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  1. Learning Engineers

    I’ve picked up the Engineers as a second faction after playing Fishermen for about 2 years. I thought I’d document my learning process and share some of my games as a way of asking how to improve and learn quicker. I intend to play Engineers competitively. I’ve decided to start by learning Ballista because I like the gunline idea and that’s also new to me. I’ve had 2 games so far and this is how they went: Game 1 Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound. Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Greyscales, Sakana. Result: 2-12. I received and killed the ball behind all my players. He had a hard time scoring but eventually did. Sharks legendary wasn’t that scary since I had mainly allocated influence to be able to use my shooty character plays. This game took a long time and was not on clock. Compound did an excellent job of dragging the game which would have worked to my advantage if the game would have been timed. I tried to score with Velocity but, even though it took him a long time, he eventually tackled the ball of her to score. I managed to kill Siren and got Greyscales down to 1 HP. Probably could have killed him but it didn’t matter. I never got Ballista into melee. I’ve learned in later games that I should. Game 2 Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo. Butchers: Ox, Princess, Boar, Boiler, Brisket, Meathook. Result: 8-12. This game was closer. I kicked with Ballista and got a lucky scatter that put boiler out of position but he managed to grab the ball anyway. I did a crucial rule mistake here where I thought burrow had an infinite range. It sure made the turn one goal run with an Overclocked, Second Wind Hoist very easy. I took the dodge after the goal and jogged away from Ox and Boar but Boar (with Tooled Up and The Owner) managed to take out Hoist (now with They Ain’t Tough) in one activation. I got the ball back with Salvo after the goal kick using his heroic for a teether ball. Felt very nice. Turn 2 I scored with Mother after Meathook had left her on 1 HP and bleeding. Boar took care of her after the goal. I tried to score with Velocity but Ox and Boar killed her before she got there. Ballista did a little more melee here which felt good but Meathook pushed him out on a counterattack which was unfortunate. I’m not used to having 1” melee. I feel like Ballista could get a lot of work done with just an extra dice from a gang up. At the end I avoided taking a take out on Boiler since it would allow him to come back and stop my Hoist goal run. As it turned out I should have taken the take out and focused on taking someone else out after that. My attempt to score with Host made it so that he managed to score with Brisket, and I did not have anyone to do a rebound goal with, which allowed him to kill someone for the win. Setting up goals feels like much more work than I’m used to with my Fishermen.
  2. What happens if someone is knocked down with the ball while standing on an obstruction? I.e. the ball starts its scatter on the obstruction. Can I drop/unsnap the ball on an obstruction?
  3. Help me work out a Tournament 9

    Good point. You just have to be careful around players like Fillet and Smoke I guess. Also I find it useful to have some way of at least threatening a take out even in a Shark team and when A&G are held back I think that would be hard. I'm currently back and forth between them and Gutter as my Union pick.
  4. Help me work out a Tournament 9

    It's been interesting to read your decision process. I feel like A&G are a bit of a liability against certain teams. Don't you? Greede is an easy 2 VP for a lot of players and once he's been taken out the first time he has a hard time getting back to Avarisse before he's killed again.
  5. Plain ol' Siren

    @tehlon In which match ups do you think she puts Fish over the top? Masons (Flint)?
  6. Standard Fish Line Ups

    I like her and use her (Angel). She's a reliable striker even when engaged and she's one of the few models where the snap shot are actually worth taking the risk. Also with 5+ def, ability to Nimble and a decent counterattack to some models she's very durable.
  7. I've also wondered about this. I also saw the worlds finals where I think the commentators said something like "he (Newton) needs a two inch dodge from his playbook to get onto the obstruction". Does the "sufficient room to position the base" mean that the whole base need to fit on the obstruction?
  8. New Fishermen player!

    I'd recommend spreading your team out. That way you can cover almost the entire pitch with your ball retrieval and goal threat while mitigating the risk of having multiple models taken out at once. If your opponent commits multiple models to take out one of yours that should leave room for your other models to score.
  9. Hag

    Having listened to the keynote where Mat talks about her and the Guild Ball Tonight Season 3 review where Jamie talks about Midas and how they feel like the momentous teamwork actions is something they can play with to enable more footballing I think Hag is going to have something similar to Harry's new aura that lowers the cost of teamwork actions.
  10. Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    I feel like S3 Midas may outshine S2 Shark as a striker. Very curious about S3 Shark now.
  11. Permanent "Tap In"

    Since the plot card "Home crowd" has been made permanent and "Husbandry" sort of has I think there's a small chance "Tap in" could also be made permanent. That would be a nice buff to most Fish strikers bar Angel.
  12. Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    Don't you think Angel will be an Inf 3/4 model with the new Tactical Advice rule we've seen on e.g. Tapper?
  13. Salt For The Win!!

    Me too! It's essentially another viable striker now. I'm definitely gonna score with Salt now.
  14. Thanks but actually I didn't feel that way. It just limited my options. For me it's more demoralizing when I feel like I don't have any options at all. Game 1 when Greyscales failed to get the ball and the rest of my team couldn't do anything useful that turn is a good example of that.