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  1. AllElf

    Old Jakes Howzat 2018 April 7th

    Hey Mike & Jake, I just registered #7 for Old Jakes’s and I’m psyched for this awesome event as always hosted by the DOJO! I finish #4 at BTO last year with some really good games and solid competition and a great event! I had a hoot drinking Bourbon in the Distillery while playing GuildBall but I’m confident your event with cold Beer in the Brewery will be even better! See y’all again soon!
  2. That's my exact current 9 and thoughts on Kraken #10
  3. AllElf

    How to handle Ballista?

    I think it's most important for Shark to Legendary the primary scoring threats (Velocity, Hoist, A&G) and Colossus since you really don't want old spider legs easy knock down and easy tackle and he is really the only 2" for Engineers. The Net does not really mitigate all the ranged character plays. Personally, I prefer Tentacles to Salt and Tentacles with Close Control especially protected by v-Siren gaze is very difficult to get the ball from until you pass to one of Sharks 3 strikers - I prefer Greysclaes & Sakana to Angel & oSiren. Hope this Helps & Good Luck!
  4. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    #BanSammons we all know that you have NO friends
  5. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Dan, we all know that you have no friends at all that would go to a Cubbies game with you even if you paid them
  6. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Weak decision by SteamForged to host yet another Con in Chicago and even later in the year then originally planned in November now it's December in the Windy City - meh! No fun rollerblading along LakeShore, Lincoln Park, Navy Pier or even a Cubbies game in Wrigleyville for bonus fun. See y'all at NOVA instead!
  7. I am traveling to San Diego during Salute but would like to try and logon time permitting to pickup Young Theron. What date and time GMT will Young Theron go on sale in the web store?
  8. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Thank you Sir, I appreciate your open mind and all the rest of those in this thread that supported my Nashville recommendation that I tried to fairly present with relevant information rather than drama.
  9. AllElf

    Salute Locker room

    What date and time GMT will Young Theron go on sale?
  10. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Looks like I called your bluff
  11. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Well that's a very easy bet for you to make since your betting on EVERY other city EXCEPT Nashville. That's like playing roulette and you're the House and I'm betting ONLY on #36 for a mere 1-1 odds...hmmm not such a good bet for me. Per link below coincidentally Nashville is the 36th largest metropolitan city in the USA. So yes I will take your $10 with a fair 36-1 odds is still a solid bet for you since I am not even including smaller cities then Nashville in that calculation. Well big boy post your confirmation and I will see you at SteamCon USA Nashville to collect my $360! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Metropolitan_Statistical_Areas
  12. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Nashville is a hub for business conventions and hosts many more then St. Louis in and is not too far behind Chicago even though it is a much smaller city. Nashville is an awesome destination city for anyone who wants to tag along the Con! If you read my post you will see all the logic behind why it is the ideal city and is actually easier to access and more central then those cities. For some odd reason Gaming Cons specifically have simply followed the herd when scheduling events only around Chicago / St. Louis / Indy. I am confident that Steamforged management are leaders willing to forge ahead with the best option for SteamCon USA = Nashville!
  13. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    Thanks buddy and agreed. I've already committed for the long haul north and put NOVA Open on my calendar the end of August! Then I'm looking forward to SteamCon ?? in Nashville ?
  14. AllElf

    Steamcon USA

    I live a lot further south but Nashville is really the ideal city and location for SteamCon USA 2017! Nashville is easy Interstate highway access from all 4 directions and is very close to Pike County in the extreme southwest corner of Indiana that is the Median population center of the USA. Nashville has multiple hotel zones and is an easy convenient drive from the South, Southeast, MidAtlantic, MidWest, Great Lakes - the only far away drive is New England and of course the isolated West Coast. Indianapolis already has GenCon, Chicago already has Adeptcicon, Washington DC already has NOVAcon, and St. Louis has Warmachine Weekend now hosting GuildBall events. Weather in Nashville in November is also better then all those listed cities making it better from driving and flying. The folks in the Great Lakes already have lots of local Cons so how about please meeting us Southerners just halfway so we don't always have to make the 8-10 hour drive north. I drove a long way to go to the BTO2 and I think that is great evidence of what great attendance and event we can have when we all share equally in the commute. Let's move SteamCon just a little further south to Nashville that is one of the very coolest cities in the America - Nashville has a great vibe! Cheers and see you at SteamCon USA 2017, Nashville!
  15. Which is why I had asked in my post above for an official ruling from the Lawyers Guild about this subject regarding targeting with 0" please. It would be great to have that ruling confirmed today 03/10 since I will be in a large tournament with 40 players tomorrow 03/11 at the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Thanks.