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  1. Immortalchaos

    New to Union

    I'm new to Union and play in a very small community with no Union players. So what are some of the better Union lineups? I've played Morticians exclusively for a year and a half since I started. I have been using S Brisket, Coin, G&B, Mist and Harry. They work well together so far. Still can't beat the local pundit but they have promise.
  2. Immortalchaos

    First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    I've been using a team of S Brisket, Coin, Mist, Grace, Benediction and Harry. I feel as though I am getting a feel for Benediction. As others have stated he does make for a good road block. I found it's better to go for the pushes instead of the KD. Then brace at the end or choose it as a result of an attack. Plus the pushes generate momentum. Grace is a little different. I find she's better at Support with a starting 0-1 inf. So she's 2-3 on her turn. However when things are set right and an opening is made, give her 2-3 to start so she's working with 4-5. Extend her sprint range, easy tackle and desent kick. Then with Mist in the mix. You extend his mov by 2/2 from grace, 2 inch dodge from being 4 inches from another Solthecian and ext move from cover. So you have up to +14 inch of move. Charge at someone close to goal for a potential 4" more of dodge and a 8 inch goal threat. Season Brisket is Seasoned Brisket. Don't really need to talk about her.
  3. Immortalchaos


    There's a lot of truth in this topic. My best was hitting a target with her that was literally engaged by the rest of the team so immediate +5 dice...,crazy +3 dice.....charge +4 dice....single out +2 dice......you see where this is going. It was something like 16 hits once results were settled. She didn't just take the person out.....they exploded. Became nothing but a red mist. It was glorious. My opponent didn't know what to think or do.
  4. I use Minx and Graves in a Morts line up. I use Silence to hit fire blast. It does a couple things. 1 it slows down everyone it hits. 2 it turns Minx into an 11" charge and Graves into a 9" charge due to the target being wounded. On top of that it forces momentum use to clear the fire condition or take more damge during maint. I never could use Tucked and Shutout very well cause I didn't know who to hit. He's also one of the better kickers at 4/7" within 4 inches of Dirge. So yeah I pretty much always use him.
  5. Immortalchaos

    Bonesaw - do you love him or hate him?

    I see some people saying they are getting turn 1 goals with Bonesaw. How are you doing it?
  6. Immortalchaos

    Bonesaw - do you love him or hate him?

    I enjoy Bonesaw. He's pretty good if you learn him. With proper setup he's a ridiculous threat on goal. Then 5 def against parting blows. 6 after his first goal. He's the best kicker the Morts have. Especially since they dumbed down Mist.
  7. Immortalchaos

    Smough and Ornstein use

    So you use the deck for both of them. Then when one is taken out you switch to a deck for the 1 left standing. The other question I had was about board setup. Do you use the encounter setup from both? Or from either? So 4 rooms or 8?
  8. How do you set up for them? You just pull 4 total encounter cards or 8? When you get to them how do you build their attack decks? 4 from each deck and 4 from their combo move deck? I'm. It clear on how to setup for them.
  9. Immortalchaos

    New Scalpel list Season III Test

    I took on a Smoke led Alchemists with V Kat, Smoke retreated to the goal quickly to get out of that. V Kat fell with a quickness. It ended like 12-4 me with 7 take outs. 5 peeps 1 mascot 1 person.
  10. Immortalchaos

    New Scalpel list Season III Test

    I ran a Scalpel list with Dirge, Silence, Graves, Minx and Cosset. It was a hell of a wrecking crew. Set people on fire with Silence giving Minx and Graves the extended charges. Bleed from Graves, Snared from Minx. Free charges from Cosset and Minx. Multiple other ways they work together.