a huge release and a big story so I was curious to see what was going on with it. In short, I really liked it. So much so that when I got home I picked up Dark Souls 3 and gave it another shot. I'm really glad I did as I'm enjoying the hell out of that game and it gave me some perspective for the demo I played. In addition to the written piece, I talked about the demo on the podcast. I've provided some links below for anyone who is curious about it. http://www.dinganddentcast.com/archives/raf-takes-a-look-at-dark-souls (Written Piece) https://soundcloud.com/ding-dent/episode-25-gencon-recap (Podcast, Dark Souls stuff starts at 20:28) You can also find the podcast on iTunes/Google/anywhere you download podcasts; it's the most recent "GenCon Recap" episode. The above link is to the soundcloud page so you can listen through your browser if you prefer. I'm also happy to answer any questions I can, fire away.
  13. captainraffi

    Guild Ball Tonight - Gencon Contest

    Great thank you, I understand the post better. Haven't played against Morts yet so haven't seen some of that.
  14. captainraffi

    Guild Ball Tonight - Gencon Contest

    You can attack your own models?! Can you generate momentum doing so?
  15. Awesome thanks, just joining the group now.