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    This event has now been cancelled. Please see previous post! Thank you.
  2. TheQSGamer


    The date for this is getting closer! Just a quick bump to see if we can get a few more people involved! Thanks everyone!
  3. TheQSGamer


    We have now created the Facebook event for the tournament. I've edited the post with the link! Thanks again guys!
  4. TheQSGamer


    Hi there guys! My name is Andrew, I am a local Pundit based in the Liverpool City area! In partnership with JustPlay, a local gaming store in the City Centre, we are proud to announce the Merseyside Cup! The Event This event has 32 spaces available – all participants will have plenty of space to play and enjoy the comfortable surroundings. There will be loads of prizes on the day - the awesome sanctioned support from Steamforged (dependant on entrants), trophies for the highest place players, and of course the wooden spoon for the not so fortunate! We also have a best painted team, best goal competition, as well as prizes for the best club performance! The Format This event will follow the recommended structure for a Regional Cup in the season 2 organised play document. Tournament length - A) ‘A Champion is crowned’ 3 to 5 rounds of swiss Match Win Conditions - B. ‘Play to the final whistle’ Games are played to 12VP win condition Round Length - B. ‘Team Tactics’ Chess clocks are set to 45 minutes per Player. Admin/Clocked out time is 20 minutes total with clocked out Players being allowed 1-minute activations. Round length is 110 minutes total. Team Roster Selection - B. ‘Strength in Depth’ (8 model roster) A 8 model roster would be a Captain, a Mascot, and 6 other eligible models. Match Roster Selection - A) ‘Hide the team sheet!’ Players record in secret the 6 models from their team roster (including one captain and one mascot) that will be active for this match. They then simultaneously reveal the 6 active models. Schedule 9:30 am Registration During this time we will confirm all paid entrants are present and make a copy of your Guild Ball Player record Sheet for the day. 10.00am Round 1 begins 12:00pm Round 2 begins 2.00pm lunch 2.30pm Round 3 begins 4.30pm Round 4 begins 6.30pm Round 5 begins 8.30pm Tournament end and Prize giving Get in touch! You can check out the venue information on the JustPlay website. You can buy tickets here. You can message me directly for info also. Here is a link to the tournament pack, with all the relevant info that you will need. Thanks for your time and, I hope to see you there! There is now a live Facebook event page here! Check it out for all the info!
  5. Hi guys! So, this came up on a game yesterday. I have my Venin in combat and he triggers his Sacrificial Puppet ability and targets the enemy Hammer. So Venin then deals 1[DMG] to himself. He is within 4" of Smoke. Does that 1[DMG] that he deals to himself trigger Momentous Inspiration? Thanks team! QSGamer
  6. Hopefully this will be cleared up. I'm going to be doing it as written for now I think. I'm just concerned because I've already come up with ideas where I can give my guy 8 effective health a turn :/
  7. I agree. However the group of players I play with are Magic players. Very 'Rules Focused' and, I don't want o have to argue against the rule book. I think the intent of it is that you are meant to use it on a different player. Is there any 'head judge' that can rule on this for us? Cheers
  8. I thought that initially but, 'Friendly Model' also means that you can target yourself right? At least that's how it works with everything else?
  9. Hi guys, Can Come On Mate target the active model? For example, spend 3 momentum to both Take a Breather and Come on Mate to heal 8? thanks.
  10. TheQSGamer

    Charging + Unpredictable Movement

    Thanks again guys!
  11. In our store, we've been playing it so that when a charge ends near a model with Unpredictable Movement and that model moves out of engagement, then the charge is still counted as a successful charge as the actual movement ended engaged with someone. Meaning that the model does not automatically end its activation, however it doesn't get the free attack (cos it's now out of range). So can spend any remaining influence it has. Is this correct?
  12. Yeh but, the entire rule is: During a Goal Kick; the ball token may be placed within [10”] of the friendly goal token. Determine where the ball token lands using the kick scatter rules. Goal Kicks are not hugely accurate and so always scatter a distance of [1D6”]. The kick scatter rules always states that it scatters [1d6"]. There is no scenario that it doesn't. The last sentence is essentially redundant right? Or is it a misprint that is means to say ' always scatters 6" '?
  13. To clarify. In the Goal Kick rules it says: Goal Kicks are not hugely accurate and so always scatter a distance of [1D6”]. I thought everything scatters a distance of [1d6"]. Is this just a redundant sentence? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys! I would of replied sooner, but I spent the last few hours beating people with Alchemists! <3