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  1. So, few things... 1) officially, I totally agree with what others have said.... however, 2) I have no issue with people checking with their TO and their opponent prior to drafting that model and if you have the 'original' version and an alt version, and their bases are the same size and you have the right card, I'm not going to have a problem with that model being used. and finally, 3) going back bit on what I just said, i think it does depend a bit on how the veteran model is portrayed... for example, Veteran Chisel has 2" reach, 2 armor, and plays a lot differently than o. Chisel... while if there was a rookie Sakana model, for example, there isn't as much of a difference between the appearance of O. Sakana and Veteran Sakana... so I'd be hard pressed to say you can't use a theoretical rookie Sakana as either version (If that makes sense as a theoretical example)... Fangtooth is another upcoming example.. there are a few alt sculpts for Fangtooth, and now we are expecting a heavily armored version with a giant club (assuming on a 40mm base and not a 50mm base) for the Veteran Version... so using wrestler and gold chain rookie Fangtooth as Solthecian Veteran Fangtooth is a bit more of a stretch... but honestly, so many models (cough, Vet Brisket, cough, Miasma, cough) have rules and stats that aren't quite represented on the model (talking about 2" reach here) that I like to think most people would rather see painted alt sculpts across the table from them than unpainted model recently purchased just to make the list "legal" vs fun to play against... And finally (as clearly the last two times I said finally, I wasn't serious) I also would say that all of what I just said assumes you are not "playing for advantage" ie trying to use an alt sculpt to confuse your opponent... for example, let's say I forget Rookie Fangtooth is actually Vet Fangtooth and use Unpredictable Movement when I shouldn't have (thinking 1" vs 2" melee)... If I'm that Fangtooth player, I'm going to let you take back that declaration because it was my "alt version" that confused you... while if I am bringing alt Fangtooth with the intention of you forgetting about his reach and armor then I should just leave the alt sculpt at home and play the real model because trying to cheat by confusion is cheating in my book.... and yes, i realize the best way to avoid this is by not letting people flex what is meant 'alt sculpt' but at the same time, it is a game, and if you really prefer one sculpt, I'd rather you play the model you like even if it adds a layer of complexity to the game. Okay.. clearly I have waxed philosophically too much about this.. lol.. my apologizes.
  2. jahatch28

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    Bit of a deviation, as per the "Puzzle" it is declared that Greyscales is charging into Colussus... but does anyone see any other ways to 'salvage' the game for the Fish?... at first I was thinking if you can get Shark away from Ballista and heal himself up (assume some momentum or a successful swing on Ballista), that the terrain might save him (Ballista can't charge and maybe Shark can get to the fast ground)... Now, if Hoist isn't already Tooled Up by Ratchet, then he shouldn't be able to kill Greyscales with Sucker Punch x 2... And Colossus isn't guaranteed to kill Greyscales on the Charge either... so not sure what Engineer's next activation should be... I guess Ballista could walk over and try to Dead Bolt Greyscales or Sakana to try to take them out of the equation and but then he's giving the fish another chance to do something... Which then means Siren 'might' be close enough to jog up and Seduce Colossus to get the ball away from him or at least Lure him away from Greyscales... so that changes things up a bit, no?... So is the Charge with Greyscales the right move if you are Fish? Or if you thought the chances of getting in and out of melee with Colossus was too risky, what else might you try? Or really, do you just have to do the Greyscales Charge and hope for some okay dice because you see nothing else or you are down on clock or can't save Shark...
  3. jahatch28

    Taking Flight

    So, first off, I'm pretty sure you both make a jog (which could be 0") and gain Flying right away... so you can't delay or reconfigure the way that happens... and then no, as written, gaining Flying would make him ignore ground which would include his harrier AOE is treated as fast-ground by him rule... so yeah.. he really needs to Jog or Sprint as part of his normal Advance over fast-ground or a harrier AOE to gain +2"/+2" and then he'd be able to use his Taking Flight Character Play but wouldn't benefit from any fast-ground as written while Flying at all. Means Updraft is kind of a confusing name... as it sounds like it should kick in when he's flying.. but I guess it just buffets him before he's fully flying =p... or that's how I read it.. and yeah.. I totally would have thought he could get the fast ground bonus while Flying and I'd be wrong I think.
  4. jahatch28

    Negative kick distance

    So... you always get at a minimum 1 dice (for any kick, attack, or character play) no matter the negatives... and then you could always bonus time that 1 dice up to 2 dice using Bonus Time... but the distance is a good question... if your kick is zero... does that mean you can't kick?... or that you have to be touching the target (base to base) to make the kick? I kind like that latter interpretation but have no basis for that...
  5. Looking to buy the metal Shayle model for Godtear that was available either via early access add-on direct from SFG or in a small # of VIP bags from Adepticon 2018... Ideally, looking for seller in the USA but willing to consider overseas shipping and cost as well... I already have the Landslide / Golem model, but if someone has the pair of Shayle & Golem and doesn't want to break them up, I would also be willing to discuss buying them together. Thankx! - Josh
  6. So, the rule of least disturbance still seems to conceptually confuse me when "backing up along the path" is a longer distance than nudging a model or marker (besides the ball marker) forward along the path a few millimeters or sideways a fraction of an inch to place it on the pitch... ** EDIT - I checked the existing clarifications and it clearly states to back the model up in the terrain situation for models ... so I think this is already errata'd and good! Thankx! ** In the example above, let's say Spigot's back base edge (closest to Locus) was 2/3 of the way across the marker when he left Locus' melee... so his base is already mostly past the marker in question... You are saying that instead of having Spigot fall "forward" away from Locus 10 mm, he should be placed almost 50 mm closer to Locus along the path he used to leave melee (assuming their is room for his base). Page 15 of Rulebook states "must place the marker (or model) as close to the correct location possible"... while page 48 under terrain specifically mentions using the rule of least disturbance to place the ball along the ball path when it makes contact with an obstruction or barrier during a scatter... so it seems there is slightly different language with an additional bit added to the ball marker vs just the generic 'least disturbance'. So should we consider 'the model path' to be more important than actual distance when determining least disturbance? (hope I'm making sense in my examples!) Thanks!
  7. Follow up... if Velocity makes a successful pass to someone more than 6" from the back edge (she kicks the ball in the direction of opponent's goal)... does that pass generate momentum because the ball is moved forward and no longer within 6" of the back edge... or is Velocity the model generating momentum, and she was within 6" of the back edge with the ball marker, so that nullifies her momentum generation? The way I read it is that she would NOT generate any momentum for that pass. Thanks! Apparently I was wrong! Good to know!
  8. So, with Skulk and his Character Trait Goal Rats... if a ball lands in base to base contact with the goal marker while within 6" of Skulk but ALSO within 1" of an enemy model that is not Knocked Down... Who gets the ball? (assuming both players want it?)... Does Character Trait trigger first? Does being within 1" of a placed ball trigger? Or do Skulk's Goal Rats fight for the ball against the enemy player that is within 1" of the placed ball?... (frankly, that's my favorite option)...
  9. Fillet confidently took to the pitch with Veteran Ox, Shank, Boar, Meathook, and Princess following behind her. Standing opposite her was a team she new little about... Some old man named Thresher, a handsome, young Tater, an odd Jack Straw, a fresh-faced Bushel, and a stubborn Harrow... with a flock of chickens and a rooster named Peck... Things started well... Fillet kicked off to the Farmer's left, near Peck and Tater. The rooster grabbed the ball and pushed it towards Jack Straw, missing, but it scattered to Thresher. Fillet than launched herself (with the aid of 2" bonus range on her AOE due to a plot card) into Tater, caused her bleed condition to affect the Rooster & Jack Straw as well, and then through her Legendary to damage them all. Harrow tooled up Jack Straw, and then Shank, now having a damaged target in Peck, launched across the field and turned the chickens and rooster into fertilizer... Thresher & Jack Straw & Tater were able to do some damage to Fillet, but they hadn't count on her assault and were unprepared for it... The ball was slowly passed down the lines to Bushel on the far right flank of the Farmers while the rest of the Butchers moved forward as far as they could in anticipation of some blood letting in the following turn. Turn 2 started with Veteran Ox seeing that he could charge into Harrow, and with any luck, grab Jack Straw, Thresher, and Tater and pull them all into him... freeing up Fillet and Boar and Shank to come into the Farmer freely picking on the easiest target... He ran with drool flying out of his mouth at poor Harrow... when out of nowhere, Tater comes barreling in on a counter-charge that Ox didn't even see... and knocks the poor old veteran down before any blood is dealt... shutting down the Butchers counter-moves for that turn and leaving Fillet in a bad place... Seeing a goal run, Bushel monopolizes on that and passes and moves and gets the ball back, turning the corner behind Meathook to score (dice results were 1, 1, 1, and 6 on a bonus timed shot BTW.. lol).. The ball comes out on the Butchers right flank near Shank and Princess. The Farmers probably should have focused on Fillet and not the ball at the time... by leaving Fillet alive, Boar is able to come charging into Thresher and with Berserk and Furious and 1 influence is able to bring the Farmer's Captain down to single digits and generate enough momentum to stand up Fillet and Ox.. strengthening the Butcher's lines... Despite the recent damage, Thresher is able to rally and throw up his Legendary and with all the gang ups on poor Vet Ox, he is able to take him out, heal himself, and put some swings into Boar... Fillet tries to scrape back from the edge of defeat, bouncing between Thresher, Jack Straw, and Tater.. but she isn't able to do enough damage to take any one of them out without leaving herself too open for counter-attacks... Tater then comes over to take Fillet out... putting the Farmers up 8 to 1 at this point... Shank can't decide if he needs to score or put the hurt into the Farmers... he decides to try to do both.. goes for the goal, and gets it! Putting Butchers up to 5... And then at the start of the next turn, takes out Peck (again) to bring the game to 8-6 in favor of the Farmers... Bushel is also in trouble.. and after Meathook and Fillet lay into her, she gets take out... but just as quickly, Thresher finishes of Boar.. putting the Farmers up 10-8... In what should have been the final turn, the Farmers fail to kill Shank.. leaving him on just 3 health... but with no way to get the ball and score, he must be covered in the feathers of Peck as he is just a sitting duck for those 2 VPs... Fillet tries... tries.. tries to grab the 4 VPs she needs to win... she charges from WAY across the pitch into Jack Straw... chewing through him and his reanimate with brutality and taking him out and then bouncing into Harrow... but she isn't able to put enough into him to take him out (his healing aura saved the day)... and with that, Thresher steps into Shank and knocks the sociopath out of the game. All in all this was as brutal a game as I have played... Farmers have a TON of health and were able to weather a storm and come out on top... I totally messed up with Veteran Ox by allowing Tater to get that counter charge in which just set the whole team back and eventually lead to Ox, Boar, and Fillet being taken out.. .while if i had seen that and positioned differently, I think I could have generated the momentum I needed and pulled his team out of position ... But not seeing a counter-charge is always going to backfire on you!!!
  10. jahatch28

    Brewers vs. Masons only?

    Looks like literally it is any game you post (win or lose, I believe) and doesn't have to be a Brewers team... just on the side of the Brewers as it were.... So your avatar icon and which forum thread is more important that actual team used or outcome from what I can tell...
  11. Lol.. I was just teasing... and thanks for the link.. I wish I'd taken more photos of my games today!!!!
  12. So can we just play Brewers vs Brewers and guarantee wins for Brewers & Decimate?
  13. So.. Blacksmiths got a chance to play against a Hunter's team for the honor of Decimate... The Hunters took Theron, Fahad, Egret, Chaska, Jaecar, and O. Hearne... Blacksmiths played with Captain Ferrite, Iron, Master Anvil, Sledge, Master Furnace, and Cinder... Things started poorly for the Blacksmiths (too many pre-game beers?)... Theron kicked off, Cinder moved up, but had to sprint to get the ball and didn't have enough to BOTH shoot Theron and pass the ball back to Iron... She choose to pass.. but then became a huge target to the Hunters... Theron shot her up... then Iron ran down his lines, pushing his teammates forwards, and dropped the ball for Ferrite... then Chaska boom boxed poor Cinder twice... at which point seeing poor Cinder with 1 HP, Ferrite dodged and ran over, passed her the ball, dodging her back behind some woods... but Egret just calmly walked up (okay, she sprinted) and took poor Cinder out, putting poison on 4 of the Blacksmiths!!! Hunters up 2-0 in 3 activations.... Sledge got some revenge... getting the ball, passing it back, and dodging forward, he was able to charge Chaska and lay some hurt on the bearded woodsman... Anvil went up the center, while the rest of the Hunters just ambled forward.... and then to start turn 2, Ferrite saw a goal run and through her legendary and knocked the ball in... The kick out went out where Iron could eventually get it from Egret & Theron, and knocked home a 1 dice kick from 5.5" away... but not before Sledge was taken out after a suicide charge into Theron... Ferrite was then surrounded and taken out as well... Anvil was the next victim, surrounded, Singled Out, Snared, Pinned, and Gut & String all on the poor big man... with Fahad dealing the final damage... However, the ball was left in the left corner of the Hunters side of the pitch... Egret made a daring run for the goal after shooting a returned Cinder... but she was still 1/2" within Sledge's charge and he was able to tackle the ball on and kick it forward to his team... this left Cinder with an unopposed run through fast ground to pick up the ball and score from 7.5" away to snatch a 12-8 victory from the Hunters... All in all the Hunters had a better game plan and the condition game did a ton of damage to Anvil, Sledge, & Ferrite.. it was literally two attacks that were only 1/2" away from being out of range.. plus the massive armor of the Blacksmiths, that kept them in the game long enough to get that 3rd goal.... Thankfully, more beer was had and the Brewers celebrated another victory on behalf of their allies in their attempt to sway Decimate's favor.
  14. The Farmer's Guild stepped up to protect the crops from those tree-huggin' Hunters... Grange, Bushel, Harrow, Peck, Windle, and Jack Straw faced off vs Theron, Snow, Jaecar, Seenah, Chaska, and Vet. Hearne. Theron kicked off @ Grange, who walked forward, passed to Jack Straw, put up his Legendary, and gave himself Constitution. Chaska rolled forward confidently loading up the shotgun... and missed... then missed again... grumbling, Chaska laid a trap... The Rooster saw the trap, and warned Windle while chasing him forward... Theron stepped up, laughed @ Chaska, then proceeded to also shoot his arrows into the ground... (seriously, he missed all of his 3+ to hit in the first turn)... This let Jack Straw pass to Bushel on the flank while she moved forward... Harrow ran up to occupy Theron and the left flank of the Hunters moved into the middle... saving Seenah for a late turn move... Bushel just laughed... passed to Harrow, got the ball back, ran forward waving @ Theron, and knocked in a goal.. then Knee Slider'd all the way behind the woods so the bear couldn't even see her... The ball came out on the Hunters left.. near Hearne... but he wasn't ready for it and couldn't do much but hold onto it... Windle trundled forward and started beating on poor Chaska.. who even with Ghost nearby, couldn't escape 4 punishing swings... Turn 2 started with Windle just finishing off poor Chaska and turning his attention on the bear... Theron tied up Harrow, but Grange was able to wade into Jaecar... in the end, Jack Straw was able to tie up Vet Hearne on the flank with the ball, and the Farmers went up 8-0 with Jaecar and Chaska being taken out... Turn 3 started with Jaecar trying to rattle Jack Straw... Windle generated a bunch of momentum by beating on the bear, and Hearne wasn't able to get the ball back from Jack... then the scarecrow calmly threw out crop dusting and teleported away... putting himself in goal range... for an easy kick (okay, it was only 2 dice.. but still)... Leading to an easy 12-0 shut out for the Farmers.. and for the Brewers attemps to sway Decimate to the Brewery...
  15. jahatch28

    Searing Strike; does it stack?

    @Siberys - I just included the conditions for completions sake (and because the Burning Condition wasn't the confusing part to me) The confusion was because all of the other effects that were mentioned were Character Plays with the "sustained" rule... while this one, being just a Trait, made me question whether the 'effect' rule was the same. Makes sense! Thankx!