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  1. glassquid

    Without a chance against masons?

    Maybe i got really unlucky? I never track my opponents dice that much... But almost every counterattack kd'ed me. I think every... Often hammer did the knocking and then disengaged.
  2. glassquid

    Without a chance against masons?

    Thats good advice. Thank you. Usually my players were engaged by 2'' models and kd. So i screwed up 1.turn and suffered the rest of the game. so my line up will be a ball heavier list next time facing the masons. Tenderizer, brisket, vet-ox, fillet, shank and meethook? (i dont like boars mini) thinking of decimate as well as an option?
  3. glassquid

    Without a chance against masons?

    The problem with standing up is, i was still kd from last round, stood up with mp, moved up and got kd'ed again... In most cases. It was a spiral. Yeah, i generated 1mp for my one attack, but that was used to stand one other mini up. I can write a detailed report later. But brick, hammer, monkey and def. Ground from tower were horrible. thx for the replys
  4. Hey y'all, I had my first game yesterday since 2016. I decided to play fillet, shank, minx, boiler, meethook and princess. (never played fillet before and minx just got her colour on). my opponent had the following team: hammer, brick, tower, vetharmony, mallet and the monkey. Literally the only two things, that worked were scoring with shank and putting 2 pain circles out. Other then that i got constantly kd'ed on counterattacks. I was unable to hurt him or break free after engaged with my opponent. He denied me all the momentum and butchered me. So, i could see the lack of range 2 models was a pain for me. Same goes for reliable dodges. I felt completely helpless and unable to do anything, as i wasted up to 7inf per turn as my team got kd on the counter and/or killed. So i surrendered after a helpless 4/9... Because i had no fun at all. are there good strategies how to play a matchup like this? Thanks in advance Thx god we did an instant rematch, me taking alchemists and it became a good game. Otherwise i might have deserted gb for another year again