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  1. Newbreed

    Dealing with Alchemists

    I think Thresher still has serious game into Smoke. The major threat range REALLY helps when kicking off. Drop in Grace/Harrow instead of Bushel and you have a solid match up that doesn't really care about conditions. Not to mention Thresher can 1 round vKat if he can walk up under Legendary or Tooled up or if the vKat player doesn't heal him (assuming you are smart with harvest marker placement). Just make sure to always have 1 on the chicken and Millstone near by.
  2. Newbreed


    Ah thank you. Didn't have time to search for it
  3. Newbreed


    I would actually challenge this as it states if a harvest marker is placed within a rough ground template place another harvest marker within the template. If you place a harvest marker say from crop dusting in each rough ground, I would expect it to generate a total of 4 harvest markers. That is just my RAW interpretation though. I am sure this will be clarified if it hasn't yet.
  4. Newbreed

    Dark Harvest

    Technically not. Its still a limited edition. So not tournament legal until the full box releases. I can't see TO's saying you can't bring it though.
  5. Newbreed

    Dark Harvest

    Got mine ordered. Can't wait. Love both the Thresher and Blackheart models. The Salt one is tragically fantastic. I definitely think they could have done more with Snakeskin and Ghast though. Also I am building my Union, seriously debating making them ghost themed.
  6. Newbreed

    Mechnica Strike back ; Return of the cogs.

    Good luck sir. I plan on playing my engineers here coming up in a tournament as well ( would rather be playing farmers but desperately pine for the 2nd box).
  7. Newbreed

    Solid 10 Man Roster

    @AaronWilsonCB how did it go?
  8. Newbreed

    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    I have definitely found that Farmers want to scrum up in the middle of the pitch. Crowd outs, gang ups, and healing are the essential ways to keeping the damage dealing crew alive and dealing out enough damage of your own. Spreading out the 2" melees to create zones of "don't run through here" helps. I also have been using the harvest markers as poor mans Stoic. Bushel can hit deceptively hard, tank, or score. Jackstraw can bounce around the field with the ball and pass it or give easy dmg and gang ups. Windle is a bit pre-meditative and I think I might be dropping him from my roster once Thresher and his crew come out unless Grace becomes my union player. I love Farmers as a theme, but really wish they would have released both boxes cause I feel like the standard box lacks a bit. I love both Captains and like the difference in game play. Oh and don't be afraid to put tooled up on Peck, wrapped momentous 3s is a thing. One thing I haven't really figured out is how to stop flank goal scorers from getting easy T1/T2 goals. Actually really looking forward Ploughman helping in that area maybe (if the strategy works as well in real life as it does in my head). Also haven't tried the GICs yet. Interested to see how they play out.
  9. Newbreed

    Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    Played a game into Fillet Butchers using the aforementioned strats with: Grange, Peck, Jackstraw, Tater, Windle (cause Benediction isn't painted yet), and Harrow and won 12-0 with 3 Windle TO and 2 standard.
  10. Newbreed

    Solid 10 Man Roster

    Hey everyone, Coming back to Guild Ball as my primary game after a substantial break (WMH, Work, and Softball took up a lot of my time). I currently play Farmers primarily but wanted to put together a 10 man Alchemists roster (got them as a birthday gift) to be able to play around at tournaments with while I wait on the rest of the Farmers to come out. I want to focus on Smoke but I'm not completely against Midas as I think he feels like he can still be a goal scoring monster. I have no aversions to using Union. I currently have all of the Alchemists, Harry, Mist, A&G and Decimate. No Snakeskin or Hemlocke Any thoughts on a balanced 10 man roster (2 TO, 2 Goals or 3 TO with vKat and 1 Goal)? If you could help me out with Who and Why it would be amazing!
  11. Newbreed

    Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    Yes I meant beefty. Gotcha on the singling out a model or 2 to try and kill and then trying to win the momentum race. Its taking me a bit to get back into the game and I find myself making dumb errors like forgetting to use ganging up and things like that into my strategy. Also do you find Windle to be too much of glass cannon to include? I might proxy Benny tonight and see what happens (I have him, just not done painting him yet).
  12. Newbreed

    Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    The Benny choice is interesting. I may have to start factoring it in. How are you handling high armor teams? Is the screening/counter-charging and pushing enough with Tater and Benny?
  13. Newbreed

    Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    lol. I got trounced by Masons after I posted this but I can attribute most of that back to lack of playing GB at all recently. Completely spaced Flints goal threat. I went with Grange, Peck, Harrow, Bushel, Tater, Jack and it just didn't really meld. Savvy opponent lead to no counter charges from Tater and very little damage output overall but that is on me. I haven't gotten any additional play time since I posted. Hoping to Thursday this week.
  14. So, I have been playing for quite awhile on and off for about 2 years but its been awhile since I have played. I recently picked up Farmers to renew my interest in the game. I was lucky enough to have a buddy to give me the LE Tater. So what would you consider the strongest lineup with currently available/semi-available models (Honest Land, Tater, Benediction, and Grace). I am looking at : Grange Peck Tater Harrow Windle Grace I feel like it gives me access to goal scoring and take out potential probably looking for a 1g-3TO but am concerned with my Harvest Marker production though I am not certain they are needed with the inf Grace brings.
  15. Newbreed

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Works great. Looking forward to the addition of Fillet!