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  1. Hi all, returning for its third iteration It's A Funny Old Game will take place at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare in Sherwood, Oregon on Saturday March 18th. FB event is here to register interest: https://www.facebook.com/events/1689107181380476/ 16 Spots, fabulous prizes Regional Cup Format - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5847f98ce6f2e130d8614e35/1481111950755/Guild+Ball+Regional+Cup.pdf TLDR: 9 Man roster 45 Minutes Clock Fully Painted Teams $10 entry fee on the day or at the store in advance
  2. Fitz

    W: KS Shark H: $$$

    Sorry man, just saw this post is it still going. PM me a price for the resin one. I can give you a UK address to post it to.
  3. Fitz

    W: KS Shark H: $$$

    'Nuff said. We wants it precioussss
  4. I got Tapper in my Christmas box from SFG but I'd really rather have shark.
  5. I posted in the pundit forum - we need to organize the resistance!
  6. I had a chat about this one with those in the know. I have been requested to have my local Oregon store apply to MOM Con and if enough West Coast applications come in then they may consider adding another Regional to the calendar.
  7. Fitz

    Do support@ reply to emails?

    He said that he had.
  8. Fitz

    Salt a legitimate goal threat?

    I just did some messing about in Vassal to look at his threat ranges. With just 1 inf on himself he can score T1 from 9" either side of the "goal-to-goal" mid line. A 7" get over here, a 4" get and go and a walk from anywhere on that line puts him within 4" of the goal. That's awesome because it doesn't force you to telegraph your nefarious plans with a stack of influence on the cute little fella!
  9. Fitz

    What clock to use?

    That's over $8 more than I paid for mine on ebay and I got free shipping!
  10. I'm gonna guess it was "well you lost, and didn't bring booze so you proved that it improves game play"
  11. Is there a chess clock that one can use online with Vassal? I found a clock for the WM/H module but have no idea if it can work in Guild Ball. https://github.com/eauc/vassalclock
  12. Fitz

    Favourite Season 3 player?

    Still Greyscales.
  13. Fitz

    A few pointers on how to deal with Spooks

    Siren is amazing against Obulous team. They don't have a ton of access to girls, and she really puts a cramp on Puppet master so she's a good place to hold the ball. Also, she loves fear on Ghast since it gives her extra dice for her character plays! Morticians can struggle against an aggressive scoring strategy, depending on how well they are coached, so taking shark as your skipper isn't a bad plan although you MUST be very alert to attempts to hide the ball at the back as that will starve you of momentum. I have had decent success with: Shark, Salt, Siren, Angel, Sakana and Grey Scales which is a ton of threat saturation and uses Siren to hold and distribute the ball to the strikers. Tentacles might also work in that.
  14. Thinking of taking a bottle of Scotch to my FLGS tonight to improve my game after this inspiring episode.
  15. Fitz

    Season 3 and the Fisherman's Guild

    I was afraid Shark's legendary was going to be nerfed. So I'm happy!
  16. Fitz

    The new Kraken

    I ran him with Corsair yesterday whilst playing as the Bye in a tournament I was running. He doesn't need to do much except be a threat. If you march him and the big fella up the board together then they are just a rediculous wall of muscle. I usually just give him 1 inf just in case someone decides to try to stand someone up. 2 inf means you have a viable backup for Corsair for a drag. And UNLEASH is amazing on knocked down models with gang ups. If frightening how quickly 5 hits becomes possible once you have Corsair, Kraken, Jac and perhaps salt providing some help.
  17. Fitz

    Salt in S3 and your take on changes

    Salt finished off a 2 health Fillet today with cunning use of Sick 'Em. He's as epic as ever lol.
  18. Fitz

    GB keeper s3?

    Awesome update
  19. Fitz

    A&G S3

    I would greatly appreciate it if a Lawyers Guild Member would validate this statement. It runs contrary to a conversation I had with a SF employee on the topic, in which they stated that the intent was not to blend an activation with another.
  20. Fitz

    GB keeper s3?

    That is super cool man.
  21. Fitz

    GB keeper s3?

    DieselDM says he's working on it now, but noted that he'll need to go through the App Store bs to get it approved due to the mechanical changes in S3 - it's not just a card data file update.
  22. I don't think Shark Fish particularly need Union. I will continue to put Hemlocke on the bench for alchy match ups.
  23. Mascot needs to either be a Yorkshire Terrier, OR a Rat in a Cage.
  24. Fitz

    Shark Tournament Lineup (Blog post)

    Does anyone ever go full aggro? I love playing - Shark, Salt, Siren, Angel, Sakana and Greyscales I don't think S3 really changed my mind except that I now don't have to let you know where Angel is going by putting salt there first.