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    New beginnings models

    Selling: vSakana vChisel x2 vCalculus £6 each Shipping: £2
  2. karajohn

    Godtear EA kit

    I am selling the EA kit, it is the full one, I am looking for about 200 euros
  3. karajohn

    Godtear EA kit

    Kit still available, New price 180 euros
  4. karajohn

    WTS Morticians

    All players except Brainpan and Memory plus Art of war S3 tokens. All models come with their S3 cards I am looking for £50 as a bundle OR individually 30mm: £5 40mm/50mm: £7 tokens: £8 Shipping £3
  5. karajohn

    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/w9u09ig1r5xcgiets4lo37157ujw64 Interesting
  6. karajohn

    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    I forgot, Where'd... and sprint !!! Which makes me a bad player
  7. karajohn

    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    It is just to generate mom. Possible use: chaska kicks, later on the turn skatha plays snowball for the mom, OHearne plays blessing to chaska, and chaska plays Boom Box 3 times
  8. karajohn

    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    This makes a 26" for Ulfr(28 if he manages to damage someone meanwhile), without including any possible dodges.
  9. karajohn

    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Got a question: Skatha places the Nature's chill AOE, Zarola targets ulfr with midnight offering, Ulfr jogs and just enters the AOE, earning the movement boost. Later on, at Ulfr's activation, since it begins in fast ground, does he earns the boost again? Even if not, Ulfr has a great threat range this way. I guess we won't see any dodges in his playbook but still, he can easily score Turn1. He can move 15" owning the ball, before his own activation
  10. karajohn

    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    Yep, some cool new toys. I like Ambush and the wolf. Snowball also looks pretty fun. The Zarola-Fahad duo gains a little boost
  11. karajohn

    Snaring to Victory - a Hunter's Journal

    Not that rare. Today Chaska failed to kill a snared Flint, who was with one hp left. Two boom boxes, two misses. I love hunters anyway
  12. karajohn

    How will Theron "survive"?

    It is a common sense that Theron is a mediocre, if not bad, captain. The designing team of GB is always trying every player to be a viable option. If Skatha is way too good, Theron will stay in bench. If Skatha is mediocre too, then Hunters will have 2 mediocre captains. So, what is left, is for the rest of the new players to help Theron shine. However, VetHearne looks like he won't help him a lot. I wonder what other people think, how do you believe Theron will be a good S3 option?
  13. karajohn

    How will Theron "survive"?

    VHearne's Last Light is another big question to me. From the current models, I am not sure there is a single CP to deserve to be paid with MOM instead of Influence(setting things up is another point). So I guess that we are going to see some(maybe one or two) really strong CPs to the new players, maybe way stronger than what we have seen, and I guess they will have to do with footballing
  14. karajohn

    French version of the rules ?

    Mat had confirmed on Twitter a month ago, that French translation is in progress
  15. karajohn

    S03 Vitriol

    I was wondering, since there is no "During its activation" specification, if she could use Hidden damage during a counter attack
  16. karajohn

    Plastic box contents

    Twitter account GuildBall.JP posted some pictures claiming to be the contents of the 2-players starter set. There is a huge amount of tokens, templates etc, six-players teams with models coloured in the teams colours, and also a playmat. If Google translate is accurate, a price of 75 euros is mentioned, which, being so low, makes me think that -in the case this post is reliable- all the stuff is made of cardboard and the playmat made of paper
  17. karajohn

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    This is the best engineer I have ever seen!! Absolutely beautiful
  18. karajohn

    Locker room during Steamcon

    Greatest of all: According to Richard "there are more to come"!!!!!!
  19. karajohn

    Season 3 - Ratchet

    But according to creation, after entering pitch it can activate normally
  20. karajohn

    Season 3 - Ratchet

    Another question is if Ratchet can use both heroic plays per turn. For example, mainspring activates, it is then taken out, ratchet brings her back with creation and with overclocked mainspring can charge again.
  21. karajohn

    Mascot Changes...

    This, or the cost be reduced to 1 INF
  22. karajohn

    Custom board

    Thanks guys, great advices
  23. karajohn

    Custom board

    (If for any reason this should be posted in "General Discussion" subforum please move it) I want to make a custom board in MDF, and I would like your ideas/suggestions on 1) How to draw the lines 2) How to draw the guild ball logo at the center of the pitch (Total newbie on creating boards)
  24. Based on what Mat tweeted a few minutes ago