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  1. What happens if someone is knocked down with the ball while standing on an obstruction? I.e. the ball starts its scatter on the obstruction. Can I drop/unsnap the ball on an obstruction?
  2. Help me work out a Tournament 9

    Good point. You just have to be careful around players like Fillet and Smoke I guess. Also I find it useful to have some way of at least threatening a take out even in a Shark team and when A&G are held back I think that would be hard. I'm currently back and forth between them and Gutter as my Union pick.
  3. Help me work out a Tournament 9

    It's been interesting to read your decision process. I feel like A&G are a bit of a liability against certain teams. Don't you? Greede is an easy 2 VP for a lot of players and once he's been taken out the first time he has a hard time getting back to Avarisse before he's killed again.
  4. Plain ol' Siren

    @tehlon In which match ups do you think she puts Fish over the top? Masons (Flint)?
  5. Standard Fish Line Ups

    I like her and use her (Angel). She's a reliable striker even when engaged and she's one of the few models where the snap shot are actually worth taking the risk. Also with 5+ def, ability to Nimble and a decent counterattack to some models she's very durable.
  6. I've also wondered about this. I also saw the worlds finals where I think the commentators said something like "he (Newton) needs a two inch dodge from his playbook to get onto the obstruction". Does the "sufficient room to position the base" mean that the whole base need to fit on the obstruction?
  7. New Fishermen player!

    I'd recommend spreading your team out. That way you can cover almost the entire pitch with your ball retrieval and goal threat while mitigating the risk of having multiple models taken out at once. If your opponent commits multiple models to take out one of yours that should leave room for your other models to score.
  8. Hag

    Having listened to the keynote where Mat talks about her and the Guild Ball Tonight Season 3 review where Jamie talks about Midas and how they feel like the momentous teamwork actions is something they can play with to enable more footballing I think Hag is going to have something similar to Harry's new aura that lowers the cost of teamwork actions.
  9. Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    I feel like S3 Midas may outshine S2 Shark as a striker. Very curious about S3 Shark now.
  10. Permanent "Tap In"

    Since the plot card "Home crowd" has been made permanent and "Husbandry" sort of has I think there's a small chance "Tap in" could also be made permanent. That would be a nice buff to most Fish strikers bar Angel.
  11. Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    Don't you think Angel will be an Inf 3/4 model with the new Tactical Advice rule we've seen on e.g. Tapper?
  12. Salt For The Win!!

    Me too! It's essentially another viable striker now. I'm definitely gonna score with Salt now.
  13. Thanks but actually I didn't feel that way. It just limited my options. For me it's more demoralizing when I feel like I don't have any options at all. Game 1 when Greyscales failed to get the ball and the rest of my team couldn't do anything useful that turn is a good example of that.
  14. I’ve been to my second tournament. I had a good day and met a lot of nice people. This is a sum up of my games from memory. I’d be surprised if I haven’t got something wrong in here but overall it should be pretty accurate. My roster for the tournament was Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter, Greyscales and Angel. Game one - Union Union team: Veteran Rage, Coin, Mist, Fangtooth, Hemlocke, Decimate. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Sakana, Greyscales, Angel. Highlights turn one He kicks of with Fangtooth and I retrieve the ball and start the passing chain with the plan to end on Sakana for a first turn goal. He second winds Fangtooth and run him up in my face engaging Angel just a few inches from my deployment line. I note that Sakana cannot escape a blind attempt from Hemlocke and I have to bet on Hemlocke missing the blind which she didn’t. I therefore refrained from my turn one goal attempt and hold on to the ball. I use Shark to generate enough momentum to put me ahead for the roll off. I had carefully kept out of Rages threat the whole turn one but forgot about Red Fury which he uses to good effect on Fangtooth to punch on Angel and generate momentum. Highlights turn two I win initiative and use Sharks legendary and Gut & String to good effect to lock most of his players down. I then score with Sakana. He kicks the ball out to Mist and runs far far away to my left flank where I cannot reach him. I approach Mist with Greyscales but he is out of range. Highlights turn three I win initiative again and load Greyscales up for an easy goal but fail to get the ball off Mist who then runs away again. I generate momentum and heal the best I can. I try to walk Angel away from Fangtooth using both Nimble and cover but he rolls three sixes and knocks her down with damage. My opponent tries to pass the ball to Fangtooth with Mist but misses and the ball scatters towards my goal where nobody is in a position to retrieve it this turn. He gets his damage train going and start to take out players but also clocks out. The game ends 7-6 in my favour at dice down. Game two - The circus guild Circus team: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, Compound. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Greyscales My opponent had made a really nice conversion with his alchemists into a circus guild. Highlights turn one I win the roll off and choose to receive. He kicks off with Vitriol and I retrieve with Siren and pass to Salt, I miss the pass but Salt can intercept it. He charges Salt with Vitriol, steals the ball and scores. I kick the ball out and it lands about two inches away from my deployment line. I leave it there thinking it’s safe there and activate someone without influence to stall an activation. He activates Smoke, teleports to the ball, shoots and score. After two activations I’m down 8 points. At this point it’s clear to me that I cannot score for quite some time as he’ll just score back and win the game. I also wish I had chosen Gutter as that would have given me a stronger takeout game which I now desperately need. I use Shark and I believe also Sakana to push-dodge Smoke and Vitriol towards the board edge behind my goal. I manage to then push Smoke out and Vitriol close to the edge with Jacs heroic and ramming speed. I keep the ball on Shark. Calculus and Mercury successfully throw their AoEs at me. Highlights turn two I win initiative and start by pushing Vitriol off the pitch with Jacs heroic. He charges Calculus at Sakana and push-dodge me into his aura poisoning him. I keep the ball on Shark and try to generate enough momentum to keep initiative and heal and clear enough conditions to stay alive. He uses his legendary this turn to apply some damage on Salt and some more models but don’t manage to kill anyone. Highlights turn three I win initiative again and start by using Sharks legendary and score a goal. He kicks the ball to Vitriol who starts by taking out Salt. My opponent had forgotten about Loved creature. Vitriol ends her activation by passing the ball to Smoke. I activate Sakana, tackle the ball from Smoke, disengage, move upfield and pass the ball to Greyscales. I could also have passed the ball to Shark for a snap shot but that felt like a bigger risk. He activates Smoke, teleports over to Greyscales and tries to tackle the ball 3 times on 2 dice (cover and crowd out from Sakana) but fails. I activate Greyscales, Where’d they go out of Smoke’s melee and score for the win. 12-10 in a game where I was down 0-8 after two activations. That felt really good. After round two all three Fishermen players were undefeated. Game three - Engineers Engineers team: Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Compound, Decimate. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter Highlights turn one I lose initiative and kick off with Siren. I kick the ball close to my left flank and into an obstruction. He retrieves the ball with Decimate and kicks it to Pin Vice who dodges. I forget to play Too Flash. I was thinking about getting the ball back with Seduced but choose to Lure Decimate instead and push her off the pitch with Jac. Pin Vice puts Alternator on Hoist. I thought he’d want to steal Scything Blow from Gutter with Hoist and carefully consider his threat range if he were to pass and dodge but as it plays out he actually don’t even want Scything Blow. He takes Goad from Jac after I’ve informed him that he cannot steal Where’d they go from Salt which is what he really wants. Shark charges Pin Vice and generates momentum. Gutter spends one momentum to glide and charges Pin Vice too. I forget about Compound and he counter charges Gutter and knocks her down. I clear the knock down with momentum but lose my charge attack. With the remaining two influence I trigger gluttonous mass and do a Scything Blow on Compound and Pin Vice. Highlights turn two I win initiative and Shark legendaries and Gut and String compound. Velocity scores a goal and I immediately counter score with Sakana or Greyscales. Hoist picks the ball up, passes to Velocity and Goads Jac. He accidently puts Hoist in Gutters melee doing so. Gutter activates and does three 6 hit swings on Compound for 12 damage on Compound, 9 on Pin Vice and 6 on Hoist. Highlights turn three I win initiative and put four on Gutter. Gutter goes first and does the same thing all over again taking Compound and Pin Vice out and leaving Hoist on one hit box after Reanimate. Hoist activates and walks up to Shark and hits him and generates momentum. Shark counters, does two damage that is reduced to one by Tough Hide and takes Hoist out for the win. Game four - Corair Fish Opposing Fishermen: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Jac, Kraken, Avarisse & Greede. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Greyscales. Highlights turn one I lose initiative and kicks off with Siren close to a board edge. Sakan picks the ball up and I eventually push him off with Siren Luring him in and Jac pushing him off. We jockey for position until our last activations where I charge Shark at Jac and try to push-dodge myself out of harpoon range. Corsair passes the ball to Tentacles, dodges 4“ up the field and I play Too Flash on Corsair. At the end of it I’m still just in harpoon range and Corsair beats a bit on Shark. The ball stays parked on Tentacles close to his goal. Highlights turn two Sakana burns the flash token and some influence on Corsair and double push-double dodge him away from his team and puts Weak Point on him. Corsair beats on Shark but fails to kill him. Shark spends one momentum to clear the knock down and dodges out of Corsairs range, knocks Jac down and jogs up to Tentacles but is one influence short of a goal shot when he finally gets the ball off him. Tentacles immediately takes the ball back and Kraken finishes Shark off. Highlights turn three Sakana starts the turn by tackling the ball of Tentacles, dodges away but not out of melee and scores a goal on two dice with Tap In. He kicks the ball to his Jac who I cannot reach with any of my players even though Siren had enough influence for a Seduce. He takes Greyscales out and passes the ball to Corsair. Highlights turn four Corsair scores a goal with his legendary. I kick out and pick the ball up with Salt (who had one influence) and drop it in a spot close to his goal but out of reach for him. Both Siren with four influence and Shark with six influence can easily get the ball and score from where it is but Siren is knocked down. I activate Jac and does a momentous knock down on Avarisse who sacrifices his movement to stand up. I activate Sakana who also sacrifices his movement to stand up and generate two momentum of Kraken by dodging away from him toward Greed who is nearly hugging the board edge right behind his goal. This turns out to be a mistake as Kraken charges me, I forget to defensive stance and he does Release the… to push me off the board. I’m getting low on time at this point and tunnel vision and forget that the current standing is 6 to 10 as I score a goal with Siren. The smart play would have been to heal Siren with Shark and go for Greede. I don’t think I would have killed him but I could potentially have push-dodged him off the board. He kicks the ball out to Sakana who under Corsairs legendary takes a five dice shot on goal and scores ending the game 12-10 in his favour. This was a very tight and enjoyable game that I think the better player won. My opponent was better at managing his clock and was able to capitalize on my mistakes. I placed second with all tiebreakers equal to my second round opponent, winning since I bet him. Conclusions The all striker build that I used game one turned out to be a great disappointment for me. After he had killed the ball I had a hard time getting it back and no other way of scoring VPs. In my third game on the other hand Gutter was really strong and Shark can set her up very well with Gut and String. She also adds a whole new dimension to the team which makes it more versatile. I need to play her more. In the final game Salt really shined when I was able to move the ball to a spot on the pitch from which I could score at any point but he couldn’t reach.
  15. Football Fish - Walk Me Through Them

    Good advice. I like to keep Salt as a backup ball retriever if a pass fails. He's quick even with no influence and can usually get back to where I need him even if he has to pick up a ball. Also I try to pass before I move to increase the chance of intercepting a pass when they miss and scatter.