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  1. sinistercats

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    I think the "big boys" list is kinda flavor of the month right now. People figured out it's possible and so are playing it. It's fun for sure but I don't see it setting the meta on fire too much. Overall still enjoying playing them!
  2. sinistercats

    The Casual Mortician

    Just wanted to say thanks to Mako for this thread. I've been trying to play Scalpel for sometime and just never "got" her. Tried the kick push/dodge thing and it was ok but didn't really seem to be fun. Last night tried a solo game with her and Bonesaw as a duo just focussed on scoring and making a nuisance of themselves into a bog standard Brewer team. Wow! I think I found what I was missing. Bouncing around, tackling the ball, not even trying to get a TO. Super fun. Thanks again sir- for opening my eyes!
  3. sinistercats

    Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    They removed a LOT of players in the edition change. They removed the way that several Masters played and replaced it with new ways. Point made but change is part of games all around.
  4. sinistercats

    Scalpel 6

    I've been playing this exact lineup and it's bonkers fun.
  5. sinistercats

    Morts Blog

    Is there a write up of the Scalpel > Casket setup anywhere? Thanks!