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  1. Chakuu

    Harmony Revealed

    If Tower has used his heroic and is range of Vet Harmony could they effectively chain damage 6" away from the model taking damage? Due to the wording it looks like if Player A takes damage Vet Harmony can take it instead but because Vet Harmony now has taken damage Tower can take it from her. Could they also form a loop of passing damage back and forth until the heroic ends?
  2. 19. If you see Ox led Butchers gathering in the middle of the pitch and his legendary play gets activated run... run far away.
  3. Chakuu

    What to do with Butchers?

    I've only faced Butchers twice (only one person plays them) so take my advice/ideas with a grain of salt but you could use Siren to trigger Seduce off of her playbook. Most of the Butchers are 4/0 or 4/1 and with 7 dice on the charge you should be able to get 4 hits which gives you 2 mom and a 1 inch dodge and if you make the pass it can give you another 4" to make a shot on goal. Now you will probably loose Siren to this but it is an option to try and get past the wall. Another option would be to kick the ball off to the side of the board with the opening kick forcing him to over extend his retriever. If you have the Siren/Jac combo it would be an easy punish. There is also simply waiting it out. Stay out of threat ranges and let the Butchers come to you. If they want to win they will have to do so at some point. There is also the option for Shark to sprint up to the wall, Tidal Surge past to the ball carrier, swing once to tackle then take a shot on goal. Though from what it sounds like who ever you send at that wall is probably going to be taken out but if you can net a goal each time you will gain VPs faster then they will. Now of course you may have already tried these but just some ideas.
  4. Chakuu

    Thoughts on Union in the Fishermen

    Was able to get a game in a few days ago to test out some Union with Corsair. Ran Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Snakeskin, Gutter the person I played ran Butchers with Ox, Princess, Meathook, Shank, Gutter, Brisket. It was actually a close game which ended with 12-10 to the Butchers and Greyscales unable to kick the winning goal due to being a millimeter or two out of range of the goal. I had forgotten about snap shots and could have won if he passed to Sakana who was within 4 inches of him due to scoring on his activation. After playing with Snakeskin I rather like her. True she only has 16" goal threat but having a momentous tackle on two and a momentous tackle with a dodge on 3 means she can charge in with 9 dice get 3 hits, strip the ball and dodge away from most players. Her faults, from what I've seen, are her 1" melee and the fact that she gets her first dodge at 3 hits. If she had a dodge on 1 or 2 she would be far better. As far as Gutter well, Gutter does what Gutter does. While I'm not a big fan of big guys I may pick up A&G to try out as having a model with knockdown early as well as singled out seems rather helpful.
  5. Chakuu

    Thoughts on Union in the Fishermen

    I'll admit I forgot about Fangtooth and A&G due to trying to stay away from the big guys of the game. Low def feels like they would just be used as MP batteries or a good way from my opponent to get plays off. It is nice to hear the different opinions on which Union members to include and I'm not going to fully give up on Siren just currently finding her hard to use as my normal opponent has been playing for a while and when I run Siren he simply drops the ball. Which leads Siren to not get any Inf so the other players can do things. For a tournament coming up I'm thinking of running a more bashy team as it seems 2 goals and 2 take outs seems be easier to do then 3 goals. Was thinking of Corsair, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Siren, Snakeskin, Gutter, Angel/Jac with Corsair, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Snakeskin, Gutter being the main grouping.
  6. So a month or so ago I was lucky enough to get a demo of the game and decided to pick it up the Fishermen as my main guild. Since then I've gotten some games in a 3v3 using the starter set and a few 6v6 games which have gone fairly well. My main issue is I can't get any work out of Siren. In my game vs the Butchers she lured Shank in so the team could beat him down but after that she really did nothing during the game. She basically did nothing against the Alchemists and was only useful enough against the Masons to lure Flint to the edge so Jac could push hum off the pitch turn 1. So I've been thinking of replacing her in my line up currently I run Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Jac, Siren. What I was wondering is how people view the union options for the Fish? I first thought of Hemlocke but decided against it. Been tempted with Gutter but with me trying to focus on goals she doesn't feel like a good pick. So that leaves Snakeskin who seems like a decent threat for goal scoring with a 16" threat, 18" if you quickfoot her or Clone pops with a 20" clone and quickfoot. Also as a side question I've been tempted to drop Shark for Corsair if this is done would the 3 striker set up of greyscales, sakana, and snakeskin work with Jac backing up Corsair or can Corsair hold his own so Angel could be brought in for a 4th threat on goal?