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  1. juicysquash

    Theron Forest placement near goal post

    Thanks for the replies! Makes sense to me
  2. Just getting back into hunters and I forget the legal placements for Theron's forest. Are goal posts considered terrain peaces for purposes of placing the forest within 2' of it? Thanks
  3. juicysquash

    Paper dolls

    Has anyone made a pdf for Paper doll Farmers? For some reason I thought all the teams were on the website but it only seems to be the original ones.
  4. New proposal on mascots, this is totally just me and some locals talking about the game and not having anything else to talk about since there are no new releases. What if mascots were redesigned to be solely support pieces that buffed their teams, something along the lines of strong boxes shelling out aura. (if you look at actual mascots on sports teams they only cheer they actually don’t play the game). Each mascot gains an arura the helps their team out but once they die they are out for the game. These auras can be strong to help the teams but the aruras are small that the mascots must be up the pitch. So, the opponent has to focus on them for TO and the mascot can’t just hide in the back buffing the team So ideas for auras- Tentacles 4” aura of friendly models in it gain close control Flask 4” aura that buffs conditions. If model starts activation in aura they choose +1 dmg on AOE conditions or +1 rng on AOE Mother 4” friendly models gain another dodge on all there results. These are just some we came up with, and possibly they are way too powerful! But what are your thoughts? If a mascot were to gain an ability to support their team what would it be?
  5. Really enjoyed the cast! Like the new format, guild reviews is something that doesn't seem to be done often on GB casts. Although I did miss the battle reports, two major events happened (spring fling & momcon) that some Chicagoian was at.
  6. juicysquash

    Steamcon USA

    any word on hotel deals? I wanna book a hotel now to get space
  7. juicysquash

    Snowball - ball token?

    I don't think this works but can you gain momentum while passing the snowball around?
  8. juicysquash

    2x Cap 2x Mascot List Going Into Adepticon

    I have been struggling with the rage/brisket line up and felt the only way to go was 2x2 in the line up. Really interested in hearing your thoughts after you play them this weekend. I feel as if the core 5 are so good themselves it helps do the 2x2. I've also been messing around with a vrage, strongbox, A&G, mist, harry, gutter list that threatens a 3-0 game but is still deadly in combat. Was able to get 2 3-0 wins with weekend with that line up..
  9. So there has been some confusion in our meta on the guidelines for when a ball may be contested if it is within 1" of multiple models (friendly and enemy). In the rules on page 26-27: If the ball-marker is placed within [1”] of a model, that model may choose to take possession of the ball-marker; the ball-marker will immediately snap to that model. If each team has one or more models within [1”] of the ball-marker when it is placed, then each model may roll [1D6] and add their base-kick to attempt to gain possession. The model with the highest result gains possession. When two or more models have the highest result, re-roll for those models until one model gains possession. The ball-marker cannot snap to until after a scatter is resolved. So as I read this I am seeing that if a ball is placed it can be contested for a "snap to", my question is what defines a place of a ball. Is that anytime the ball is kicked and scattered, after an unsuccessful pass, after a goal kick, when the ball is returned to the pitch after leaving the pitch. I had always thought the placement and contesting on a snap to only happened after a goal kick and two + models were contesting it. Any help on this would be appreciated!
  10. juicysquash

    Shark to strong?

    All well said, really like this last point and is an interesting thought process on how to shift the meta to this. When season 3 first launched I felt like there was a big push to ball killing but maybe that has falling to the wayside due to players thinking scoring is the only way to play. All hail the mighty snakeskin in S3....
  11. juicysquash

    Shark to strong?

    This was very well said and there are a lot of good pointers for facing off against fish. I agree he is very one-dimensional but I think that plays into his unfun play experience..every signal game will be the same thing and you have to deal with it or you lose. There are no other ways to win or play the game because of what he does, where against other teams I believe you get options on how you want to play
  12. juicysquash

    Shark to strong?

    It may as well be a high learning curve to deal with shark, agreed the kick out is extremely important and denying him the second goal I believe is a big tipping point to weather or not he wins
  13. juicysquash

    Shark to strong?

    where is that data? Black orifice? because if that is true that gives me hope
  14. juicysquash

    Shark to strong?

    Ill check out at that thread, combat teams defiantly have a problem blocking those shooting path they are just so spread out
  15. juicysquash

    Shark to strong?

    This was brought up in our local meta this past weekend after some unpleasant games vs shark. Some say he is so predicable that the game vs him is unfun, boring and if you are not prepared to stop it you just auto lose, so my question is has shark become to over the top in S3? Have all his scary counters been taken care of that nothing can touch the hair? My initial reaction is NO and he is just another captain you need to learn to play against but after watching a few games of him, being on the receiving side of gross 12-0 loses to him and seeing the success of him at LVO, it has made me wonder his he to strong? Has the meta shifted to to much of a goal threat game and it brings down the other factions? Or have people just not adapted to that style of game play and we need to give it some time in S3 for players to adjust there play style so they will know how to shut down shark easily.