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  1. Nay, more important Salt! Ever seen an Otter with a ball?
  2. Greed

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Damn! I really love that conversion. She's one of my main qualms i have with alchemists... I could not dream of emulating something like that. The thing i can do with gs is pretty much limited to stonefloor, woordplanks and.... Blobs...
  3. The freehand on Bonesaw are really nice! Now he needs some purity seals
  4. All Union is on my bench, meaning i don't bring any, because i don't find any union player brings something i really really need. I'm quite content with the fish players that are there (thought i am quite curious as to Hag) and play them pure.
  5. Nay neither. I don't want to mingle the pure fishes with the Union scum, lest their ways get tainted by them.
  6. Greed

    Greed's painty-painty

    More new shiny. WIP
  7. Greed

    Greed's painty-painty

    Team Effort! Here's a picture of most of the Gang. Sakana, Greyscales and Jac are WIPs, Corsair is even far less done, as is Salt, so not showing. Jac more views coming soon
  8. Greed

    Hunters in the woods

    Willing to go nuts? Do them yourself! http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/101-punches
  9. Greed

    Advice on a Corsair line up?

    Well i like pure and don't See any need for gutter (plus i hate that model) . My Line Up with him is Corsair, tentacles, Kraken, Greyscales, Sakana and Jac. Just Mob and Drag everything into One Ball of death and See the opponent Fall apart.
  10. Greed

    Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    Well i think it's mostly a case of shiny New toy envy. Not the need for fishies to change.
  11. Well, Most of our Players have plenty of dodges, so First i'd try and See if i can disengage. If i can't i will have a look to See if i got a momentum to spare. If i do, Bonustime to make up for the Missing die. If i can't find a Solution and need that goal fast i'll Take the shot, even with 2 dice. Done and won with that and will do again if necessary.
  12. Honest answer: Pretty much anyone but Gutter. I deeply dislike the model. And frequently i'll just be done w/o any union. Pure fishes are pure.
  13. Greed

    Existing guilds metal models

    You'd be perfectly right. If there'd be no Players who're glad to get rid of Heavy, chunky, permanently breaking metal Miniaturen. Which there are.
  14. Greed

    Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    Yes i've Seen Back. Same Old, Same Old. The Missing inf with Tactical or permanent that everyone Else got might Well Push her hard onto the bench for me
  15. Greed

    Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    And she's still at inf 2/4...