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  1. 21B


    Given my 10 includes Anvil and Sledge rather than Farris or Bolt. I like Cast for the shock goal threat, I'd probably replace Iron. Probably run: Furnace, Cast, vCinder, Hearth, Alloy, Ferrite as the standard 6.
  2. 21B

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    Difficult with the lack of distances but it looks like Greyscales can't charge in such a way to be outside of 1" of the big guy, as such CA is your better option as he's not wrapping to WtG. Tackle the ball back and he's not got an option of shooting.
  3. 21B

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Sherwin did well at Vengeance this weekend using just using the Order box that's been released. If you check out the Vengeance stream on twitch he plays Grange farmers in round 4.
  4. 21B

    Hunters Muse On Minis token set

    There's a Season 3 upgrade pack (It's on the SF store, everywhere else seems to be sold out)
  5. 21B

    Counter Charge Discussion

    Ultimate mind game is someone walking into counter change range and not declaring it but pointing it out.
  6. @FourOfPipes One of the single hardest thing in the game is mastering the counter-attack. In your example (Hard with Obulus I know) you get a single Crowd Out and now that Knockdown isn't a possibility, assuming you have one armour. They have a double dodge/push that's easily accessible and you're not 2" Melee either stay out of their Melee or get base to base. Despite playing against Brewers more often than any other team, I constantly forget Stoker has a double push on 1.
  7. 21B

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Would love both teams, would buy them in a heartbeat but I've not put anything into the IGG campaign. Should've gone through the local stores IMO. Get stores to take preorders advertising that so many preorders need to be taken globally. I am fairly certain it would've been far more successful and stores I'm sure wouldn't have had issues with handling any refunds for the chance to A: Cater to their locals and B: Getting funds from the initiative.
  8. 21B

    Verse Farmers Tech

    I'm trying an experiment without Graves1/Cosset/Dirge or Union in my 10. Not saying it's going to be a success but want to give it a go
  9. 21B

    Verse Farmers Tech

    I wouldn't put Cosset anywhere near a 6 against Thresher. Girl just dies
  10. 21B

    Let's Talk Hunter's - Jaecar

    The downside of this is that it lets your opponent clear conditions at the start of their activation. By not triggering it, they are essentially forced to add in an activation (Not always but sometimes beneficial) and if take it on the intended models can't clear till after their advance so will be 2" movement down.
  11. 21B

    The despair of a castaway

    As someone who went to Steamcon and was voting for Fish every single game. By the last day Butchers had something like 200 more votes than any other guild. Where as the other teams had small differences the difference between fish and butchers was staggering. There was also a stark lack of Fish being played in the entire place.
  12. 21B

    When to draft Corsair/Shark

    I Would take oSiren in any Morticians match up. -5 Range on character players is a massive deal for holding the ball. 3 Influence is enough to get the Seduce pass + kick. She's pretty much the entire reason I play Fish
  13. 21B

    Let's talk : Cast

    I suspect that when some masters Blacksmiths they're going to be a real challenge to beat. The challenge is knowing which tricks to use and when.
  14. 21B

    Masons Decimate

    Would've enjoyed seeing a dual wield hammers to retain some of the initial model, but I really really like it.
  15. 21B

    How did you choose your Guild?

    I bought them all and change on a weekly basis pretty much.