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  1. Crit Damage Miniature Games: Season 3 match reports!

    New match report! Super long grindy match Brewers vs Engineers
  2. Crit Damage Miniature Games: Season 3 match reports!

    New match report Alchemists vs Hunters!!
  3. Give away video done and dusted congrats and thanks to all involved it was super fun! Hope to do another soon!!
  4. Crit Damage Miniature Games: Season 3 match reports!

    Newest match report is up! Butchers(Fillet) vs Alchemists(Smoke)
  5. Hey guys! We have done up a quick little video about our thoughts of the new season! We wanted to have a little fun with it also so we are also doing a little give away and to enter you have to answer 2 questions in the comments to get people talking and discussing the new season! 1: What is the best change in guild ball season 3, be it player, rule or other!(Ltd Ed RAGE) 2: Best, Epic or crazy goal you have scored in the new season! (Ltd Ed Flint) Get your answers in the comments and start talking about the awesome new season!
  6. Crit Damage Miniature Games: Season 3 match reports!

    Christmas upload!!!More season 3 guild ball reports this time its Mike and the Butchers Guild vs Steve and his engineers!!!First match with the cutters and while a few mistakes were made they were plenty of fun!!Fillet is going be in the next report upcoming!!!Make sure you guys like, share and subscribe for more match reports!!!!-Mike
  7. Crit Damage Miniature Games: Season 3 match reports!

    Match 2! More football focused and we test out the new engineers vs the fishies Please note I suck at fish but it was a fun game!
  8. First match report of Season 3: Hunters vs Brewers! Jaz and I were super excited for the changes in Season 3 and we shot a super quick match report ;) Not a serious game but we give a full review at the end and plenty of the new rules come into play also!! Excuse the rule mistakes I am sure plenty exist :D If you like the content make sure you subscribe and follow we are going to bring plenty more reports in the near future. -Mike
  9. New match report after being away! Slippery Smoke vs The man legend Hammer
  10. New report is up we teach one of the new lads the Morticians team and poor Steve is on the receiving end of it all
  11. Dealing with Alchemists esp Smoke

    The match report for the above bat rep is up. You can see how brutal a smoke team can be..... Also always remember when you pinned someone language warning We have a fairly in depth talk at the end of the report FYI if it helps
  12. Some new hunter love is up! Theron vs Smoke a really interesting and fluid match with some big swings.... and errors
  13. Another Guild Ball: Gases and Ghost match report hot off the press :P Today Steve and Michael have a match in the Engineer vs Butcher show down.
  14. Dealing with Alchemists esp Smoke

    I just finished a bat rep yesterday and my first game vs smoke and I have to say it was an interesting experience to say they least. A few things I did note about the game( I lost 8 - 12 btw but tossed the game away in parts). My team: Capt, Fahad, Hearne, Chaska, Jaecar, Seenah vs Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Vitriol, Kataylst 1: While he was gaining a bit of Mom from range it was never a great amount. Mom inspire only effects two guys at range so you need to keep closing the gap and just soak the damage on the way in. A more HP tanky line up will help here but once you are in combat if you can shut out Vit and Kata you will be generating a tonne more MoM then they will and this you use to keep healing players. 2: The only time I clear conditions in this match up was to get the extra range and get rid of the -2/-2 Mov from fire. Healing will do a tonne more help then clearing in most cases in this match up. Chem breeze is just to good at spreading clouds and as fast as you clear you will get the conditions put back on. Use your Mom to heal, yes the whole game it will feel like you are just keeping your head above water but it will be doable. 3: Get into combat and pile on the Mom results smartly. I say this but the team once you catch them will normally die fairly easy and you need to spread the snare and damage in a smart way. I had Farhad charge twice in the match and he wrapped 3 times on one and 2 times on the other. It was over kill getting 8 damage, 3' dodge and 3 Mom off one hit but that gave me enough to heal him and heal another player. So look to use every influence you can to generate the mom needed to be healing consistently. 4: Use theron to control the damage dealers. A pinned shot into a LoS blocking forest is great to let your other high DPS low life team members keep safe. On another note Pinned is also great to stop those pesky AoE dealers from running away and bombing you every turn. Hit Mercury or Calculus with a Pinned and then with the snare Seenah will one round them( or Fahad will get a good amount of damage off) Just a few things I saw in the game and I hope it helps. As I said I was pushing a lot of MoM generation and player take outs and could have won the game if it wasnt for a few mistakes on my half and frustration. I tossed Jaecar into the middle after missing a pass for the dodge(I was pissed off ) and at one point I had pinned Katalyst and tossed out a forest which Hearne ported into to attack him, I ended up pushing Kata away one the last swing to try keep Seenah safe. It was not needed as he couldnt charge her with pinned and she had wasted Inf on her that could have been a dead Kata and more Mom to heal. Last off like all Alchemist games its going to frustrate the living crap out of you but keep a cool head and just keep on healing and you will pull through.