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  1. speedfreek

    Miners guild made of resin

    PVC: Farmers, Blacksmiths, Ratcatchers, Falconeers, Navigators, Cooks. Resin: Legacy Morticians, legacy Hunters, LE Minerva, Fathom, Horizon, Angel, Siren (LE Wellington, Tenderiser, Shank, Spade, Colossus, Salvo) Metal: Discontinued, but had a last run on everything not above Resin proven to be inferior is not a statement I'd get behind...
  2. speedfreek

    Engi's 12 and 6

    You'd want Harriet in there too. Probably instead of Compound. And Salvo. Always. Pin vise, Mainspring, a Velocity, Salvo, Harriet, (Colossus)
  3. speedfreek

    KDed while charging

    RB p13 "While making a charge, if the active model doesn’t end its advance engaging the target enemy model, the charge has been unsuccessful, and the active model’s activation immediately ends." RB p12 "Knocked Down [0] A model suffering the knocked down condition: • Doesn’t block LOS. • May not engage or attack an enemy model." So Ulfr's Activation would end (as a failed Charge).
  4. speedfreek

    Idea for blacksmiths minor guild

    Turning the Master/Apprentice roles on it's head does sound interesting.
  5. speedfreek

    Request: Mercury Success Stories

    Surrounded Horizon with Katalyst, mascot and Mercury. KD from Katalyst, then left Horizon there for two fully stacked Mercury activations, burning anyone that came close. Bonustiming Mercury's attacks got me 4 dmg 2 mom a couple of times against both Windfinder and Fathom.
  6. speedfreek

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    I usually just think about it like this. If the counter has a double reposition (or single and A is not basing), I have to go with Avarisse first. If Sturdy, do something else.
  7. Hello all! As many others, I've jumped into Guild ball coming from a bunch of other games. (GW, Confrontation, PP) Being more into the conversions than into painting, I've gone all in on resin models, as being able to completely reshape a miniature with just a sharp blade and some hot water is really nice. I really like the arts for all the Butchers, but I'm not too fond the overly dynamic models for some of them. Brining out the butcher's knife, this is how I started after a couple of nights. Shank, Boar, Tenderiser, Boiler Fillet and Gutter (0% Gutter, based on parts from Fillet and Meathook) Brisket, with legs from Angel First finished Butchers line-up: Circus Alchemists:
  8. speedfreek

    Playing into Brewers

    Triggering Resilience with a Fire Ball triggered of someone within 6" of Mash.
  9. speedfreek

    Yours 12s and 6s

    Maining Blackheart, you hurt my feelings... Blackheart Coin Harry Fangtooth Decimate Mist Hemlocke tinyRage Is where I start.
  10. speedfreek

    Any release roadmap?

    Currently, new Minor Guilds* will be in pre assembled plastic. Re-released Major Guilds** will be in coloured resin. The two newest Major Guilds (Farmers and Blacksmiths) are also preassembled plastics. The most resent upgrade packs, with 6 models from different teams are in metal. Onwards, new models should release in resin. Current metal teams might get restocked, but unclear in which amounts. *Ratcatchers, Falconeers, Navigators are out, Cooks are Q1, Miners are next. **Morticians, Hunters are released, Fishermen and Butchers should be next in line. New full releases (new teams) might be plastic or resin, but probably not metal. Currently, there is no team where you can have all the models available in the same material, unless you manage to find the sold out metal boxes for a Major Guild, plus their upgrade pack. Other than that, nobody really knows, as there hasn't been much information about it.
  11. speedfreek

    Theron team in season 4

    Seenah, Chaska, vMinx is a great start to any Hunters line-up.
  12. speedfreek

    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    More done last night.
  13. speedfreek

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    Is Hot Shot now Far Strike? Already forgot the old names. And I like your 'skeletons'.
  14. speedfreek

    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Since I always forget to update here...
  15. speedfreek

    Lawyers Guild Authority?

    True... And neither do you, or I... Let's just wait for a more official reply.
  16. speedfreek

    Lawyers Guild Authority?

    Short answer is yes, every answer here is correct and checked with SFG.
  17. speedfreek

    Bolt Vs Cast

    I use her as the Decimate of Blacksmiths, with much higher top damage.
  18. speedfreek

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Exactly my reasoning, but currently, Snakeskin wins over Midas. I still love both Mascots, but agree just kicking one out might be right.
  19. speedfreek

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    So then it's back to the problem of who to drop to form a 12, when using both a Union player and both Captains?
  20. speedfreek

    Bolt Vs Cast

    Cast is a great damage dealer when coupled with Furnace/vCinder/Burnish. Also one of the best investments for "Use This!" from Hearth.
  21. speedfreek

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Agree. I'm on Snakeskin too. Mainly to be able to kick to Theron...
  22. speedfreek

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    If you are ok with letting Seenah hit first, you can then hit back with A&G. Or if you can engineer a double Infuse, plus two conditions last, followed by three Infuse and legendary going first with Smoke, but thats a lot of dice and Inf spent for about 60% chance.
  23. speedfreek

    Hack Back and Movement Modifiers

    Old answer, but probably still valid. And better. So yes, modifiers apply, like Game Plan Cards.