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  1. Veteran Minx Speculation Thread

    I hope She's All That.
  2. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Hitting some crunch time in real life, but I've got more bat reps incoming. 2 to finish this tournament (1 with photos, 1 with out), and 2 for last weekend (again, 1 and 1 in terms of photos). They might be shorter than normal, but I'm still going to write up the interesting bits.
  3. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Turn 1 walkthrough with your Theron and Skatha line ups, kicking and receiving.
  4. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    So we had 6 folks get together for the ratcatchers tourney. 4 local lads, and 2 from Long Island. We had a 7th come in, but he was running late and an 8th player wasn't showing. Still, 3 rounds, and some exclusive mortician/ratcatchers models up for the top 2 finishers. I drew the other Hunters player for a mirror match up in round 1! Game 17 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (3/17/18) (9/35 for 2018) Theron, Fahad, Zarola, Minx, oHearne, Jeacar Bad Theron, Bad Fahad, Bad Zarola, Bad Jaecar, Bad Minx, Bad Seenah Since I'm kicking, I was able to choose the side with the beneficial forest, and I had to take oHearne for that. Bad Seenah apparently was a response, to serve as a goalie of sorts. The rest are Hunters staples! I have Jaecar kick off, looking to apply knives to face early on. He bungles the re roll, and he puts it on Bad Zarola Turn 1. Bad Theron gets the ball, sun strikes himself, snipes Jeacar, and kicks it back to minx, spending the momentum to put blessing on Bad Zarola. This allows Jaecar to walk up to Bad Theron without fear of reprisal, knifing 8 health off and getting back to my side of the pitch with dodges etc and leaving an awkward trap. Good Theron throws some damage into Bad Theron as well, while the rest of my team stays out of threat range of the bear. Minx also gets midnight offeringsed up so that she can charge Bad Jaecar and bounce off him to the bad hunters back fields. Bad Seenah tries to cover the goal, and the other bad hunters move up field, except for Bad Minx who gets to charge in off Jaecar for a few momentum, but triggering his trap, sustaining bleed. oHearne gets a damage or two on her as well. Turn 2. Jaecar has an awesome first turn activation, taking out Bad Theron and Bad Minx in one activation, dodging between them to avoid the counter, and collecting the scattered ball from Bad Minx's body with the back to the shadows. 4-0. He then gets bullied by Seenah, and ball drops back towards my field. Theron collects it, passes in to oHearne, and starts getting momentum off of the bear with snaring and KD etc. Bad Fahad and Bad Zarola tie up Minx who is deep in enemy cover. oHearne scores a tap in off a forest teleport, 8-0. Bad Jaecar stand up Bad Seenah, passes to the bear and dodges it out of the melee, then tries to do something to oHearne. Fahad charges Bad Seenah and gets the Tackle, but then is KDed. Zarola picks up the scattered ball and kicks it to space. Turn 3. I have seize the initiative, so Minx gets a 4" dodge picking up the ball. She is followed by Bad Zarola, and a returned Bad Minx. However, since I go first I just need to roll one 5 against Bad Zarola, getting the dodge to disengage from them both, and slotting home the 2 dice tap in. 12-0. 12-0 Jaecar gets Bad Theron and Bad Minx, oHearne scores a tap in, Minx scores a tap in. Great way to start a tournament! Shout out to my opponent who was a great sport, who played a really fun game. Leaving Theron alone up there Turn 1 gave me a lead, and the forest was going to guarantee me a goal with oHearne at some point. The fact that I could score first just made it too hard. Still, it felt closer than it was.
  5. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 16 - Nu Brand Gaming Brooklyn NY (3/3/18) (8/35 for 2018) Game 3, can I complete the sweep on the day? Or has @warder808 got the strategy to get one back? Terrain from longshanks again, lots of open space, with a fast ground on one side, makes me want to try something... swift. Skatha, Fahad, Zarola, Minx, Egret, Jaecar Hearth, Alloy, Farris, Bolt, Anvil, Sledge I'm going for reposition, all the time. 3 back to the shadow models, snow ball, frost tokens midnight offering, and only one exclusive push playbook result. Spread out, try not to commit for as long as possible, and don't get caught. Lack of 2" can hurt though, especially considering Hearth is leading the opposition. I think Farris makes Bolt more attractive, and anvil and sledge can bring the hurt if they catch things. Sledge with instruction and piledriver is very scary. That momentus 7 will reduce any of my players to atleast half health! Jaecar kicks off. Thought being to not risk Skatha pressure, as the 3.5 models with 2" melee makes her sad, and I'll get more mileage from her feat later. Also, @ForestRambo likes to bully with Jaecar turn 1, which sounds fun. Turn 1. Farris grabs the ball and passes to hearth. Jaecar thinks he has a target, but I go with egret to let the board develop. Egret can sprint and tag Farris with a flurry, nabbing Hearth as well for damage and poison, btts onto the fast ground. Hearth goes and spends 1 mom and field dressing to remove the poison, and passes to sledge. Jaecar walks into Farris, and the double push counter doesn't happen, so he gets 8 damage on her and drops the trap for Bolt to deal with before retreating to the forest. Anvil moves players with his character play, zarola wastes a turn, sledge passes to Alloy, and they both dodge off of Hearth. Skatha puts snared on Sledge and Anvil. Bolt triggers the trap, and Fahad gets a free charge into Sledge, dodging to cover. I think the better play would have been to sacrifice Fahad and block in Alloy, attempting to prevent the goal. Alloy is still able to get the dodges he needs off the panther to get into range and score. 0-4. Ball kicks out to my left, a little behind Skatha. Minx goes into sledge, doing ok damage, and getting out. Turn 2 I'm up on mom, and get first. Jaecar bullies Bolt and Farris, baiting the counter and bringing the apprentice low and setting the trap for the master, using back to the shadows to go back to the forest. Hearth goes next, instruction on Sledge, and starts the crowd outs on Minx. Skatha dispatches Bolt, snowballing back to the ball. 2-4 (better play here is to get minx out of combat with the snowball?) Anvil walks up to help mess with minx, zarola engages Alloy, Alloy walks to engage Minx (we both forget the parting blow. The 1 dmg ends up being important. Question for the audience, who's responsibility is it to remember parting blows, and would you allow the take back, if only for dmg?) Sledge frickin one shots Fahad 2-5, and starts on Minx, but doesn't heal and is low. Farris also moved up at some point, so Egret gets a tasty flurry off on seldge, Farris and anvil (also minx but we have to write her off at this point). Turn 3 I get first again, Skatha is ready. Drops fast ground onto Jaecar. Passes to egret, uses the momentum to bonus time a cold snap onto the one health Sledge, and snaring others. 4-5. She snowballs into alloy and leaves him at 1 or 2, dodging out and jogging to the mid line. Minx goes down to anvil I think. 4-7 Egret can't quite the goal, or I choose not to take it? The game became a little frantic here, as I'm running out of time. Farris and Hearth are picking on Egret. Jaecar on the fast ground can sprint 11" to the mangled Alloy and gets him too. 6-7. I clock out on my last activation. 6-8. Turn 4 I try for a 6 point activation with Skatha, looking to kill the returned Bolt, tackle the ball from Farris and score, but I only manage the kill on Bolt (I felt I needed the cold snap/ snare to get the results I needed, but I was never going to be able to roll 6 attacks in that time.) 8-9. A returned sledge tries to put some hurt on Egret, but my opponent clocks out too. 9-9. Jaecar gets to Farris to finish what he started turn 1 and is able to put her down (she had taken at least 7pts of condition damage on top of a flurry). 11-10. It all comes down to Hearth attacking Egret, but no matter how long her reach is, she can't get the damage through. 12-10. Skatha gets Bolt, and Sledge, and Bolt again. Jaecar gets Alloy and Farris, 2 clock points. Alloy scores, Sledge gets Fahad, Hearth finishes off Minx, 3 clock points. 12-10 Super close, and not how I expected my speedy team to win, 5 take outs! Should have scored my return goal earlier perhaps, but being spread out and running away did cause a lot of problems for my esteemed opponent. So I went 3-0 two saturdays ago. We had a ratcatchers release event (without the custom rules) this last Saturday, and once I've typed it up, you can see how my practice games led into the tournament setting!
  6. Display issue with google chrome

    I'll just ping that this is still an issue for me on Google Chrome on a Mac.
  7. Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays (BLOG)

    Deffo like this analysis, especially the final table (Momentum Advantage vs Int value). Your point about the int values being a bell curve is interesting. It lines up with SF trying to have the turn order be less coin tossy.
  8. Big League 10 advice

    I like this suggestion a lot, since one of the hard things to do is make sure you bring the right players during drafting. If you've started with this logic during squad selection, drafting strategy will be that much easier.
  9. All praise the plastic!

    Nay I say! Some may call me old fashioned, but I believe in metal miniatures, and more importantly I believe in Guild Ball metal miniatures. Metal minis have an importance to them. If I've got 60 or so space knights with blaster shields running around casting spells, like some of them other games, each one isn't going to mater that much. Let them be plastic for all I care. But when you have only 6 players that you will be investing the next ~2 hours into, you've got to feel a characters heft when you pick it up and place it! The weight reminds you that every move means something. Now lookie here, i unnastand you where you are coming from. I'm from a long line of hard working, middle class, simple, straight shooting, dog fearing, tabletop miniature war gaming folk, and like all of you, I've been excited about the advances in modeling technology and fabrication. But just because we can, doesn't mean we should! Let's keep the metal in the minis, and save the plastic for the recycling.
  10. Big League 10 advice

    @Nykolae In no way do I want to be considered an expert! But I like to share my experiences at least. Speaking of which, @Moltry I hope you have checked out my match summary thread, where I've detailed almost all of my games with Hunters. You can get an idea of how the Hunters play (at least, when I'm in control!).
  11. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 15 - Nu Brand Gaming Brooklyn NY (3/3/18) (7/35 for 2018) Safe to say @warder808 was impressed with Skatha. I figured to take a turn with Theron, and go for the glory of the 4 boom box turn 1 with Chaska! There was also a very attractive forest that he would benefit from, generated by the longshanks site, not by a competitive hunters player. Theron, Fahad, vHearne, Zarola, Chaska, Seenah Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder, Ferrite, Bolt My line up is designed to have Chaska shove 4 boom boxes down someones throat, then follow it up with Seenah and murder ball. Warder switched in Furnace and Cinder for Farris and Iron. I know that the apprentices really benefit from having their specific masters around, but Ferrite can make Bolt pretty quick, so no judgement. I kick with Chaska, trying to place it just over to force someone into shotgun range. Turn 1 Ferrite gets the ball, passing to Bolt. Hearth enables a free dodge off the give and go, pretty sweet. VHearne begins the token pile on Chaska with last light and "has a little jog". Furnace saunters up, and now I have my boom box target. Fahad gets to the fast ground, alloy goes left, Theron sunstrikes himself and Chaska, sprints, shoots Furnace to apply pinned, botsf Chaska. Cinder sees what is happening and gets burning onto Chaska, but it's no use. Chaska hits all 4 boom boxes, keeping furnace where he is, and bringing him to 2hp. Hearth moves left, zarola moves seenah right, and falls back to goal. Seenah charges Cinder (always save your takeouts until the start of the turn, kids!) and gets a KD. Turn 2 I'm up a bunch and go first. Fahad on fast ground can make it to the snared Furnace, and gets the kill. 2-0. Cinder uses UM off that charge move, so I can spend the dodges to follow up. I link right into zarola who wingbacks a charge into bolt and gets the ball, but not enough inf to move it around. Hearth puts 2" melee on a few folks and moves up a little, and vHearne tries to tie up Bolt with a few swings. But it's pointless. Bolt spends his whole stack but gets the ball and scores. Nice try Z and vH. 2-4. I want the ball to fall to Chaska, but it swings right. So Chaska forgets about retrieving the ball, focuses on making it hard for others to do so. He walks into the forest, drops a trap next to Ferrite, boom boxes Alloy away, and puts tough skin on himself. He is now 3def 3arm in the forest, the statline of a blacksmith! Ferrite tries to do something about it (needs to generate momentum), but has next to no luck against the dug in Chaska. Theron gets the ball, walks up to cinder and brings her down to almost nothing, pushing her to a better position. I think cinder stands up and puts a brave face on, but the unbearable truth is that Seenah comes in at the end of the turn and gets the bear hug. 5-4. Alloy now has to try to do something, and is able to bounce off of Chaska for a few momentum, tieing the momentum count. This is a big roll, as Alloy could make a play to get the ball off theron. However, I get first turn and it's bad news for the Blacksmiths. Theron sun strikes himself, puts a snipe, and then a pinned into Alloy. He jogs up and slots home the bonus timed goal, where'd they going to force Alloy to be near the bear. 9-4 (I'm trying to angle for the Bearhug winning takeout, so getting Alloy to 4 exactly. Careful readers will remember the boom box from the previous turn, plus the two Theron character plays makes it 4. However, I forgot the boombox while playing!) Hearth jogs up and passes it to Ferrite. I send Fahad in to weaken Alloy enough for the bears charge to win it, and since I miscounted the health, end up taking him out! 11-4. It looks like it is going to take a hot second to get another kill now, as the bear and the rest of my team is out of position. However, Ferrite passes to Bolt and he scores the snap shot goal, just as my opponents time runs out. 12-8. Seenah bear hugs Cinder, Fahad gets Furnace and Alloy, Theron a goal, Clock point - Bolt goal and Snapshot If you are going to try to setup for the Bearhug win, you need to be aware of health totals! The chaska quad box did great, but it is all the eggs into one basket. I think I will keep playing around with it, but I feel like it's pretty avoidable once folks see it coming. One more game from last weekend, coming soon!
  12. Big League 10 advice

    Looks good to me. I feel like roster decisions with hunters comes down to your favorite between Egret or Ulfur, and then pick 2 of either Chaska, vHearne, or oHearne.
  13. New Errata

  14. New Errata

    Which probably means that S4 isn't that far away...
  15. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 14 - Nu Brand Gaming Brooklyn NY (3/3/18) (6/35 for 2018) So the tournament fell apart due to weather and a string of unfortunate events. But @warder808 was still down to get some games in, and we ended up playing three infact! That's more than I expected when I found out it was just the two of us, so I was happy with the day. Skatha, Fahad, Zarola, Minx, Egret, vHearne Ferrite, Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Farris, Bolt. Warder essentially goaded me into playing Skatha, but I was happy to, as I've been playing a lot of Theron lately. I wanted to get a turn 1 goal, and use my legendary early in turn 2 to set up a second. He got the second Blacksmiths box, so I was pleased to face these new models. I received, Iron kicked off, it scattered right in front of Egret. Fahad picked up the ball and missed a pass to Egret who intercepted. I spent my turn getting the ball to Skatha eventually, egret putting out some poison, then pushed around by Iron and Farris on my right. Ferrite used her legendary turn 1 to get folks moving, and Bolt was able to sent out a shoemerang on Skatha deep in my field that kd vHearne and slowed down the goal run. I was forced to spend two momentum to stand him up, so Skatha could snowball off of him, but she got a goal at the end of the turn, spending a momentum to dodge back slightly, threatening the board for the next turn. 4-0 Alloy got the kick out and moved up to set up for a bolt goal next turn, but missed his pass, and it scattered to dead middle! We were both at 0 momentum, so it was a straight dice roll to decide the activation order. Turn 2 I win first turn, and Skatha gets a full stack. She drops some fast terrain for vHearne later, uses her legendary, snowballing to the free ball, charging and bouncing off Ferrite, then Hearth, and making a 4 dice tap in. 8-0 Ball goes out to the right behind Farris. Ferrite fetches the ball and passes it to Farris. Egret gets a cheap charge from Wingback, and manages to tackle the ball off of her, dodging her way over to my team, and attempts a 2 dice bonus timed pass to Zarola, but misses, scattering not terribly. I back to the shadows to an annoying position. Iron comes in and moves Egret to a more favorable position. Minx charges Alloy and gets snared on him, Bolt push dodges Hearne off the fast ground and heads to the other side of the board where he misses a free Shoemerang that was trying to KD Zarola. Zarola fetches the ball, drops it to Fahad, chain bolas Bolt and walks into melee with him. I link into Fahad who charges Bolt, and tries to take dodges so that they can drop it off to vHearne, but is one dodge short thanks to a def stance (Big mistake here, since Bolt had a frost token that I forgot about, which would have secured the distance! Alloy is forced to get the ball, and dodges a little bit to be in an ok position, but he is in amongst the Hunters. And here I have the chance for vHearne to be the hero. He has a full stack, a snared enemy, and a waiting snapshot ally. You know the contrived situations that the introductory blog post create when showing off a new players abilities? This was one of those. I walk into melee, swing and get the Tackle. I swing again, doing a damage and teleporting over to the other side of Alloy! He then attempts a pass to Skatha, but is still engaged by Alloy, and now also by Hearth. I bonus time back up to 2 dice, but he misses. Oh well, almost the hero! [Rules question: could I have removed the frost token on Alloy to allow me to teleport AND THEN push dodge? I assumed I needed to resolve all playbook results before doing the teleport, but if I don't have to, it would have saved me a die...] Hearth KD's vHearne, gets the ball and tries to pass it out to the right, but misses the kick and it's sitting pretty in front of the goal. I'm up on momentum and take first. With a full stack, it's trivial for Skatha to get the momentum off of Hearth, get to the ball, and score. Three skatha goals 12-0! The first goal was likely to happen, but the missed pass at the end of turn 1 gave me a really easy second, which was always going to be hard to recover from. If he had put the ball on Iron I would have had a much harder time of getting the ball, and might have had to go for a kill or two. Still, I liked the quick moving squad! I'll post the other games in the next few days!