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  1. Help vs Brewers

    Apply all the movements debuffs to Tapper. His commanding aura is what lets his team do the crazy damage, so remove it. Early Jaecar activation to get gut and string on Tapper is always worth it, assuming he can get out to safety (with dodges and btts he should be fine). Bonus points if you kill Tapper, but that usually requires a scrum to take him out, and that favors the Brewers. I'd stay on the edges, put all the control elements in Tapper, and look to just pick off a weaker model or two. oSpigot evaporates, as does Friday once you snare her. The ball is also important. try to maintain possession of it, if only to remove their threat extenders.
  2. Rise of Zarola

    I came to Hunters from Alchemists, where Midas was king. And part of the reason he was king was because of Lure of Gold. A useful threat extender for oKat, way to extract Vitriol, etc. With MO, it is more versatile than LoG (no directional dependence) and with the greater jog values of the Hunters, it can get more value. In a game where threat and movement is so important, the character play is worth the price of admission for Zarola. However, with Midas he is still a lot more than just that character play. The only other thing Zarola has for her is that she is hard to hit, and can once in twenty games do something cute with Fahad.
  3. Rise of Zarola

    I feel the need for midnight offering almost every game, especially with Theron. Having an out of activation move without the ball is incredibly valuable. Initially I didn't run her, but once you start seeing the opportunities MO provides (be they aggressive or defensive) you come to rely on it. She is always in my ten, 80% of the time in my 6.
  4. Ball Retrieval

    I suppose we do have some pieces. However this discussion makes me think that the Skatha turn 1 dive bomb really isn't worth it without Knee Slider. You need to keep her around to get the ball back/help your team do so. Ulfur is designed to deal with UM, I understand that. I just wish he could do other things as well. I hate having to take a spot up in my ten with him. vHearne is a good piece for returning the ball, I need to respect that more. He is quite slow though, which can make it hard for him to get there... And for Egret, I always dream of her being able to swift strike her way in and out of melee, get the ball and get out! But single die character plays are the bane of my existence... Thanks for the thoughts.
  5. Ball Retrieval

    Look well o' wolves, I played a couple of games recently, and in one I was fielding a Skatha goal-focused line up, against Blacksmiths in particular. I kicked off, and was able to get a goal with Skatha, but essentially had trouble getting the ball back from then. My opponent did a decent job of keeping it safe, but it wasn't helped by my feeling that we just lack a certain level of tools for tackling the ball of our opponents. What tech/tools do people use most often when attempting to get the ball back from an opponent? Or do you favor the 4-1 approach and consider goals the aspirations of the less primal guilds?
  6. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 7 - NBG (7/26/17) Hot off my tournament win, I took my hunters to the store. This was the day before the errata, and I was still enjoying learning how skatha worked, thinking that I would be playing her for my entire Hunter career. (The Ron returns!) Played a familiar opponent T. He's looking to try some other guilds as he returns to GB, but was happy to play his brewers today. I wanted to see if I could repeat my success from my final game. Skatha and Fahad receiving w/ vHearne, Jaecar, Chaska and Seenah Tapper and Scum kicking w/ Hooper, Mash, oSpigot and Friday I debated about the bear. 2" is great, but I was worried she would get neutralized. That said, she can dish out some damage, and I was thinking that I needed to do some work. My opponents line up seemed standard. Tapper's kick went off to my left. He was only going to be able to get it with Tapper, which would have been fine with me, so I was able to do some set up with Skatha (snowball Jaecar, cold snap Tapper) and Hearne (get in a forest) before Chaska went to get it, missing a pass to Fahad. His players had to durdle out of range while Jaecar gut and string Tapper and btts away to safety. Fahad missed a pass back to Chaska, and Seenah set up for next turn. The brewers marched up, setting a bunker around Tapper(who sprinted his full inch) Turn 2 I go first, and don't like the ideas of sending anyone into the Tapper bunker, so Chaska just retrieves the ball (maybe missing another pass?). Mash clears snare to get to the bear, and knocks her down and gets momentum. In return Seenah, Fahad and Jaecar take him out, but the brewers are trying to set up Spigot onto the bear. Tapper gets marked target off, and there is a momentum for times called, so even though Jaecar tries to pass the ball to extricate the bear, however it's still in range. (Bad placement here, even if I can't get out of the 14" threat, at least get cover!) Spigot starts wailing on the bear, with wraps, kd and doing damage (ball back in my left corner). I've lost track of a game plan at this point, trying to brawl with the brewers. Jaecar and the bear get Spigot to 1 or 2 health at some point, but Tapper gets over to Chaska and one rounds him with Commanding Aura, healing Spigot. Hooper gets involved with Seenah and bear goes down. My clock gets low, as Hearne tries to play traffic warden and kd brewers. By turn 4 I manage to snag Spigot, but Friday waltzed in for a goal at some point, and while Jaecar can dance around all he wants, he can't stop Hooper and Tapper from killing Hearne. 4-12 for the Brewers. (Mash, Spigot) - (Friday goal, Seenah, Chaska, Hearne, 2*clock) If I had managed to keep Seenah safe Turn 2, that would have been a game changer. As such, I should have bailed on the bear, and focused on scoring. Chaska could have ran up that flank to atleast cause him to split attention, and Skatha and Hearne were wasting time on the other side. I relied too heavily on Jaecar, and didn't utilize Skatha's mobility tricks well. Also, don't try to brawl with the brewers! Makes me think the bear isn't the best choice. Egret offers another goal threat, and flurry on bunched up butchers. Plenty of food for thought, but the big hope is to get some games in with fancy new The Ron!
  7. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Came here for some "hot takes", and I wasn't disappointed. Sun strike on Jaecar doesn't make you feel bad about choosing the nonmomentous gut&string. Hell, it telegraphs a lot, but it turns the bear hug into double momentus result too. Literally only Ulfur and the Mascots can't benefit from it. I agree with @RedSam, sun strike is to Theron what snow ball is to Skatha, the defining play that makes them worth playing.
  8. Fillet Butchers

    I had a good game against Fillet at a tournament a few months back, which you can read here. For me, playing against her is just trying to mitigate her as much as possible. Venin is going to slow her down, sure, but having the kd on 2 from oKatalyst is really important. He also just does way better damage than venin, and can out brawl any of the butchers. You talk about better defensive stats, but it's the loss of offensive hitting power that would have me keep oKat over venin. I agree though that competive alchemists are stagnant in their line ups.
  9. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Tournament Report - The War Store, LI, 8/23/17 My first tournament with the Hunters! I was pretty cautious about my chances with taking them, as you know, they are hunters ;). But I was looking forward to trying out Skatha, and a day's worth of play is a great way to start learning a new piece. Plus, since @warder808 and I arrived early (actually on time, but others were tardy), we got about halfway through a game so I worked out some kinks and tried some strategies out, briefly. I took Skatha, Theron, Fahad, oHearne, vHearne, Seenah, Chaska, Jaecar, Egret, Zarola. Plans was to play Skatha often, and I did! Once we started the field only turned out to be 6 deep, so 3 rounds and done. Game 4 - Round 1 Jacob + Morticians Jacob worked at the store and agreed to participate so we would have an even number. Swell chap. He was rocking Morts, and said he hadn't played in a month or so. He took Obulus and Dirge Kicking, with Graves, BP+M, Cosset, and Bonesaw to my Skatha and Fahad with Zarola, vHearne, Jaecar, and Egret. I always take Zarola into an Obby Matchup, and Egret was there to try to keep goal scoring pressure up, or do silly dodges into Obulus. I failed to take any photos of the start of the game, but Turn 1 consisted of Egret getting a Flurry off on Bonesaw and Obby, Skatha extending Jaecar into range of Bonesaw, and the Mort's lack of momentum allowing me to bring Bonesaw down to 2 health before succumbing to Poison at the end of the turn. 2-0 for Hunters. Skatha also must have put cold snap on Obulus, as Jaecar was able to pass the ball at the start of Turn 2 back to Skatha, and dodge into Obby. My opponent never did counter attack (I still had Jaecar's movement, so I could have gone for another player...) and I was able to take out the Ferryman with a medium stack on influence. Graves and Cosset started working on returning the favor on Jaecar, while Skatha scored and BP+M did some work on vHearne. Egret dodged around and pew pewed. 6-0 Turn 3 Jaecar gets taken out by Graves, but Zarola Bola's Cosset, links to Fahad and with a Furious charge I've got a decent chance to take her out, (flurry, poison, crazy) but leave her on 1! She heals and attacks the kitty, but since she healed is still snared, and on 2 health! She fails to one shot the Kitty, and my counter takes her out! 8-2. Bonesaw also scores, ball going out to my kitty, and the rest of the hunters converge on Brain Pan. Turn 4 Graves goes first, and takes Skatha out, who has a big stack. I'm not worried though, because I have a chance for kitty glory! Zarola midnight offerings Fahad, links right back, and Fahad jogs into range for a single die snap in for the win! Of course I miss it... BP+M do something, but Jaecar puts the game away, putting 4 influence into Bonesaw and putting him down for the second time. 12-8 Hunters! (Skatha Goal, Bonesaw*2, Obulus, Cosset) - (Bonesaw Goal, Jaecar, Skatha) Jacob said he remembered how to play halfway through the game, which I think I noticed. He mounted a good comeback. Obulus probably could have had better activations, and Bonesaw is an easy target for the Hunters. I was happy to take the win! Game 5 - Round 2 Playing against Leah, who was rocking Fish, and a lineup she was comfortable with. We played, Shark and Salt kicking with Greayscales, Sakana, Jac and Hag Skatha and Fahad with vHearne, Jaecar, Seenah, and Chaska I wanted damage to take out the Fish quickly, and putting traps with Chaska might protect my goal some what. Turn 1 I was very aware of Shark's kickoff pressure, and tried to keep the ball out of his base charge range, with only a stack of 4 on him. vHearne messed up the pass back... As did Chaska to Skatha the next activation! Still, I though the ball would be safe ~14" from Shark. But he gets a wrap off his charge on Chaska, tackles the ball, legendaries on everyone but Farahad, and slots in the goal! 0-4 Fish. He runs the length to my right. Skatha gets herself and vHearne surrounding him with a snowball, and Seenah gets a wrap in return to KD him and start the damage. With fastground Jaecar is also able to charge onto an overextended Jac for some more momentum, and Fahad gets ball handling duties. Turn 2 No inf on Shark means I don't need to take him out first, so Fahad gets further from my goal and puts up Nimble. Jac moves up to try for a snap shot, Skatha spends a stack killing Shark momentously, and snowballing Seenah into a good position. Salt and Greyscales eventually get the ball back, but the pass to Jac misses, scattering behind my goal line. That lets me focus on taking out Jac, which Seenah does with a bear hug. 5-4. Turn 3 on I failed to take any more photos, but Skatha gets the ball in what I think is a safe position. Salt manages to get a sic em charge on her, which could have enabled a tap in otter goal, but the little guy doesn't get enough hits. vHearne KD's pushes, and then snares Sakana with a Last Light Skewer (that was a fun activation), and is then joined by Chaska to watch as Seenah Bear Hugs Sakana. 8-4. I try and set up a Chaska goal on Turn 4, with fast ground and snowball dodges, but Greyscales ruins everything and gets the ball away and outside of base to base for my 2" players. My opponent is giving me points from the clock at this point though, so all I need to do is have Jaecar take out a returned Shark which he does with gusto, and the game is over. 12-4 for the Hunters! (Shark*2, BH Jac, BH Sakana, 2 from clock) - (Shark Goal) If the clock didn't seal it, I was approaching Hag and Grey scales, or I guess Seenah could have tried for a bear hug on salt? The points were there, even the goal wasn't completely off the table. Leah was a newer player, but did a great job in the game. I think she could have kept her fish out a little further, only committing them if it ensures the ball or a goal. Funnily enough the Shark legenedary turn 1 forced me to stay deep, which was good in the end as I just got to kill fishies as they came close. Game 6 - Round 3 Final game of the day was against Kyle, who in the two months since we played at the last tournament had painted up his brewers very nicely. They won best painted. But would they win the game? For the third game in a row I was at the same table, won the dice off and was on the same side! Tapper and Quaff kicking with Mash, Hooper, oSpigot and Friday Skatha and Fahad receiving with Jaecar, vHearne, Egret and Chaska I figured the bear would be destroyed at 2+, 1, and wouldn't be able to disengage quickly enough against the hardy butchers. Egret does well against low def models who like to be in a big scrum, Chaska was there for damage and more traps. vHearne was earning a staple position next to Jaecar. Turn 1 was cagey, as tapper was kicking off and I did not want to have any of my players get deleted by his stack of influence. Chaska retrieved the ball, which I passed down the line. The brewers were forced to just run up, and Egret got a decent flurry out. Skatha set Jaecar up and snared Tapper with my second to last activation, and Jaecar was able to walk 9" (so good...) into Spigot and do a lot of damage, bleed, and lay his trap before dodging out of Tapper's reduced range. Tapper could do little but sprint to the rest of his team. From here this game turned into a brutal denial game where I would start each turn with Jaecar, gut and string the snared Tapper, and dodge away. Being able to get him into when he had little to know momentum meant that I was able to neutralize a 4-5 stack Tapper almost every turn. I took oSpigot out with an Egret Flurry, and because of their position around the barrier (and my opponents fear of Jaecar's trap), Mash and Hooper were relegated to the left flank, where I was happy to let them chew on Fahad. Friday came up to dirty knives some of my players, but was heavily damaged in return. I took out Friday and continued to stifle Tapper, 4-0. Skatha scored a goal, and Spigot was taken out a second time by Jaecar. 10-0. Mash and Hooper got through Fahad and were working on Egret, and Tapper finally got to Jaecar, while Friday returned a goal, 10-7. Tapper was my next target, KD and Snared by vHearne and Chaska. My clock runs out durring allocation, meaning I have one turn to win! Howerver, I had a good chance to win. I have enough players around Tapper that he should go down, but instead with my first activation of Turn 4, vHearne swings on snared Tapper for momentus damage, teleports closer to the goal, sprints into tap in range, and slots home the winning goal. 12-7 for the Hunters! (Skatha and vHearne Goal, oSpigot *2, Friday) - (Friday Goal, Fahad, Jaecar) I think my opponent needed to be able to threaten me with more than one piece. I was only really going to be able lock down one of his pieces with Jaecar each turn, so if he focused on advancing Tapper every turn, and didn't hog tie Mash and Hooper by placing them on the far side of the barrier, I would have had a much harder time setting the engagements. As it was, I could tell it wasn't a very fun game for Kyle. This was a bummer, because I hate being a part of a negative play experience. Either way, being the only 3-0 players on the day gave me the tournament win, my second in a row at The War Store! I think the smaller, greener field worked to my advantage (dodging @warder808 also helped), but it still felt good to not only have 3 good wins with Skatha, but a tournament victory with my Hunters! Don't really see a reason to play Theron unless they change something about him...
  10. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 3 nbg, 7/20/17 It's been over a month since I last posted, I've been traveling and finishing up a job. Hopefully I'll be able to get 1.5 games up per week for the foreseeable future! This week I was still rocking Theron. It felt a little awkward, but that's normal since this was my third game with him/hunters! I played against a newer morticians player (our little gb group is growing), and we didn't use a clock, which was probably a mistake. Theron Fahad receiving w/ Zarola, vHearne, Jaecar and Egret. Obulus Dirge kicking w/ Ghast, Cosette, oGraves and BPM. Looks like the kickoff might have actually just bounced on that obstruction, but that's where it ended. I decided to go with Theron and pin Obulus. This led to lure coming out on him from cosset, so I pulled him back with zarola's midnight offering. Graves toiled up ghast, and I was still afraid of Theron getting mulched that I had vhearne sprint to the ball and pass it to him, dodging away. This could have been considered good play, if Theron was the only one at risk. However, I foolishly also exposed Jaecar and vHearne to puppet master plays, and my opponent was able to get Jaecar in the middle of morts with a big pile of damage. Egret did get to flurry atleast. Turn 2 I have man marking as a card, so once my opponent goes first with obulus to puppet strings then all from Theron and kill Jaecar, I start to try to get the ferryman. Egret is able to dodge base to base with swift strikes/btts, and Theron dodges off of memory, in cover so Obs counter fails. Finally Fahad completed the triangle and does enough damage with her charge. On the other end, vhearne is buying time (dying to everyone else) and trying to get the ball from graves, and zarola engages cosset. 2-2 Turn 3 I think I went first? But jaecar comes on and uses wingback to get at cosset. She melts to him, and I foolishly stuff him between ghast and graves, thinking it will help with crowd outs. Vhearne lasts another activation because he is able to kd graves, scattering the ball towards their goal. But then he dies. Theron spends his activation bouncing off graves and scoring, ball going out to the side obulus is on, he picks it up. Egret has flurried every turn, and between a bolas from zarola and a charge from Fahad, graves goes down. Chip damage adds up! 10-4 Turn 4 obulus kills jaecar but takes one too many inf to do so, and is just short of a goal himself. The typical hunter brawlers of egret and zarola surround ghast, who is at half health after flurries/poison, and Theron eventually finishes him off. Hunters win 12-6! I liked egret in that game, first time using her. Was happy with my play to get her into obulous. Vhearne was a little lack luster, he really wants his enemy to be snared. Never had the momentum to use last light. Jaecar is so fragile, I need to protect him more. Theron was MVP in the end, getting 6 points and assiting with another 4. Fahad was doing 6 damage charges which was pivotal to take outs. And zarola wasn't terrible, even if she was just there for midnight offering. Like I said, my opponent was new, so I don't think he knew all the obulous tricks. Probably would have been a different story against a more experienced player, but it felt nice to win!
  11. Some drunks wandered into my forest! Game report

    Nice write up. You got lucky that your buffs protected you enough from the (pat) cat attack. That gotcha could have ruined your day.
  12. BurroBoskov's Teams

    Again, more progress but nothing done. My purple is popping a bit more, but the paint I use is this funny ink which I thought was a layer paint, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, making moves. Reaching the point that I need to just sit down and finish one to motivate me with the others. Doubt I will get a chance to with travels upcoming, but picking them off one by one is the plan moving forward.
  13. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    And that is why I don't even consider it a question anymore. Surely it is, and with A+G or Mist you do really put the pressure on for a 3 goal game. But when you take oKat in nearly every line up, you can't leave home without Harry.
  14. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    It's probably the only hard choice Alchemists have to deal with in regards to their 10 man lineup. The rest are fairly straightforward.
  15. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    Perhaps 2nd place would be acceptable?