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  1. TimBo

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Rundaas playbook is missing a column.
  2. TimBo

    V Rage into Shark

    played vRage into Shark twice in tournaments and won both games (really close though). My list was pretty much the list mister Alex Botts ran at WTC. When I play Rage I mostly play Strongbox, Gutter, Benni, Minx and Mist. It is a hard game, but possible. You have to kill the ball or shut down Shark, in the first game Mist had the ball and stood right in the very corner of my deployment zone. The other game I managed to surround Shark by 4 models. I didn't bother killing him until the last turn. A controlled Shark is even better than a dead one.
  3. TimBo

    What was your first Guild and why?

    So... I first started Warhammer Fantasy with Lizardmen. Next was 40k Space Wolves. After that Trollbloods in WM/H. Guild Ball was Fish. Some point last year I realised that I seem to be heavily attracted by "blue" factions So I think the colour makes my Guild/Army/Faction.
  4. TimBo

    New Errata

    Yeah, this Errata was more a hotfix for the most broken stuff in the game. Keep calm, I sure there will be more once season 4 hits.
  5. TimBo

    Deck misunderstandings

    Humanities help you fill your deck and you can discard them when you get damage to save your important cards. The Herald can heal to put cards back into the deck.
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to add one thing really quick about our game in round two. What I think just got me into the game at all was your confidenced Mist whiffing on Sakana - he was your last activation turn 1 and he charged Sakana (I think in cover?). I Def stanced and counter attacked, you just managed to roll 2 fives after confidence and on the counter attack I Tackled the Ball off of Mist. The spiked Gutter parting blow just kept the dice back in line . At that point I was aware of the risk, but I did the math in my head and thought that if I Singled Out Benediction before Avarisses first attack I would propably be able to take him of the pitch, and what happened just seemed to unlikely to me... Turns out it was not, and after they both left the pitch you were in a pretty great spot, though I managed to squeeze out a 12:10. After the game you said to me that you felt like your first turn was not optimal, which I would agree on, I could Drag Benediction without running Corsair, which is always nice. In the end you clearly played better and deserved the win, no question about that.
  7. TimBo


    Who would not want her in guild?
  8. TimBo

    Ideal roster for a Rage/Blackheart team

    Not kidding? Would you mind telling us now - after the WTC - what your thoughts are about Blackheart in your Roster? After our game I really want to play Union.
  9. TimBo


    I saw Timmy playing Jamie. Timmy was really happy he managed to win. But two hours later he asked me how the game went couse he couldn't remember.
  10. TimBo

    Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    Christian actually gave 12 vp away. So he basically lost one game That guy is a machine.
  11. TimBo

    Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    This. The card encourages you just to take riskier shots. I think it's perfect for Shark, just go Full YOLO mode.
  12. TimBo

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    That's right, but as soon as Spigot Def Stances you don't even reliably hit the Seduced...
  13. TimBo

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Ok, that might work. I acutally never tried that. Means you have to keep Spigot more than 11" away form Siren, which is quit a distance. And Siren will most probably get a good beating.
  14. TimBo

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    But it's way harder to seduce a DEF 6 Friday than a DEF 5 Friday. Ok, so let's say you Lure Spigot away and charge her with Shark. There's a good chance that she's in cover and Defensive stances. That's 9 Dice needing 3 sixes, and after that 5 Dice needing 3 fives. If you try to gang up on the Brewer's players you're just playing into their game. They'll just score Takeouts every two activation. Esters gives the DEF Buff without using INF, she can control the Board with her AOEs and her team can still beat you to death. I keep on playing Corsair in Brewers, and I'm quit successfull with it. But hey, I'm from the weird German Meta, so maybe I'm just wrong
  15. TimBo

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Try to get the ball from friday when Esters puts +Def on her and Spigot is around. 6/1 is just scary. Most Fish got their Tackle in the second column, means you'll need three sixes to get the ball from her.