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  1. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    This. The card encourages you just to take riskier shots. I think it's perfect for Shark, just go Full YOLO mode.
  2. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    That's right, but as soon as Spigot Def Stances you don't even reliably hit the Seduced...
  3. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Ok, that might work. I acutally never tried that. Means you have to keep Spigot more than 11" away form Siren, which is quit a distance. And Siren will most probably get a good beating.
  4. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    But it's way harder to seduce a DEF 6 Friday than a DEF 5 Friday. Ok, so let's say you Lure Spigot away and charge her with Shark. There's a good chance that she's in cover and Defensive stances. That's 9 Dice needing 3 sixes, and after that 5 Dice needing 3 fives. If you try to gang up on the Brewer's players you're just playing into their game. They'll just score Takeouts every two activation. Esters gives the DEF Buff without using INF, she can control the Board with her AOEs and her team can still beat you to death. I keep on playing Corsair in Brewers, and I'm quit successfull with it. But hey, I'm from the weird German Meta, so maybe I'm just wrong
  5. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Try to get the ball from friday when Esters puts +Def on her and Spigot is around. 6/1 is just scary. Most Fish got their Tackle in the second column, means you'll need three sixes to get the ball from her.
  6. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Seems like people still don't get Esters and Pin Vice. I'd never in my life play Shark in an experienced Esters player.
  7. So, I received the email, but as soon as I go online I can only choose between Kalameet, the Darkroot expansion, the Tile Expansion and the Car Game. I still need the guardian Dragon, why am I not able to pick him? Whooops, got it
  8. Tiki-taka Fisherman's

    Siren 1 is 4/1 with charmed Male. She is 5/1 against males, which is incredible. I'd run Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Siren1, Sakana and Jac for max football. Jac is just in there as a battery and to catapult Salt upfront.
  9. Can I do the following in one turn? Averisse drops Greede Greede hit Target for SO Averisse punches target Greede uses "pick me up!"
  10. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Ok ok. I slept over it (don't even know if you say this in english). I thought about it, drank a couple of beers in grief and licked the delicious tears of the alchimists players. No, seriously. Fish are fine. The errata ist good. Shark just seems straightup worse than Corsair now and I don't even kno in which matchups I should play him. Stagger seems weak playstile wise in a Shark team an doesn't even fit thematically. I get that he had to loose some of his MOV debuff, but he should have gained something. Even SF thinks he was okay in terms of overall power, so he should not have gotten a straight nerf.
  11. I thought about this now. I think it's fine in terms of NPE, but Shark should have gained something. Now he lost it all and Stagger doesn't even fit neither thematically nor playstyle wise. There are wuit a few things tha would fit him thematically and not make him busted. Poised Armour Piercing Slippery And i would love a MOM <T on his 4th coloum. His playbook just seems so empty now.
  12. Want to win stuff?!

    No worries, so do I
  13. Want to win stuff?!

    Sorry, but will always be my favourite cast. I simply love how loose @RandomScrub and @Stubbyholders are. Plus, sometimes they bring Tim
  14. Double Dodge Episode 16 - Anti-Antivaxxer

    Awesome. I'll contact you when my body is prepared for this.
  15. Double Dodge Episode 16 - Anti-Antivaxxer

    Yeah I already talked to your HIFish positive guy, I should get over some weekend to play some games and destroy myself. Would just need a place to crash.