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  1. psychogeek

    Access to pundit info

    So I became a pundit a little over a month ago and I realized I don’t have access to the pundit parts of the forum. How do I remedy this? Pundit out of Colorado USA
  2. psychogeek

    Ratcatcher Player Summaries

    Skulk is a character who is good into any team with “star strikers” (Midas, velocity, etc). His ability to stick to them and make their lives difficult is unmatched. Even if the opponent scores he makes them work way harder for it and it tends to be way riskier. He is vulnerable to teams with easy high damage to single targets as he isn’t that survivable. Against alchemists and fish he is an autotake but against butchers he is risky.
  3. psychogeek

    Help with Morts

    So I used to play fish then decided to try the guild I liked the look of most, morticians. I didn’t want to play obulus because EVERYONE played him (season 1&2). I instead picked up scalpel, vgraves, vileswarm (I have a thing for rats) bonesaw, casket, and brainpan & memory had just come out. I also picked up ghast and am ordering the resin obulus box now. I got ratcatchers (again.. rats) and am waiting for hemlock, but I would like some feedback on a competitive group. Here is my plan on the ten, reasons to follow. Please help me understand your preferences and give me tips! Scalpel Vilswarm Vgraves vHemlock Casket Ghast Skulk Pelage oGraves Dirge Bonesaw??? I love scalpel and for now she is my plan to run as main captain. I love vileswarms idea and I don’t think he is as bad as it seems, at least not so bad as to auto pick dirge so I want him to be my mascot. If I use him I feel obligated to use vgraves. vGraves I actually like as he is a bit annoying and can stack with casket time. now Bp&M have been cool but I am terrible at using them. Need some help. I love the models as want to get better at them Casket and ghast depend on who I am facing. Ghast is against less brawlly teams and casket against those who like to get stuck in dont care about cosset with scalpel. again using vhemlock seems so autoinclude with scalpel skulk is the best anti-football model on the game imo. He sticks to strikers rediculously well and gives tons of problems. pelage is just awesome. The dilemma mechanic, good damage vs makes, and singled out. At the moment I have been using rats so I understand using her better than the puppet. oGraves I see as when I want to really focus on damage. Play dirge with him? Dirge I can’t decide what he brings that pelage doesn’t really. Help? I love bonesaw model but I haven’t been good at playing ball with morts.. should I fit him in and if so who to not use and how to best use him where? I have been re-learning the game through ratcatchers, having a great time and actually doing decently well. Stil need help though. What should I play when and what should I not?
  4. psychogeek

    New to Spooks from Fish

    So far my limited experience is the team I have is very resilient and great at goal denial. The best strategy seems to be get 5 pts from casket+graves and at least one more with the graves trigger. After the casket time and a goal, both a goal and a single kill after gravedigger will win. It feels a very "hybrid" and flexible team. I am enjoying it and am interested to see the changes in the players in S3
  5. psychogeek

    New to Spooks from Fish

    So I may have just been converted to a Spooks player after my first game with scalpel. My lineup is her, vileswarm, vGraves, Casket, Ghast, and Bonesaw. Loved the game I played but I was told conflicting things about scalpels ability. First, any general tips for a play who has only played pure scoring fish? Second, can scalpel allocate more that an enemy models influence to them with her character play?
  6. psychogeek

    Veteran Siren and Tentacles

    I was truly hoping the mascot be good but not so good as to completely outshine the otter. That squid is just better. Period. Kinda sad as j actually like salt, but oh well, I will have to give him a go to see if inike him meshing with my shark team. I will ill not use the siren. She is not as good as rookie is in shark teams, but goodness she is good in a corsair killfish team. any word on release of the mascot's model? I hate proxy but will have to until that day
  7. psychogeek

    New Fish! (Should we call new fishes Guppies?)

    Hench lord watching welcome to fish man! You chose the winning team
  8. psychogeek

    What to do with Butchers?

    After getting a game in against butchers last night, a few observations: first, Jac is very durable vs them due to the stated reasons above second, spread out and very much focus on the passing/scoring game. Butchers like to group up for buffs but you can deny a lot by spreading out. Jac plays into this but causing enemies to spread out and using goad forces a key player at you. Greyscales' unpredictable movement is also incredibly handy to avoid the team. Just remember it's once per turn so don't blow it on a lesser threat. third, accept that 1-2 models are gonna be taken out unless the meatheads roll poorly. It's how they play and it to be expected. Fourth: siren is great at causing some disruption with her two character plays. Trickier to use, but valuable none the less
  9. psychogeek

    New Player- General Fisherman Tips?

    So I am rather new myself, only playing a couple full games. I found I am a large fan of this line-up: shark salt angel siren jac greyscales each time I play, a different character becomes the mvp. Last game siren charged, wrapped once triggering her 2xGB play, forcing the model to pass the ball to angel, then I 1" pushed myself to get in the way so the model couldn't charge. Secured me the game after denying a key goal. Angel has been amazing for me, scoring just as often as shark. Positioning is very key to her, but. At her worst she is a fantastic ball stealer. I tried Sakana and I think I just didn't get the right use out of him. Jac has been great and I love the jac/siren/sideline threat. Greyscale is freakin amazeballs and I use him when I need to hold onto the ball for the rest of the turn but can't score. salt has actually been really good. Such high mobility I can easy pass him the ball then run across the pitch and drop to shark or angel I want to try kraken in place of jac, but idk how I feel about his playstyle. Tips? Recommendations? i have a thing against Union... I kinda refuse to use fangtooth despite his usefulness lol
  10. psychogeek

    Fishermen Goal

  11. psychogeek

    Fishermen Goal

    What miniature did you use for the goal? I have searched all over to find it.