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  1. jahatch28

    Rookie Ikaros

    Anyone have any updates on this? Is there a reason why Ikaros and Scourge (and I guess baby Seenah) in Rookie form are so hard to find when all the other Rookies are available in PDF?... I have found a few batch photos but trying to find an actual PDF of these last few Rookies for our local Rookie League that just started up yesterday... Any help? - Josh
  2. jahatch28

    New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Anyone know of a place to see the Ikaros and Scourge Rookie cards? Baby Seenah?... With Season 4 going strong in our area, and after the Black Friday Rookie Lot Sale, we have a lot of players looking to do a 5-6 week rookie league but having trouble finding useable/printable versions for those 3 Rookies... Thanks... - Josh
  3. jahatch28

    Let's start taking tactics

    The thing with Blacksmiths IMHO is that they tend to get in their own way... lots of large bases, some pretty slow models (although they did get some speed buffs in S4)... so the one thing Falconers have over them is mobility... Also, we want to be pretty spread out... and they want to clump up to get bonuses from Sentinel and all their Master/Apprentice relationships (although a lot of those are 6" now.. so it's not nearly that limiting)... I think the only reason I had a decent game into them was I kept pulling him in two directions... I had models on both flanks, and he had to decide which side to dedicate the 'middle' models too... I saw the same thing actually in my game vs Farmers on Monday... he wanted to scrum in the middle, and I got models behind his lines to set up for Snap Shots and kept my ranged attack models on the opposite flank, so he kept dividing his forces, reducing the gang ups and letting me slip away a few times. The problem with that was Minerva kind of got caught in the middle (not being quick) and when she gets taken out, losing Eye Spy, a Harrier, Nocturnal Hunting, and her damage buff from Easy Pickings is rough... Frelsi is kind of in the same boat.. you want the bird to risk getting hit to get Loved Creature, you certainly want the Assist for Devana, but they know that, so they are looking to just remove the bird if the chance shows up. Ikaros is one I'm having trouble with, as he wants the Harrier support (+1 Tac and Cover plus +2/+2 move) but he doesn't want to buying his own Harrier (it's non-momentous or just too expensive to pay for outright) and then he only has 1 chance to tackle the ball if he wants to walk away and shoot, and obviously it's easy for an enemy to re-tackle it or KD him when he's giving up a parting blow... So then if he's near Minerva, Maatagi, or Rundaas, he can maybe use their Harrier, but then he's likely too close to the enemy beaters for comfort! lol... Finesse team for sure! But looking forward to trying unlock this puzzle.
  4. jahatch28

    To Kick or To Receive...That is the Question

    So, I don't have a lot of games under my belt with Falconers, but my first 2 games I received, and it was too difficult to manipulate the ball and get my set up (Harriers, etc) out.. part of that was probably mis-allocation of influence and inexperience... but I felt like I didn't have a safe model to keep the ball on. the one advantage was enough momentum for Last Light but then the opponents only really had put their kicking model forward so it wasn't like most of the team could get involved. In one game, that kicking model was Bonesaw, so with his Stamina and ability to move over players, he could literally end up anywhere so pre-planning for Harrier locations was rough... And I didn't really want the ball on Devana as I knew she was trying to go last and use the Harriers but then the ball was kind of dead on her... I guess using Air Mail to really just throw off my opponents attempt to get to the ball was an option, but I didn't have anybody that spread out that wanted the ball to set up for a turn 2 goal run at the time. In another game, Ikaros kicked down the flank, and the opponent missed the pass back to their lines, so he was easily able to Take Flight, Sprint, get the ball and score.. and then he was just chewed up by the entire opponents team... so they won momentum and got 2 of the 4 VP back PLUS got the ball back... Maybe kicking with a sturdier model (Vet Hearne with 2" reach, low KD counter-attack, option to Skewer and Teleport away potentially) would be good, but Hearne suffers from the low influence... he can't buy Skewer, teleport, attack to tackle the ball, and shoot.. If you could get 2 momentum to Last Light himself then yes.. but in Turn 1, that's hard to achieve if he kicks... I suppose living the dream is he charges, gets a wrap, is able to Tackle, Skewer someone else, Teleport, and then shoot... but that's super unlikely. The other thought was throwing Frelsi forward but in turn 1, Loved Creature probably won't matter much, the Tackle in non-momentous, although TAC 4 does increase the odds of wrapping, it's still not likely vs a 4/1... Next time I'm kicking, I'm thinking it should be with a model that can drop a Harrier... as much as I fear for Mataagi being too squishy, I feel like with the 6" Far Strike to potentially trigger a Harrier, Snap Fire to potentially put out Bleed, and 9" sprint with 8" kick (even if it's only 2 dice) he does threaten the most area if they give the ball to someone he can victimize or rarely, he could Far Strike a tackle and bring the ball back to his size of the pitch if that was the right play... The only thing is with some opponents, you have to really watch their threat distances as there are so many captains (and even non-captains) that can probably delete Mataagi with some set up like Tooled Up or Commanding Aura or an early KD... So then I think I want Egret kicking, looking to hit Flurry and/or Snap Fire so she can dodge around, the Back to the Shadows out of threat range... but she's not generating any momentum with any of those attacks... her 1 damage, poison, tackle on column 3 is great.. but non-momentous.. and 1" melee is rough (as is Tac 4) .. and she doesn't set up Devana at all... so there is no Harrier threat.. just some poison... and even with Back to the Shadows and Run the Length she may still be in danger after any goal run she makes. hmm... yeah... it's a tough call. lol.. In theory I like the idea of receiving, using the passes to move models 4" forward, being able to drop the Harriers or threaten the enemy sooner... but it's very limited if you have to buy all but one of your harriers for 2 influence, you are spending momentum on a character play instead of dodging 2 models forward, and if they can reposition that kicking model so Devana can't delete them, then it probably wasn't worth it.
  5. jahatch28

    Let's start taking tactics

    I had a decent outing with Devana, Frelsi, Minerva, Ikaros, Egret, and Vet Hearne into Blacksmiths - Capt Farris, Cinder (not vet), Anvil, Sledge, Ferrite, and Iron... I was able to trap Ferrite & Anvil in a Harrier and between Eye Spy, 2 gang ups including Frelsi with Assist, KD, Snared, and Harriers on Anvil, Devana was able to chew through his HP surprisingly quickly (after her Legendary and some condition damage from Poison from Egret)... I was really enjoying the mobility of Egret when firing at Def 2 and Def 3 models... Ikaros really didn't do much, but the threat of him scoring was there.. I deployed with Devana too far away from him to pass to him at the end of Turn 1 (not Air Mail, actual pass) that would have let him make a goal run over a Harrier... but alas... Then things went south as Hearne missed a 3 shot goal... and the following turn Devana also missed a 3 shot goal after charging into Ferrite for Momentum, hitting the KD on the charge to avoid any Tackles, and then just also couldn't roll a 4+ on 3 dice.. lol.... So, sadly, I did lose 12-4... but missing 2 goals does always mess with your win chances when your opponent doesn't! lol... In fact, the hardest part of this game was that Devana kept ending up with the ball due to weird scatters... so I was torn between using her for offense and try to reposition the ball or make a goal run with her... so gotta work on that... but I did enjoy the mobility of Vet Hearne and Egret as hitting those low Def Blacksmiths was fun... even if it made base TAC attacks somewhat rough... (Frelsi with only TAC 4 isn't very likely to even get Snared when the enemy has 2 armor)...
  6. jahatch28

    Falconers Guild changes for S4

    There is also the 'don't put any influence on her and then have Vet Hearne use Last Light on her for a surprise Flurry from 8" away, 2" dodge, regular move, and Back to the Shadows" ... I also keep forgetting Flurry is 8" but Snap Fire is only 6"... lol... so Snap Fire first, dodge away, then Flurry, the dodge further away... lol... the 3/8" kick is really good too but Tac 4 models are tough to use when not charging...
  7. jahatch28

    Let's start taking tactics

    So my local meta is finally booting up pretty quickly.. we had an 8 man tournament a few weeks ago, got to go to a team tournament last weekend, and then are starting a league with atleast 10 folks this weekend... I'm typically a Brewers, Butchers, or Blacksmith player, but for the League, picked up and started painting Falconers... I'm too very curious about the 'not just load up Devana and make her do all the work' ideas.. but I'm looking at it more as something you can switch between during the game... so Turn 1, depending on who is kicking off and which team you are playing into... you may threaten the death by a thousand Harriers and then in turn 2 when they expect you to bring the pain, change it up and try to get 2 goals, so you can finish the game at the top of turn 3 with a take out.. or something... But I'm also wondering if I just shouldn't focus on Devana's set up until I figure that out and save the changing it up and feint maneuvers till I'm more comforable with just using the Falconers! lol... I had a close game yesterday vs Ratcatchers... Hearne missed the game winning goal and then my opponent was able to eventually get this final goal to win 12-8... I think I let my team get too spread out and between Ikaros failing some crucial dice rolls, Hearne missing the goal, and Egret only getting 1 attack that rolled a 3+... probably should have felt like I was more in control. That said, I feel like Ratcatchers are tough as their is so much movement and ball pressure with them (due to Piper and Bonesaw) that maybe vs them I should just go all scrum and Devana until I've got 8 VP and try to kill the ball instead of letting them play football... (also wasn't planning on going into Rats, so really hadn't thought out that plan very well). Looking forward to more feedback and games. - Josh
  8. jahatch28

    Let's start taking tactics

    Just to check... you mean over 2 activations? because Frelsi can't shoot after an Air Mail character play, right?
  9. jahatch28

    Falconers Guild changes for S4

    That 2" dodge with every damage sounds great.. if she can hit multiple snap fires... but it being non momentous and only 1 dice is tough... I want to see her dodging all over to then make a goal run but it hasn't happened yet..I also rolled five 2's with her today vs def 3 models and limited access to snared on other squadrons is rough for her set up.
  10. So, few things... 1) officially, I totally agree with what others have said.... however, 2) I have no issue with people checking with their TO and their opponent prior to drafting that model and if you have the 'original' version and an alt version, and their bases are the same size and you have the right card, I'm not going to have a problem with that model being used. and finally, 3) going back bit on what I just said, i think it does depend a bit on how the veteran model is portrayed... for example, Veteran Chisel has 2" reach, 2 armor, and plays a lot differently than o. Chisel... while if there was a rookie Sakana model, for example, there isn't as much of a difference between the appearance of O. Sakana and Veteran Sakana... so I'd be hard pressed to say you can't use a theoretical rookie Sakana as either version (If that makes sense as a theoretical example)... Fangtooth is another upcoming example.. there are a few alt sculpts for Fangtooth, and now we are expecting a heavily armored version with a giant club (assuming on a 40mm base and not a 50mm base) for the Veteran Version... so using wrestler and gold chain rookie Fangtooth as Solthecian Veteran Fangtooth is a bit more of a stretch... but honestly, so many models (cough, Vet Brisket, cough, Miasma, cough) have rules and stats that aren't quite represented on the model (talking about 2" reach here) that I like to think most people would rather see painted alt sculpts across the table from them than unpainted model recently purchased just to make the list "legal" vs fun to play against... And finally (as clearly the last two times I said finally, I wasn't serious) I also would say that all of what I just said assumes you are not "playing for advantage" ie trying to use an alt sculpt to confuse your opponent... for example, let's say I forget Rookie Fangtooth is actually Vet Fangtooth and use Unpredictable Movement when I shouldn't have (thinking 1" vs 2" melee)... If I'm that Fangtooth player, I'm going to let you take back that declaration because it was my "alt version" that confused you... while if I am bringing alt Fangtooth with the intention of you forgetting about his reach and armor then I should just leave the alt sculpt at home and play the real model because trying to cheat by confusion is cheating in my book.... and yes, i realize the best way to avoid this is by not letting people flex what is meant 'alt sculpt' but at the same time, it is a game, and if you really prefer one sculpt, I'd rather you play the model you like even if it adds a layer of complexity to the game. Okay.. clearly I have waxed philosophically too much about this.. lol.. my apologizes.
  11. jahatch28

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    Bit of a deviation, as per the "Puzzle" it is declared that Greyscales is charging into Colussus... but does anyone see any other ways to 'salvage' the game for the Fish?... at first I was thinking if you can get Shark away from Ballista and heal himself up (assume some momentum or a successful swing on Ballista), that the terrain might save him (Ballista can't charge and maybe Shark can get to the fast ground)... Now, if Hoist isn't already Tooled Up by Ratchet, then he shouldn't be able to kill Greyscales with Sucker Punch x 2... And Colossus isn't guaranteed to kill Greyscales on the Charge either... so not sure what Engineer's next activation should be... I guess Ballista could walk over and try to Dead Bolt Greyscales or Sakana to try to take them out of the equation and but then he's giving the fish another chance to do something... Which then means Siren 'might' be close enough to jog up and Seduce Colossus to get the ball away from him or at least Lure him away from Greyscales... so that changes things up a bit, no?... So is the Charge with Greyscales the right move if you are Fish? Or if you thought the chances of getting in and out of melee with Colossus was too risky, what else might you try? Or really, do you just have to do the Greyscales Charge and hope for some okay dice because you see nothing else or you are down on clock or can't save Shark...
  12. jahatch28

    Taking Flight

    So, first off, I'm pretty sure you both make a jog (which could be 0") and gain Flying right away... so you can't delay or reconfigure the way that happens... and then no, as written, gaining Flying would make him ignore ground which would include his harrier AOE is treated as fast-ground by him rule... so yeah.. he really needs to Jog or Sprint as part of his normal Advance over fast-ground or a harrier AOE to gain +2"/+2" and then he'd be able to use his Taking Flight Character Play but wouldn't benefit from any fast-ground as written while Flying at all. Means Updraft is kind of a confusing name... as it sounds like it should kick in when he's flying.. but I guess it just buffets him before he's fully flying =p... or that's how I read it.. and yeah.. I totally would have thought he could get the fast ground bonus while Flying and I'd be wrong I think.
  13. jahatch28

    Negative kick distance

    So... you always get at a minimum 1 dice (for any kick, attack, or character play) no matter the negatives... and then you could always bonus time that 1 dice up to 2 dice using Bonus Time... but the distance is a good question... if your kick is zero... does that mean you can't kick?... or that you have to be touching the target (base to base) to make the kick? I kind like that latter interpretation but have no basis for that...
  14. Looking to buy the metal Shayle model for Godtear that was available either via early access add-on direct from SFG or in a small # of VIP bags from Adepticon 2018... Ideally, looking for seller in the USA but willing to consider overseas shipping and cost as well... I already have the Landslide / Golem model, but if someone has the pair of Shayle & Golem and doesn't want to break them up, I would also be willing to discuss buying them together. Thankx! - Josh