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    Season 4 Changes

    Like most of this one too. Interested to see how the 0 cost thing is balanced on certain cards. In the Hammer example, currently another model loses an inf so I wouldn’t say it’s ‘0 Cost’. Same as Buckwheats 0 cost actually consumes s harvest token -hoping these are balanced somehow
  2. Cymroed

    Season 4 changes

    Most of the mechanics seem good to me and offer clarity which I’m all for. I’d hope there are some other changes on the player cards that compensate for the 0 cost and gain changes. I agree with the principle of cleaning things up, but if for example Iron Fist is going to start costing 2 inf (1 from Hammer and 1 from another model) then it feels more likely a costly nerf than a clean up. Have to wait for the cards to find out.
  3. Cymroed


    Played into the Ratcatchers for the first time last night (also first match up with Teheran new cards) - found it quite the uphill battle! He took the out of the box team, I had Hammer, Wrecker, vHarmony, Tower, Mallet and Flint. Turn 1: After the winning the roll and opting to receive, I had Flint grab the ball and sit behind some cover and pass to Mallet - all seemed well. The Piper went first and ended up behind dancing around Mallet and knocking him off the pitch. More out of revenge than anything, Hammer arrived and proceeded to knock the Piper off the pitch. Not much else happened bar Miasma throwing some damage and a condition at Tower who had managed to get the ball and pass it back to Harmony. Masons 2 - Rats 2 Turn 2: Hammer moved up field and laid into Scourge leaving him on 6 health - this is where I learnt that he hits like a train. Scourge and Miasma reduced Hammer to 1 hit point and Pelage ran down and left Mallet also on 1. I switched to footballing and Flint scored. Harmony moved in to provide cover for Hammer but Mallet keeled over. Masons 6 - Rats 4 Turn 3: The piper pulled off a combo to zip straight down field and score. This and a nearby Harmony bought Hammer enough time to delete Miasma followed up by a wounded Tower passing the ball upfield to Flint for a snapshot to finish the game. Mason 12 - Rats 6 With my line up I’d planned on simply pummelling his team, maybe going for a goal and ended up going for a two goal desperation win as the pummelling was coming my way. While the score line was in my favour, I had Tower, Flint and Hammer all hovering around 6 HP - one more turn and the game would likely have swung entirely to Rats. Disease, KD and 2 inch melee caused Hammer problems. Interested if if anyone else has any experience with this match up - the win felt more like luck than anything?
  4. Cymroed

    Ideas about minor guild

    I like the quarry/miners idea - that stone has to come from somewhere. Id see them as having a similar stat line def/arm wise but bringing some abilities like mining dynamite for some fiery explosions and ranged play - something new to the toolkit
  5. Cymroed

    Masons Mangle Morts

    So this is my first write up on the forums, thought it would be fun to have a go as part of the event. I was playing into a regular opponent of mine (usually runs Engineers but recently picked up Morts): Set Up (left to right from my perspective): Morts: Vileswarm, Graves (v), Salpel, Casket, Bonesaw, Brainpan Masons: Minx, Tower, Wrecker, Hammer, Haromny (v), Mallet The teams prepare to line up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2z5s53r5o6eyz1/image3.JPG?dl=0 The Morts won the roll and elected to receive. Harmony stepped up into center field, just hanging back from a piece of terrain and booted the ball into the left hand side of the pitch (keeping it on the opposite end to Bonesaw). The ball scattered pretty nicely ending up just over my opponents side of the pitch. Round 1: Graves ran forward and retrieved the ball, passing it back to Scalpel and starting to build the Mort's momentum game. I followed up with a bit of a non-move with Tower, moving up slightly and spending his inf to throw tooled up on Hammer. My opponent continued his passing game along his back line working the ball towards Bonesaw, and I responded by moving Harmony up, into cover and chancing her hand at Marked Target which succeeded on Graves. With the newfound reach Minx charged up field and landed a few hits on Graves along with Snared, however my opponent had now set up Bonesaw and set of a chain of shenanigans that saw him slip downfield and next a goal along with Knee Slider. Masons 0 - 4 Morticians The throw out landed between Harmony and Hammer, who was my last player at this point to activate. I'd initially planned to go after Bonesaw (who now had a vengeance token on him thanks to my plot card), but with Marked Target active he speared off, picked up the ball and eliminated Graves. The plan didn't quite work out as I'd hoped to use knockback to get Hammer into range for a sneak goal, but a miscalculation on my part meant it didn't work out and Hammer ended up passing back to Harmony (for some reason I thought Ball Hog also extended my kick range, 5 weeks of no games making me a bit rusty!) Masons 2 - 4 Morticians. Round 2: We'd ended with 3 momentum a piece, but the Morts won the roll off again. Scalpel went straight after Hammer and scattered the majority of the inf he'd been carrying into the rest of my team. I responded by moving Tower up and taking a few swipes into Scalpel and to generate momentum after my failed counter attack from Hammer. Bonesaw arrived and scattered my team, which actually worked to open a channel that allowed Harmony to sneak around a net a goal (Hammer had been blocking the path, and my opponent forgot he'd used up the initial push block with Scalpel's attack) Harmony's path opens up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdzvsbg1b6bbyp8/image4.JPG?dl=0 Masons 6 - 4 Moriticians Over the rest of the round we traded a few blows and my opponent had Minx cornered between a returning Graves, Vilesarm and Caskete with Brainpan advancing down the right wing. Turn ended with Mallet flattening the puppet. Round 3: For the third round the Morts won the role off (this time from sitting on a pile of momentum). He started with Graves and moved in to finish off Minx, who'd escaped the melee last turn with her ability. What should have been an easy kill turned into 4 wasted inf as Graves fluffed his roles. I responded with Minx, got a couple of digs in on Graves before booking it back down field. Scalpel was next up and went in on Hammer, but this time my counter attack went off correctly and knocked her out of engagement range so she burnt up her inf on abilities. Tower tooled himself up and boot some good damage into Bonesaw, with Vileswarm moving to engage him in response. Mallet then arrived and finished Bonesaw off: Masons 8 - 4 Moriticians Casket, at this point the last Mort player with any real inf on him tried his hand on Hammer but ended up knocked away as well and our of engagement range. With Graves, Scalpel and Casket holding the majority of his teams influence their failing really hurt the morts this team. He'd gathered up the ball on the other side with Brainpan and Wrecker was moving upfield to engage them, with Harmony coming round from center. Round 4: Thanks to the successes on the last round I easily won initiative. A fully loaded Hammer finally got to cut loose before Scalpel caused any heartache and proceeded to flatten both Graves and Vileswarm who were engaged with Tower. Hammer moves to take out the mascot having cleared Graves: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wozynmnrjv6w3lc/image6.JPG?dl=0 Masons 11 - 4 Morticians At the other end of the pitch the Morts were perfectly set up with Brainpan and Bonesaw to make another run on goal, with only Wrecker standing in the way (Harmony hadn't managed to close the distance yet). Before he was able to finish his moves Mallet managed to seal the game but finishing off Scalpel who was still nursing her wounds. Masons 13 - 4 Morticians All in all it was a good game and felt very close, if anything slightly in the Morts favour until Graves fluffed his roll. From there their whole game plan seemed to crumble and as their team was choked out of influence for a round. Not having initiative seemed to really hurt this line up.
  6. Howdy all! I've been a member on the forums for a while but haven't actually posted until now. I've enjoyed reading up on match reports and strategies and regularly meet up with a few friends for a few rounds of Guild Ball and have been playing since Season 2. I'm running the Masons as my first team and recently picked up the honest Labour box as a second team. In the group I'm usually running up against Engineers, Brewers, Hunters and most recently Morts. We finally decided to start posting on the forums to take part in the Union in Chains event which looks pretty cool. We're all from the North Wales area just outside of Chester. I'd say we're casual players currently as we haven't had as much match time as we'd like with work commitments (this is also my first foray into the world of miniatures) - hopefully we'll be hitting a few events next year.