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  1. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

    It's a New Years miracle! I bring out the Alchemists for a mid week game against @dtjunkie19! Game 16 - 18/1/18 Compleat Strategist Manhattan, NYC Alchemists vs engineers. I choose to kick because in my head Midas puts out more kickoff pressure than he really does. Midas Naja, Calculus, Compound, oKat, Vitriol Pinvice Mother, Ratchet, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus. I go for a greedy kick off to the right with Midas, but roll a 6 for direction twice and so "the dog" places it on Colossus. Engineers pass it around and move up, ratchet tooling up mother, velocity nimbles, ball on pin vice. I respond with Compound getting stinky, Naja slithering, and then seeing what Midas can do. He charges ratchet, but doesn't get enough dodges to make the steal and score off of Pin Vice likely. So he farms momentum and push dodges ratchet back to my lines. Pinvice has options now, legendaries for some momentum and dodges, pin balling between her, hoist, her, velocity (who is engaged by vitriol at this point) at which point a pass fails and velocity recovers it. Pinvice then makes to mess Midas up, deletion on her self, only to whif 4 attacks in a row, dealing no damage to Midas. I had calculus poison ratchet earlier, and okat sprints up to engage him, ready for me to go first next turn. Turn 2. OKat goes first and brings ratchet down to 3 health, (he is suffering fire kd, and poison too), and kd's velocity. The ball scatters to colossus. I could have had the guaranteed kill on ratchet, but the scatter screwed me, as ratchet stands up and Heroic Landing overclocked onto colossus then heals. Compound gets stinky and tries to reposition to a better place, but Colossus gets lucky and kd's vitriol then sprints into melee with compound and scores. 0-4. Kick out to calculus who bonus times a pass to Midas, who bonus times a snapshot in for a counter goal. 4-4. Velocity can get to the kick off and bonus times a pass to colossus, who doesn't care about stinky goalie and gets another goal. 4-8. Well now I'm screwed. His team are all footballers, covering both sides of the pitch and there is only so much I can do. Vitriol gets the ball and is ready to score, but I can't yet since I would immediately lose to a counter goal. Midas is forced to spend his stack getting momentum for next turn. Turn 3 I again go first. I've got two options. Vitriol hides in a corner with the ball. It slows the game down, I can get my ratchet kill with okat, but there isn't really an obvious second kill. Or go first with okat, get ratchet off the board, and hope vitriol can hold on to it. I do the latter, 6-8. But pin vice gets the job done, getting to vitriol, getting the ball, passing it to velocity, controllering so velocity goes next, and I can't respond while she comfortably walks into range for a 5 dice Tap in to finish the game. 6-12. 6-12 Midas snapshot and ratchet take out vs colossus goal, snapshot, and velocity goal. I was down in the goal race, which was awkward. I should have been further in the hole, but Midas was lucky to avoid death. If I had received it would have helped get the first goal, but his team has a lot of close control, which can give him the advantage in breaking serve to get the third goal first. Maybe should have gone with vKat, as the witness me would have made a difference, and I'd have 2 more info for others... Still, a fun game. I normally try to go deep with one guild, but having a taste of the alchs again might make me use them every so often!
  2. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    Got to be careful though, since only friendly GUILD can get frosty. Minx doesn't know how nICE that push dodge can be.
  3. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    My European tour continues! I'm in Norway, Stavanger in particular, and reach out to the local Outland gaming store and set up a game with one of their staff called J after hours. I love how keen and accommodating gb folks are to play with strangers! J uses masons, and is still relatively new to the game. We use no clocks or plots and set 6 man teams. Not my usual level of play, but I'm just happy for a game! Game 10 (1/10/18) Outland, Stavanger Norway Skatha, vhearne, snow, minx, seenah, ulfur Honor, marbles, harmony, mallet, brick, flint Moon Goddess vs kickstarter models, I've got more mobility but the masons are their ever flexible selves. I receive, mallet kicks. He gets a big stack, so Ulfur retrieves it, passes it to snow, and gets out of 9". I know the mallet (superior strategied) is going to come down hard somewhere, and there isn't much to do about it. I get the ball to skatha in cover with hearne and snow as support, center the bear and spread minx and Ulfur out. Skatha gets some snared out and between a hearne skewered and her they put 4 damage into harmony. The masons move up in a bubble of counter charge and armor except for flint who is staying on my left nearish minx and Ulfur. Mallet decides to go into hearne and farms momentum (only 4 damage, but kd) to heal harmony and go first. Turn 2 Honor spends a stack going into hearne, legendaries for 5 models worth of inf, and harmony links to finish off vhearne, back to the shadows away. 0-2 I think he had a play at a goal too, although it wasn't sure. It was a lot of influence though, and so I can get myself back into the game. Skatha snares brick and honor, dodges off of honor (procing her poised) and snowballs and jogs to get the ball over to minx, ending centrally. Mallet does some damage to skatha, but she is fine. Marbles comes over to engage minx, Ulfur engages marbles, brick comes back to play goalie minx gets a dodge off marbles out of combat, unsnaps to Ulfur, free charges flint. Flint scuttles up and whiffs some attacks. Snow puts anatomical on seenah, and the bear starts chewing on harmony. Between minx and seenah, and him having to clear conditions, I'm up on momentum and go first. Turn 3. Ulfur goes for goal, where did they go, momentum dodge off marbles, walk to engage brick and be in Tap in. 2 dice tap in is not a sure thing, but it works out. 4-2. I can do that first because honor has nothing on her. Flint scores a counter goal, just getting the momentum off of a charge on a def stance skatha. 4-6. I kick the ball off to the right, where a returned hearne and harmony look at it (instead of the bear eating honor) Skatha wants the ball, but once I hit a momentous two on my first swing against flint, I decide to change tack. She snares mallet and flint, legendaries, puts 2 more mom 2 into flint, using the frost token and fast ground to get over to the right. Mallet goes for minx, getting to half. Minx tries to dodge around, but ends up whiffing. She heals. Honor stands up to face her fate, linking to harmony who can sprint to the ball but is stuck there. Seenah finally activates, and with 2 inf and a free charge, rolls hot and bear hugs BOTH Honor and Flint, for a 6 point activation! 10-6 Brick engages minx too. Hearne heals and engages harmony. I'm up a lot after seenah, and go first. Turn 4 I need one kill and harmony is right there with the ball. Hearne goes first and gets the kd on the first try, and a little more damage. Ball scatters backwards, and hearne collects it and gets into cover, just within 2" of harmony. Honor has come back on, and goes into minx. 11 health left and two crowd outs should clinch the kill, and then harmony needs to get lucky against hearne and he could have 6 points. However honor whiffs an attack, and minx ends up on 3. Harmony tries to get the ball, but as soon as she tackles Hearnes counters and knocks her down again. That's it as skatha fast grounds over and puts a full stack into taking her out. 12-6 12-6 Ulfur goal, seenah bear hugs honor and flint in the same activation, skatha gets harmony. Honor/harmony kill vhearne, flint scores. Great casual game, with some fantastic moments (I can just imagine Seenah with Honor on one tusk, and Flint on the other!). My thanks to J to extending the number of countries I've played GB in to 3, and for my first game of the new year. I'm looking to make it a busy GB year with 30-40 games, and I expect I'll play most with my Hunters! So watch this space!
  4. Kicking over knocked-down players

    He's not wrong. Only one thing to do. GG GB, it was fun.
  5. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    Ulfur's card is a little silly. For a game based around a team of players, to incentive one being alone is strange. Similarly, some of vHearne's abilities are corner case useful, never really garunteed to be effective. With oHearne's rise to prominence as well, one less leg Larry needs some loving. However I feel skatha works well (although I've never used BothMG), and Snow can be a troublesome piece against both fighting and passing teams.
  6. Just want to say @Jedianakinsolo that this was a superb article. Detailed and an in-depth look at all the considerations that go into def stance and countering, arguably the hardest part of the game to "get right". I remember reading your articles when I played warmachine, so I'm glad to see you made the switch over to guildball as well. Only comment is that the vassal diagrams are always going to be clearer for examples than the in game photos, especially if the in game photos don't have labels. Keep up the good work.
  7. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    The bear never stopped being great, and yours has an amazing paint job! Great work on the snout.
  8. GB resolution for –18?

    Play 40 games in 2018. Compete in three tournaments. Paint my Hunters!
  9. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Quick game so we re-rack. Game 9 - (29/12/17) Black Sphere, London Lineups - Skatha, Snow, Minx, Ulfur, Seenah, vHearne Pin Vice, Mother, Salvo, Velocity, Colossus, Locus I stick with my best available line up (appreciating the chance to use models that I don't normally) and he goes for something a little more footbally. As I kick I realize just how much ball retrieval he has. I go for a greedy kick off with Skatha into an obstacle, but even then he has three players who can get it comfortably. Mother does it with a neat marker. We spend the whole turn playing around our goal/counter goal options. Skatha, velocity, and pin vice all have big stacks, and seenah and vhearne are ready for anyone coming in. We burn activations, and when he decides to use locus to pull minx up for a salvo charge, he gets greedy and moves colossus up as well into assisted bear threat range. This is happening on my right, while Pinvice and velocity are both on my left, so I decide that I can suffer a goal this turn if I control the right and let the bear eat something and get a counter goal from the right. This becomes even more obvious when pinvice decides not to go for the turn one goal. I understand he is hesitant to potentially lose his captain for a turn+, but this lets me focus the right. With the goal off the table, skatha spends her turn speeding up seenah, snaring collosus and locus, and snowballing minx out of danger, then KD colossus with a charge. Other things happen including ulfur trying to take the ball off of velocity (if I had a model with close control, I would remember it more often), and salvo putting a flurry into skatha, minx and colossus. Then seenah charges into a two crowd outs, snared, kd colossus. I get him right down and a bucket of momentum, healing minx. I go first and JUST murder colossus with bear hug (that salvo flurry ended up mattering!), *top tip, always roar, even if just to proc stoic, it earned me a momentum from a wrap* retreating seenah afterwards. 3-0 Velocity scores almost trivially, like she does, staying in snapshot range. 3-4. I kick the ball out to the right, looking to get a few more kills before scoring and giving him back the ball. Mother, Salvo, and Locus all have ways to retrieve the free ball, but not to pass it to Velocity. Mother is now a valid target, since she would get me to even points again. I walk Ulfur into her and with a combination of rolling well and bonus timing I get the 2 momentum twice, leaving her on 5. Locus whiffs on minx, and kd's skatha. I charge hearne into a defensive stance mother, roll fire and get the momentum 3. Last light a skewered for the kill. 4-4. Pinvice deletions and deletes snow. 4-5. Salvo gets the ball to velocity, but can't snapshot since he is one momentum short. I have minx and skatha left, and we set up a snared Salvo for Seenah to munch on next turn. I can't lose first, and have to choose between a full stack skatha or 2 inf vhearne to get the ball from velocity. I end up going with vhearne, since although the KD is more random, I want to keep skatha's options open. He can't hit his second column with two attempts, and velocity scores again. 4-9. Oh well, the right is still safe as locus got no inf, so I kick out over there. Seenah eats salvo who had 3 inf. Really impressed with her damage potential when she is set up well. 6-9. My opponent is stuck at this point. None of his team can get to the ball, and two more takeouts seems hard. He charges pinvice into seenah, but I defensive which prevents a wrap, and then counter the next attack to keep her as far from the ball as possible, since risking the KD is a bad idea. All I need to do now is run Ulfur away from the returned mother/colossus, minx goes into pinvice to get snared and a crowd out, skatha snowballs seenah into crowdout, fast grounds to get the ball, and puts attacks into pinvice, kd and leaving her on 2. I can't lose first again, and load skatha up. She procs pinvices reanimate on the first attack, does mom 2 on the second. It's a little scary with the inevitable counter, but because of minx and seenah, I'm still in melee range even after a push dodge. Third inf kills her, then I need to snowball dodge to avoid a parting blow from locus so bonus time that, and bonus time for a 5 dice shot to win. 12-9. Velocity 2goals, pin vice puts snow down. Seenah bear hugs colossus, Ulfur and vhearne get mother, seenah eats salvo, skatha six points off of pin vice kill and a goal ftw. So after two games the skatha list plays a 3-0 and a 1-4 style! I think I drop Ulfur for egret, since Jaecar always wants more inf than he can make. Either way, great to have a chance to play again!
  10. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Yikes, it's been a minute. I brought some models to paint while on vacation in London, but then realized I had enough for a team! Reach out to the locals on facebook, and I got to sneak in a few games during a free afternoon! Shout out to Dark Sphere and their pundit J, for finding time for a transatlantic gamer! Game 8 (29/12/17) Dark Sphere, London Line ups- Skatha, Snow, Minx, Ulfur, Seenah, vHearne. Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Salvo. Limited line up for me (only other option was Theron, and he doesn't synergize as well with the others. I'm not used to see Salvo, but the rest of the squad is standard cogs. Skatha kicks off, ballista collects misses deadbolt on skatha, snaps unsnaps to ratchet. Skatha scores off a snowball and charge (wraps a cold snap!) two attacks etc. no legendary needed (but I also forgot). 4-0 Kickout goes poorly into the middle, ratchet goes for skatha, but counters out of range. Snow gets ball, and is sitting in seenahs charge lane (skathas fast ground on her), so no one wants to get it off him. The rest of my team stalks up, and he is unable to get momentum. Seenah and minx are threatening into the middle. I think I win the roll off? Snow attempts a pass to skatha, misses. Rachet collects, gives to ballista and blasted earth seenah. Skatha fast grounds seenah in return, legendary, shuffles into position off of ratchet, knicks the ball off ballista with help from legendary, and gets a Tap in. 8-0 Ballista dead bolts seenah and gets the ball to velocity, but it's not enough at this point. Seenah is still in range to stand up with momentum, and eats a snared 16 health rachet with a wrapped charge and two attacks. 10-0. Velocity scores a consolation goal 10-4, but my kick in allows minx to snap the ball off a charge, and then bonus times pass it to skatha for a bonus timed tap in. 12-4
  11. Stavanger Norway

    I'll be visiting my folks in Stavanger Norway for a few weeks after New Years. Are there any guildball players nearby?
  12. Vet Minx?

    Again, I'm not upset about receiving vetMinx, and I'm not trying to suppose what Steamforged was trying to do. My main point is that the opportunity to affect the fluff for the guild of my preference was offered, and now has been subverted and potentially disregarded. Also again, I'm clearly just trying to stir things up, but I think it has some validity to it. If we organize and respond, I think it could impress "Obulus".
  13. Vet Minx?

    Lets be honest here, I'm just trying to start a fight. vMinx is what I wanted from the beginning, and I hardly participated in the campaign at all. So personally, I feel on top. And it's essentially been guaranteed at this point. But the idea behind the campaign was that the players had a chance to write a part of the Guild Ball fiction, in deciding where the union players go. That opportunity no longer exists for Hunters players concerning their own guild, because of the actions of Obulus, and Steamforged in general. You can speculate about the fact that it was a close run campaign, or that it was always part of the plan, who cares. The Fact is that opportunity is gone. The effort people put in has been delegitimized in a very real way. (Again, hardly any effort on my part, but there was a real push as a community that I appreciated watching) What I suggest is to continue that campaign as a from of protest. The campaign was based on the idea that enough battle reports affected the story. That can still be the case. As it stands, the open letter is the latest, potentially last word concerning the Hunters/Morticians interaction. By continuing to post games in a new thread we at least have the opportunity to reply directly to "Obulus", a unique opportunity. Doing so says 1) We care about this game and the fluff 2) we enjoyed the campaign, we want to stay a part of it, 3) the Hunter's would not just "receive a gift" with out responding. Again, I'm not asking for them to reverse their decision. I'm asking for them to give all those who spent the time to take photos of their games and post them, who participated in the campaign from the beginning, who changed their avatar or wrote up a report, a voice. Not just that it was a close competition, but a definitive voice in the narrative, beyond that which was decided for us after they promised we would have one at the start. Most of you will say, they don't need to. It's their fluff, they can do what they want. But their have been examples before! PP making remarks in their fluff about 'Jacks that are slow to produce in the game, because of real life production issues and the community backlash to it. Other simple, subtle nods, just a sentence here or there based on community jargon or culture. Even old GW campaigns, similar to this one, where enough people put the same response about a new town in their posts that it was mentioned in a future post. Obviously Steamforged has control of their IP and knows what they want to do with it. But I feel we are justified in thinking that the promise they made that our effort and work would go into affecting their world has been rescinded. I understand that they probably consider this chapter done, but If we as a community respond to that by playing their game, continuing the campaign, and showing our commitment to go above and beyond to be part of their story and product, I think it would be a beautiful response. As a company, wouldn't you want to reward, or at the very least acknowledge the work of your dedicated fans?
  14. Vet Minx?

    Nothing to lose, and a chance to show Obulus hunters aren't around just to be his play thing. If we get a sizable turnout, I'm sure they'll consider something about this in the fluff. Why wouldn't you reward a player base that goes beyond the rules even after "winning"? Other guilds are playing for a character, we are now playing for a chance to demand Obulus' respect!