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  1. burroboskov

    Resin Hunters

    Zarola, Snow, and Chaska, alone justify a purchase, do not.
  2. burroboskov

    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    I think you are doing a disservice to the model and the complexity of the game by saying it's "just bad", but I would agree that vHearne struggles to make the traveling ten. He competes with Minerva in my mind, and she brings more support options with her 2" mom kd. Sure, she is more fragile and has less damage potential, but the better intrinsic speed also is a plus. And you can have a 4 2" player lineup without vHearne.
  3. burroboskov

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Considering blind selection of captains, I feel like you always need both captains. Even if there is an "obvious" choice, certain terrain features etc can change the game, and it disadvantages you during the drafting process.
  4. burroboskov

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Fun, yes. But my goal is to make it meta bending.
  5. burroboskov

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I think that the new models really provide a skew in play styles that will demand lineups that go one way or another. You can follow a jack of all trade routes, or go hard into takeouts. Obviously 85% of models can contribute to both aspects of the game, but players like Minerva, Chaska, and the Hearne's (it might be a hot take to group them together, but that's how I see them) will struggle to find space against players who are clearly designed with one role in mind. Now that there are going to be 15 (14 after Ulfur) players to choose from, I don't think a set consensus will really emerge.
  6. burroboskov

    Mascot Time! Frelsi

    All I'm going to do is score... E-goals.
  7. burroboskov

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Yeah totally. Sounds like good subway writing material. No promises of course, but I'll see if I can put together a few semi-lucid thoughts.
  8. burroboskov

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    No real reports, just blurbs. But I want to keep track of the games I've played over the last few months, if only for myself. Still crunching on a lot of work stuff, but still getting to sneak in the occasional game is nice! Game 18 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (3/17/18) (10/35 for 2018) Blacksmiths 12-0, Jaecar kicks off and scores first activation, between BTTS and goal dodge, gets to half way line. Skatha's legendary gets stymied by a spiked parting blow from Sledge, but we get the second goal and eventually set up an Egret snap shot win. Game 19 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (3/17/18) (11/35 for 2018) Butchers 6-12, I get terrified by the threat of fillet, and fail to advance up the board. She eats two players, I get her in return, but then boiler and meat hook can pick off the bleed damaged players and slot in a goal. Jaecar gets a consolation goal before the final takeout. Game 20 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (3/24/18) (12/35 for 2018) Brewers 12-10, extremely close game, Jaecar goes aggressive to try to slow down the Brewers. and gets taken out, but later gets the ball off of Friday and threads a perfect pass to space. Zarola can get it, midnight herself, and scores the 2 dice kick for the win. Game 21 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (3/24/18) (13/35 for 2018) Union 6-12, Skatha becomes a bruiser and hits all the momentus 2's against gutter. But vRage bullies vHearne and Minx. Game 22 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (4/12/18) (14/35 for 2018) 12-4 Farmers Ploughman makes a rough ground bunker, but hunters don't really care. Thresher gets a player or two, but teleporting oHearne can score and help with the kills, getting just enough damage to kill Fallow before her taking the final activation of the turn. Clean up from there, I think a snapshot tap in goal wins it. Game 23 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (5/3/18) (15/35 for 2018) 12-6 Farmers. I make sure Thresher can't land on any of my pieces turn 1, and Skatha scores top of 2. But I'm too spread out to take advantage of the legendary. However half the farmers converge on Skatha, and that leaves room for the Bear and Minx to work on Tater and Harrow. A poor choice of first activation seals the game when Seenah does 14 dmg and bear hugging a full stack Tater, then Minx steals the ball off harrow and scores. I can then take Harrow or Peck out trivially for the win, so my opponent calls it.
  9. burroboskov

    Next Minor Guilds

    I've been keeping my head down with the end of the semester, so I'm sorry If this was already announced elsewhere. Do we know what the next couple of minor guilds that are going to be released?
  10. burroboskov

    Veteran Minx Speculation Thread

    I hope She's All That.
  11. burroboskov

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Hitting some crunch time in real life, but I've got more bat reps incoming. 2 to finish this tournament (1 with photos, 1 with out), and 2 for last weekend (again, 1 and 1 in terms of photos). They might be shorter than normal, but I'm still going to write up the interesting bits.
  12. burroboskov

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Turn 1 walkthrough with your Theron and Skatha line ups, kicking and receiving.
  13. burroboskov

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    So we had 6 folks get together for the ratcatchers tourney. 4 local lads, and 2 from Long Island. We had a 7th come in, but he was running late and an 8th player wasn't showing. Still, 3 rounds, and some exclusive mortician/ratcatchers models up for the top 2 finishers. I drew the other Hunters player for a mirror match up in round 1! Game 17 Nu Brand Gaming, Brooklyn, NY (3/17/18) (9/35 for 2018) Theron, Fahad, Zarola, Minx, oHearne, Jeacar Bad Theron, Bad Fahad, Bad Zarola, Bad Jaecar, Bad Minx, Bad Seenah Since I'm kicking, I was able to choose the side with the beneficial forest, and I had to take oHearne for that. Bad Seenah apparently was a response, to serve as a goalie of sorts. The rest are Hunters staples! I have Jaecar kick off, looking to apply knives to face early on. He bungles the re roll, and he puts it on Bad Zarola Turn 1. Bad Theron gets the ball, sun strikes himself, snipes Jeacar, and kicks it back to minx, spending the momentum to put blessing on Bad Zarola. This allows Jaecar to walk up to Bad Theron without fear of reprisal, knifing 8 health off and getting back to my side of the pitch with dodges etc and leaving an awkward trap. Good Theron throws some damage into Bad Theron as well, while the rest of my team stays out of threat range of the bear. Minx also gets midnight offeringsed up so that she can charge Bad Jaecar and bounce off him to the bad hunters back fields. Bad Seenah tries to cover the goal, and the other bad hunters move up field, except for Bad Minx who gets to charge in off Jaecar for a few momentum, but triggering his trap, sustaining bleed. oHearne gets a damage or two on her as well. Turn 2. Jaecar has an awesome first turn activation, taking out Bad Theron and Bad Minx in one activation, dodging between them to avoid the counter, and collecting the scattered ball from Bad Minx's body with the back to the shadows. 4-0. He then gets bullied by Seenah, and ball drops back towards my field. Theron collects it, passes in to oHearne, and starts getting momentum off of the bear with snaring and KD etc. Bad Fahad and Bad Zarola tie up Minx who is deep in enemy cover. oHearne scores a tap in off a forest teleport, 8-0. Bad Jaecar stand up Bad Seenah, passes to the bear and dodges it out of the melee, then tries to do something to oHearne. Fahad charges Bad Seenah and gets the Tackle, but then is KDed. Zarola picks up the scattered ball and kicks it to space. Turn 3. I have seize the initiative, so Minx gets a 4" dodge picking up the ball. She is followed by Bad Zarola, and a returned Bad Minx. However, since I go first I just need to roll one 5 against Bad Zarola, getting the dodge to disengage from them both, and slotting home the 2 dice tap in. 12-0. 12-0 Jaecar gets Bad Theron and Bad Minx, oHearne scores a tap in, Minx scores a tap in. Great way to start a tournament! Shout out to my opponent who was a great sport, who played a really fun game. Leaving Theron alone up there Turn 1 gave me a lead, and the forest was going to guarantee me a goal with oHearne at some point. The fact that I could score first just made it too hard. Still, it felt closer than it was.
  14. burroboskov

    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 16 - Nu Brand Gaming Brooklyn NY (3/3/18) (8/35 for 2018) Game 3, can I complete the sweep on the day? Or has @warder808 got the strategy to get one back? Terrain from longshanks again, lots of open space, with a fast ground on one side, makes me want to try something... swift. Skatha, Fahad, Zarola, Minx, Egret, Jaecar Hearth, Alloy, Farris, Bolt, Anvil, Sledge I'm going for reposition, all the time. 3 back to the shadow models, snow ball, frost tokens midnight offering, and only one exclusive push playbook result. Spread out, try not to commit for as long as possible, and don't get caught. Lack of 2" can hurt though, especially considering Hearth is leading the opposition. I think Farris makes Bolt more attractive, and anvil and sledge can bring the hurt if they catch things. Sledge with instruction and piledriver is very scary. That momentus 7 will reduce any of my players to atleast half health! Jaecar kicks off. Thought being to not risk Skatha pressure, as the 3.5 models with 2" melee makes her sad, and I'll get more mileage from her feat later. Also, @ForestRambo likes to bully with Jaecar turn 1, which sounds fun. Turn 1. Farris grabs the ball and passes to hearth. Jaecar thinks he has a target, but I go with egret to let the board develop. Egret can sprint and tag Farris with a flurry, nabbing Hearth as well for damage and poison, btts onto the fast ground. Hearth goes and spends 1 mom and field dressing to remove the poison, and passes to sledge. Jaecar walks into Farris, and the double push counter doesn't happen, so he gets 8 damage on her and drops the trap for Bolt to deal with before retreating to the forest. Anvil moves players with his character play, zarola wastes a turn, sledge passes to Alloy, and they both dodge off of Hearth. Skatha puts snared on Sledge and Anvil. Bolt triggers the trap, and Fahad gets a free charge into Sledge, dodging to cover. I think the better play would have been to sacrifice Fahad and block in Alloy, attempting to prevent the goal. Alloy is still able to get the dodges he needs off the panther to get into range and score. 0-4. Ball kicks out to my left, a little behind Skatha. Minx goes into sledge, doing ok damage, and getting out. Turn 2 I'm up on mom, and get first. Jaecar bullies Bolt and Farris, baiting the counter and bringing the apprentice low and setting the trap for the master, using back to the shadows to go back to the forest. Hearth goes next, instruction on Sledge, and starts the crowd outs on Minx. Skatha dispatches Bolt, snowballing back to the ball. 2-4 (better play here is to get minx out of combat with the snowball?) Anvil walks up to help mess with minx, zarola engages Alloy, Alloy walks to engage Minx (we both forget the parting blow. The 1 dmg ends up being important. Question for the audience, who's responsibility is it to remember parting blows, and would you allow the take back, if only for dmg?) Sledge frickin one shots Fahad 2-5, and starts on Minx, but doesn't heal and is low. Farris also moved up at some point, so Egret gets a tasty flurry off on seldge, Farris and anvil (also minx but we have to write her off at this point). Turn 3 I get first again, Skatha is ready. Drops fast ground onto Jaecar. Passes to egret, uses the momentum to bonus time a cold snap onto the one health Sledge, and snaring others. 4-5. She snowballs into alloy and leaves him at 1 or 2, dodging out and jogging to the mid line. Minx goes down to anvil I think. 4-7 Egret can't quite the goal, or I choose not to take it? The game became a little frantic here, as I'm running out of time. Farris and Hearth are picking on Egret. Jaecar on the fast ground can sprint 11" to the mangled Alloy and gets him too. 6-7. I clock out on my last activation. 6-8. Turn 4 I try for a 6 point activation with Skatha, looking to kill the returned Bolt, tackle the ball from Farris and score, but I only manage the kill on Bolt (I felt I needed the cold snap/ snare to get the results I needed, but I was never going to be able to roll 6 attacks in that time.) 8-9. A returned sledge tries to put some hurt on Egret, but my opponent clocks out too. 9-9. Jaecar gets to Farris to finish what he started turn 1 and is able to put her down (she had taken at least 7pts of condition damage on top of a flurry). 11-10. It all comes down to Hearth attacking Egret, but no matter how long her reach is, she can't get the damage through. 12-10. Skatha gets Bolt, and Sledge, and Bolt again. Jaecar gets Alloy and Farris, 2 clock points. Alloy scores, Sledge gets Fahad, Hearth finishes off Minx, 3 clock points. 12-10 Super close, and not how I expected my speedy team to win, 5 take outs! Should have scored my return goal earlier perhaps, but being spread out and running away did cause a lot of problems for my esteemed opponent. So I went 3-0 two saturdays ago. We had a ratcatchers release event (without the custom rules) this last Saturday, and once I've typed it up, you can see how my practice games led into the tournament setting!
  15. burroboskov

    Display issue with google chrome

    I'll just ping that this is still an issue for me on Google Chrome on a Mac.