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  1. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Also, build these for a friend. Comic horror Farmers.
  2. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

  3. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Reinforcements are angry today...
  4. Blackheart doing Blackheart things... 8-0 after one activation in turn two. Didn’t need Harry now either, so might as well just send him to the Circus.
  5. No need for Harry’ tricks in this Circus. Gladly give him you the Alchemists, while beating Obulus without him.
  6. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Slow progress on new and old stuff.
  7. Scalpelling out the weed...

    I tried, I failed. She’s yours now... you’re welcome. Take your weed and go...
  8. Scalpel tried to push and dodge and run mayhem through the Union defending their poor Old Harry. The Union brought New Harry to defend their grounds. My Circus needs a new man with a new top hat!
  9. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    First of, a big round of applause for Germany Kant, who really dominated the whole way. They only had one individual loss, which is really impressive. I was only a stupid mistake away from managing to steal a non-important victory myself against them in the third round. Went 3-2, as did my team. Was awesome to talk about my toy soldiers and it was awesome to meet and hang out with a bunch of international players. Cheers! /Pär