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  1. Abbazabba1920


    I wish ambush give him one free net hit
  2. Abbazabba1920

    GBKeeper 1.3

    Thank you, kindly!
  3. Abbazabba1920

    GBKeeper 1.3

    Thank you, kindly!
  4. Abbazabba1920

    GBKeeper 1.3

    Good sir! Would you be so kind as to update the app with the hunters? Thank you for your support!
  5. Abbazabba1920

    Hunters PDF cards

    Thank you, steamforged!
  6. Abbazabba1920

    Hunters PDF cards

    Please update these with the new guys! ?
  7. Abbazabba1920


    Making something heavier and using the same amount of force I doubt would make it go further. It doesn't matter though, this is Guild ball! Just thought it was funny.
  8. Abbazabba1920


    I just think it's funny that he can shoot the ball further then he can shoot at people.
  9. Abbazabba1920

    Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Now that the model is released, can someone post the card? I didn't get to see it before they removed it from the butcher's card list.
  10. Abbazabba1920

    Brainpan and Memory

    Can somebody post brain pan's card, now that it is legal to do so? I never got to see it before it was removed.
  11. Abbazabba1920

    New player cards

    Does anyone know when steam forged is planning on updating the cards? I know they were on their briefly, but then appeared to have been removed. I never got to see a couple cards for ox and brainpan.
  12. Abbazabba1920

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    I'm sure it's alluding to the use of icy sponge tokens. As to what the effect will be, I do not know.
  13. Abbazabba1920

    Help against Mortician Missile!

    If she's forced to knock down on the attack, or dodge away, then she is not taking out anyone on the first turn, I would imagine. That cuts into her momentum and damage considerably. Just spend the first turn being conscious of where she is and don't let her get an easy walk up and attack.
  14. Abbazabba1920

    Help against Mortician Missile!

    High def or high hp models/tough hide models will likely be safe. Just need to keep careful tabs on placement and make sure she will have a hard time two rounding someone. Have a captain held back to farm your own momentum off of her after she comes in. It's still good to force her to use her legendary asap for a solo take out attempt before the board state has changed too much.
  15. Abbazabba1920

    Playing Out of the Scrum

    Also, remember if he does rollerball, wrecker cannot do parting blows. So you can walk away from him without fear of being knocked down.