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  1. Mortician Player Summaries

    Skulk: Great pseduo-goalkeeper, that is decent to kill the ball on. Decent counter attack (<< on 2; 2 dam on 3) that is free OPT. Super annoying piece to lock down Strikers without access to multiple lengthy dodges (doubles plus WDTG or push dodges.) Pelage: Walking dilemma for your opponent. Try to deal with her? Eat damage for no gain unless you kill her. Forget about her? Eat damage or take a snare with no rolls. Her damage output vs ~60% of the field (males) is sick. But most of all, perhaps surprisingly, she is decently speedy with a 3/6" kick. Gives you another reasonably reliable Bonesaw target. Likely subs for Cosset unless you are going for a 1-4 or 0-6 game, in which case you might bring both.
  2. The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Maybe its because I play multiple guilds and have a very diverse play group of fairly high level folks (I'm definitely the small fish in my pond), but a lot of what I keep hearing sounds a lot like "I don't like my chosen Guild because other Guild does 'x' better." That isn't meant to derail the thread or to be a personal attack on anyone. Rather it is meant to point out that the Guilds are supposed to be qualitatively different. Morts control should feel different than Hunters or whatever other Guild you want to call Control oriented. Every Guild is supposed to have its weaknesses. There should be some really tough matchups for any given Guild - hopefully no brick walls, but some that you need to absolutely be more skilled and maybe even have some luck on your side to win. In that regard, Morts are squishy. Morts have to make hard choices with their INF/player selection. We no longer have a "top tier" striker, but we do have one of the longest goal threats (albeit super janky.) Morts are getting smoked by a couple of strong Guilds right now, but I feel like they smoke a couple pretty hard too. PM, Misdirection, Tormented, Shutout, Tucked, Rigor, Voodoo Strings all feel and behave differently than other Guilds. On top of that, I think we have probably the highest single activation damage output available in any guild (INF spent might shift it a bit.) Are we balanced around our Captains and/or their plays - yes. But show me a Guild who isn't. Now if the discussion is a matter of did they tweak the knobs over the whole Guild too far after S2, I think that might have some merit. Giving everyone a health point or two back across the board would do wonders against the higher outputs of the new guilds. Changing the INF distribution would be fine with me too, though I think with vHemlocke, Pelange, and Skulk that it is probably not necessary. I'd be cool seeing Obs drop to a 4/7 with silence going back to a 3/3-4, making Ghast a 2/3 or Casket a 2/4 to change up the line ups a bit. But I think the Guild is in a good spot that is not incomparable to where many others are. Since the Farmers nerf, things seem to be pretty good overall (save Blacksmiths being an outlier), but we still don't have a ton of data (games played with current errata) to go off of. Will be interested to see what happens post HOWZAT!?! and Salute as we should get approximately another 100 games on most of the Guilds prior to Rats hitting.
  3. Morticians post rat catchers

    I've really been enjoying the Ratcatchers added to the squad. Pelage has done work for me so far, leading me to my first win against Farmers (using Obs no less.) Skulk ends up in my line up against any team with reliable goal threats (or against the Hunter's jank cat run.) I think they can very easily go the 2-2, though 3-0 may become a rare occurrence. The gameplans largely seem to help them, though Lone Striker feels real bad when trying to get the sneaky first activation goal with Bonesaw. My last tournament 10 (Skulk legal with no union; Pelage not): Obs, Scalpel, Dirge, oGraves, Cosset, Bonesaw, Skulk, Ghast, Casket, BP&M. Once Pelage is legal: +Pelage; -Casket (probably) or Cosset; would be a gameday decision based on the field
  4. The Casual Mortician

    One of my favorite Scalpel plays for an easy take-out/goal threat is to do a heavily weighted line up to one pitch edge when kicking. Give it to Scalpel, try to get just barely over the line within 5" of the pitch edge. If they don't have an exceedingly fast model/someone with a good reliable kick, you can almost always get an easy push off if they go for it. Heroic after to second wind and get out of retaliation range. If they don't go for it, run up, grab it yourself and second wind to safety to setup for the turn 2 goal.
  5. The Puppet Master / balance equation

    I think the only thing nerfing PM would do is open options for another "true" striker in Morts. We've got a new weak striker in Skulk, but he definitely doesn't make up for the Mist loss. Right now, a huge chunk of the design space issue is that Obs, as is, is still a jack of all trades captain - goal threat, control piece, reliable 10-14 damage with either tooled up or a gang up, can kill the ball, and isn't easy to kill. Because of that, the guild will always be based and balanced around him so you never get a core group in any of those things. You would have to change his whole card to actually nerf what he does for his team. You want 3 strikers? Well, one of them is a jank setup with a puppet and the other is is a 50mm 1" melee. You want crushing damage with tooled up in faction? Your team is going to be fragile as shit with some kind of odd playbooks. Also: have a puppet again. You want to control everything? Hope you like 1 dice character plays and limited access to conditions. That said, I love where the guild is at. I have been using both Skulk and Pelange and I think they do wonders for the team. I don't mind Bonesaw as my primary goal threat with either of the captains as a back up. I do think its going to be rarer to see 3-goal morts games without a little luck or misplay by opponents, but I think they will be able to do 2-2 really well. Right now though, I hate the Hunter's matchup which is stupid prevalent where I'm at. It doesn't feel good with either captain, though I think Scalpel is the better pick into it.
  6. Are these supposed to be something that is free with a pre-order or are retailers supposed to be selling them? Specifically Alt. Bolt and Alt. Millstone. I'm guessing Alt. Piper would fit this bill as well.
  7. Pintpot

    I love this! This would be so useful against some of the Brewer's worst match ups who tend to be momentum monsters who can just clear and get out. One other thought I had, mostly because blades make me think bleeding, would be if he ends up with something similar to Venin. A heroic play pulse that gives anyone within who is knocked down the bleed condition. Would make low access to knockdown on him (and Stave since that is the team he seems to be aimed at) would suddenly be monstrous. Throw some good momentous damage on him and we have someone gross on our hands. Another direction that I think would be cool would be an almost Jacaear-like glass cannon. Someone who has maverick, access to high damage on his own (4+ on 5 hits) but who has issues with healing. Perhaps drop the maverick but make him unable to benefit from Come On Mate.
  8. Number of Models released in S3

    So, you think they will be left with only a single mascot? I somehow doubt that.
  9. What makes Alchemists top tier?

    Having been on the receiving end of vKat in a Smoke list, I'd say him and/or condition damage in general. You almost can't slow him enough to control him with most teams. And keeping up with condition damage is a pain.
  10. Favourite Season 3 player?

    I'm loving Minx. She has made my Hunter's not feel like complete crap. Got me excited to play them again and looking forward to see what is in the pipeline for them.
  11. Hunters Season 3 breakdown

    Nice write-up. I'm going to try really hard to put some more hours into the Hunters. I ended up being so disappointed with them in S2 after the newness wore off, I put them on the back burner and never looked back. Am going to try to get more involved on them this season.
  12. Steamcon USA

    Memphis, Austin/Dallas, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, or Atlanta would all be good. Honestly, they will pick somewhere with a strong local player base, major airport and lots of lodging. Its the requirement for all major cons that hope to have decent attendance.
  13. Season 3 line up

    Played the 13 Influence line up (Theron, Fahad, Zarola, Minx, Jaeacar, Chaska) against Butchers - happiest I have been with the team since I picked them up. Played 3 games against the same opponent (Fillet Butchers) using the same line ups for all three matches. Felt like I had decent Control and was able to separate and isolate targets pretty well. I won 2 of the 3, only dropping the second game because of some bad positioning and a missed kicked right to an un-activated Brisket with full influence stack. Minx did work. Really impressed with her, though she did get taken out more than any other model. Think she, like Chisel, needs to be used as a a precise finisher or you have to be OK with her getting taken out after charging in and taking a massive chunk out of someone. Think Alchemist (who are absurdly strong in S3 in my experience), would be a god awful match-up. The mirror match would also not be good. Brewers, Masons, and Union would come down to positioning and being able to get value out of slows and defense debuffs. No idea how they will fair against new Morts. Fish and Engineers will likely out-football them unless you just control the ball. Next line, I will be swapping Minx or Zarola out for Seenah and seeing what comes of it.
  14. Friday Blog Post: Black Friday and SteamCon Sale

    Mine is showing in My Account info and I received the confirmation email. Was delayed by a minute or two on my end. However, I was checking out at 3 minutes past the sale going up...
  15. Friday Blog Post: Black Friday and SteamCon Sale

    Was wondering if that was the difference in the first place, but saw that @MilitaryCoo was listed as being state side like me.