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  1. Can a model trigger two Big Game Traps simultaneously? Pintpot sprints 6" to a position such that they are JUST over 1" away from two Big Game Traps, then moves some infinitesimal direction directly towards the middle of the two. Do they both trigger at once? Or is one triggered and the other isn't? If so, who decides which is triggered?
  2. burroboskov

    Alchemists Season 4

    Fair enough, but then the rest of your comment gets me excited too. Midas, vCalc, Crucible, Vitriol, mascot, squaddie is crazy good at football.
  3. burroboskov

    Alchemists Season 4

    I mean, if the team is doing what it is supposed to do in applying conditions, he is dodging around like a madman. He essentially has a T< on 1, mom << or <> on 2, which won't protect him from all counters, but it's still pretty good. He's got acrobatic to get around Unpredictable, I just think he is going to be able to get to near anyone/the ball. He goal threatens 18" without any help.
  4. burroboskov

    Alchemists Season 4

    I'm so excited by this team. Everyone seems to have an aoe or pulse ability to spread either poison or fire, often both! We've got some footbally players, some real damage dealers, VKat has a form of intensify innately, loads of character plays off the playbook, it's just great! They are still a hint of what they used to be, but look like a whole new team.
  5. burroboskov

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Skatha, Snow, Egret, Ulfur, Zarola, vMinx are close to being a fish team without 2" reach. Super fast, dodgy AF, mascot 2/6", but the rest rocking a min 3/6".
  6. burroboskov

    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    Season 4 is a whole new world. I for one welcome our alchemical slinging overlords. Seriously though, I think this mechanic really defines the guild. We were a "condition game" team before who were decent with the ball. Hunters could access parts of that game, and then the rats came in too with their conditions. Now we pull conditions off for boons, something that is so unique for Alchemists. I think it's super cool, although it's unclear how good it is going to be. Positioning is going to be essential. One thing I am worried about, (which seems to be heading in that direction) is if each player has their own benefit for removing conditions. I would feel like it overloads opponents who aren't familiar with the guild if there are 4-6 different ways to gain from removing conditions. For that reason, I wouldn't be surprised to see one or both of the Kat's to have "I've been burnt before" as well.
  7. burroboskov

    Traps mechanics changing.

    And a machine gun.
  8. burroboskov

    WTC Results

    Where can I see the WTC results? The website seems to be down/not calling from their database properly.
  9. burroboskov

    Season 4 Changes

    I ALSO AGREE THAT THE LACK OF EMPHASIS FOR KEY WORDS IS FOOLISH. I think it makes it easier to read as long as there is some form of contrast. It teaches newer players which words are Important.
  10. burroboskov

    Resin Hunters

    Which one?
  11. burroboskov

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

    Got some alchemists games for you all! They are my "Home Team" at my local store while I finally paint up my Hunters. Store might be changing venues soon, but in the mean time I've played a decent number. These are from a few weeks ago, against a ratcatchers player. Looking to pick them up myself soon, so it was nice to see them in action. Game 17, Nu Brand Gaming (5/24/18) (16/35 for 2018) Smoke, flask, Mercury, calculus, vKat, crucible. Piper, squeak, vgraves, scourge, pelage, skulk I kick off with smoke, and try to make it somewhat annoying to get the ball. Didn't have to try to hard, as rats miss their first two passes, and the ball is right in front of smoke. I take some time on the clock to measure it out, and then even more to see if it's a good idea, but I decide I shouldn't waist the opportunity, so smoke spreads some fire love that merc placed earlier then scores a goal, and dodges away from the punchy rat people. Rats spend the rest of the turn trying to surround smoke for next turn. She takes some damage. Turn 2, and vKat gets a charge off on the diseased scourge. He takes him out with 3 swings, but I realize now that this was a misplay in rules, intensify still suffers -1 Dmg from tough hide. It's a big swing obviously, and I would not have got the takeout without it, although I think Mercury could have got the remaining damage through next activation. Still, on the day it was now 8-2 alchs. Smoke eventually escapes the rats with a smoke bomb, so they start to focus on calculus. Pelage gets reveried to score at the end of the turn. 8-6. Flask attempts to pass the ball up, and while he misses, it's still forward enough. Turn 3 I try to be cute and get another witness me, which fails. Piper tries to get a kill on calculus, but fails. Crucible passes to Smoke who finishes the game with a bonus timed snapshot. 12-6 2 smoke goal, witness on scourge Witness points, pelage goal Smoke getting a freebie of a goal turn 1 certainly helped, and a successful witness swings the score so quickly. Rats couldn't get a scrum going, and were down in goals. Straightforward win. We re-rack, I bring out the golden boy. Opponent stays the same. Game 18, Nu Brand Gaming (5/24/18) (17/35 for 2018) Midas, flask, calculus, okat, vitriol, compound. Piper, squeak, skulk, pelage, scourge, vgraves. I'm kicking off again, this time with vitriol. She places it as close to the line as possible. Rats decide to leave the ball for a turn, but move up skulk. A little annoying to play around him (I can't take a dodge or else he comes and crowds me out), but vitriol doesn't miss a chance to take an early lead and scores, despite being down a die. 4-0. It does eat some clock though. Rats respond by moving up piper, scourge and pelage (who has the ball) to smack vitriol. Once she gets kd, it's short work. 4-2 V graves runs over to start on calculus. OKat gets pushed up my Midas to start on Skulk. Turn 2 OKat goes and tries to get a nice external combustion off with the kd Skulk, but it doesn't quite cover his team in fire like I wanted. Still, skulk is down to 1 or 2. Rats move the ball over to graves, and move into Calculus. Midas attempts to get the ball, but I also want to get those last few points on Skulk too, so in the end while he gets the kill, he's stuck in the ruck and the ball is still with the rats. 6-2. Piper gets vGraves to score, engaging Compound but still scoring. Vitriol moves up on the right, and flask kicks the ball to space. Trundle bot then gets circled by a few players as well. Turn 3 Skulk comes back on to attempt to stop the vitriol goal, and I'm running low on time. OKat goes first to kd him, and she does eventually score. 10-6 vGraves and compound ineffectively stare at each other (should have used glut mass to reestablish the counter charge) Meanwhile Midas and Calculus are fighting an increasingly desperate battle against piper, and pelage, while Flask gets taken out by squeak and scourge. This and a few clock points make it 10-11. Turn 4 So it comes down to a dice off, which my opponent wins. He has a loaded piper, who gets some dodges off of Midas/Calculus, passes to an on fire scourge, and reverie's him into range. The two die goal however misses as his clock expires. OKat only needs 2 inf to defeat skulk a second time. 12-11 Alchemists! Vitriol goals x 2, skulk x 2. Vitriol, Flask, v graves goal, 4x clock He might have had a better play going for the takeout on calculus with his last chance activation, but a 75% chance to win in the nail biter finish is still pretty good. Two more games against Blacksmiths are in the works.
  12. burroboskov

    Resin Hunters

    Zarola, Snow, and Chaska, alone justify a purchase, do not.
  13. burroboskov

    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    I think you are doing a disservice to the model and the complexity of the game by saying it's "just bad", but I would agree that vHearne struggles to make the traveling ten. He competes with Minerva in my mind, and she brings more support options with her 2" mom kd. Sure, she is more fragile and has less damage potential, but the better intrinsic speed also is a plus. And you can have a 4 2" player lineup without vHearne.
  14. burroboskov

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Considering blind selection of captains, I feel like you always need both captains. Even if there is an "obvious" choice, certain terrain features etc can change the game, and it disadvantages you during the drafting process.
  15. burroboskov

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Fun, yes. But my goal is to make it meta bending.