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  1. Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    Some random thoughts coming to my mind: About Harrier Hunters have been claiming a Tooled Up system for them for a long time, and Harrier gives that. They have Chaska's Boom Boxes, Jaecar's visits, Seenah's hugs, Theron's INF-burst melee attack activations, and a long et cetera. I would have preferred Tooled Up over Harrier for Hunters. Hunters need more reliable forms to make good damage and Harrier doesn't give that, but of course Harrier has a good utility. With this format, Harrier compels Hunters to bring enemies inside this AOE AND to keep them inside until Hunters' damage dealer has done its job. The problem is these jobs are very "activation-exhausting", and give the enemy player time to react against the situation. We need to inmobilize enemies with Jaecar's G&S or Theron's Pinned inside the AOE, we need to make a marathon of pushes with Chaska, Hearnes or Theron (maybe Chaska would only need one BB to put the enemy inside the AOE), or we need to burn activations to attack some already activated model. Harrier also works as a deterrent element. Scrums (our big nemesis) are going to hate it. Also, Harrier can be thrown over a loose ball (with Jaecar or Seenah close to it, INF-loaded) to intimidate strikers. About Cricual Artery I don't know if Crucial Artery is good news. Hunters don't need more condition bloating, because of the condition dilemma (the more conditions a model has, the more motivation the enemy will have to remove them). In exchange, Maatagi is a good last activation model. Let's look at this scenario. Mataagi loaded with 4 INF and activated the last. Assuming he is within 6" of an non-set up enemy model, then Hot Shot triggering Harrier and 1 MP for 1 INF, jog towards the enemy and then 3 Attacks triggering 2nd column momentous 2 DMG result and Bleed. That's a reliable 12 DMG output, and a very likely situation. And this damage can be greatly increased if the enemy is setup (after a oHearne activation, for example). About Mataagi Mataagi is a good battery model. With 1 INF, he can Jog 6" and attack an enemy to get 1 MP and, either to throw Harrier or to put 5 potential DMG over an enemy. Mataagi gives us a new tool to recover balls. T on 3rd column is hard to get, but with a little setup (snared, mostly) it becomes reachable. Excluding Snow's Feral Instincs and some Skatha buffs, Mataagi can take profit of all the Hunter buffs. BoTGF Harrier, attacking a KD, snared, Singled Out enemy or advancing with MOV-boosting options, Mataagi will thank a lot. At the moment, I still prefer the old Minx over Mataagi as a setup piece. The crazy things you can do with a loaded Minx are just amazing.
  2. Bolt and Resolution of its Traits

    So, in every step of resolution, we have two "sub-phases": the first one to check what traits (or equivalent) can I use during the present step, and the second one to make the resolution of the traits I have triggered before. And the player only can choose the order during this second "sub-phase". In other words, the "When..." class conditions have to be checked at the same time that the "If..." class conditions.
  3. Bolt and Resolution of its Traits

    I had that feeling in the first time, but I had to ask. So, does that mean it exists two different moments at the sequence to resolve these events, one at the start of the activation (when I can resolve Stamina) and the other at the start of the start of the activation (when I have to resolve Tutelage)?
  4. When two (or more) effects trigger during the same timing, and they come from the same source, then the owner of this source can choose the order these effects solve. For example, Chaska's Boom Box cause a push as well as damage, so his owner can choose resolve first the push and then the damage (good against models with Overheated or Noxious Death). Both Bolt traits triggers at the start of its activation. The first, Stamina, allows a free Jog; the second, Tutelage, is a checking that, in case of being true, allows a free Character Play. Because both traits triggers at the same time, can I choose as the model's owner the order of resolution? Can Bolt make the Jog (from Stamina) and then check if he's within 6" from Farris to activate Tutelage? Thanks in advance.
  5. I can tell you my standard inf allocation. And it's less situational than you thought. Theron (first turn): 6 INF (Sprint, Sun Strike on himself, 2 CPs, Bless of the God Father on himself, and finally the third CP). Theron (other turns): 2 or 3 INF (depends on how much I can spare) or 6 INF if I have the iniciative and I have the opportunity to TO an enemy in melee. Skatha (first turn): 4 INF (Snowball + Pass to Seenah / Jaecar, Jog stepping my Fast Ground and Cold Snap) Skatha (other turns): 2 INF (Snowball + Pass or Cold Snap), 4 INF (same as first turn or goal run). Don't forget to use her Legendary Play when attempting a goal run. Seenah (always): 2 INF, for TO someone or to deliver KDs. It's a difficult model for the enemy to control it. Egret (first turn): 2 INF is the optimun (Jog, Flurry) but if you deploy her too much in a flank, the she needs 3 to Jog. Important, try to activate Egret as late as you can. Lots of enemies, after advancing, tends to finish too close between them. Flurry against the center (or the easiest target), poison them and wait. That's 4 DMG at the end of the turn. Egret (other turns): 2 INF (jog + Flurry, or Sprint + Kick if I have the ball) or 4 if I have the iniciative and I see the opportunity of a goal run. Zarola (always): 2 INF (jog + MO). Try to put her always that INF because in that form she doesn't depend on the position or the activation of Theron or oHearne. If you don't see a good opportunity to MO, then, don't put anything on her. Jaecar (first turn): 1 INF (sprint) or 4 INF if I propel him with Skatha or Zarola. Jaecar (other turns): 4 INF. Always deserves these 4 INF. You have to learn to bounce between enemies to not stand in the middle of nowhere because of a damn Counterattack. oHearne (always): 1 INF, he doesn't need more. Jog, teleport, Attack (choose Singled Out), Blessing on himself and Skewered on the same target. He's one of our best setup players. Other people use him as a goal threat (the teleport is very tricky) or as a damage dealer. In these cases you will need more INF on him. vHearne (always): Depends. You will use him specially to KD people and put Last Light on someone. He's a leftover player, you put your spare INF on him. Minx (first turn): Nothing or 1 INF. Charge to the air and end your activation, or Charge against someone, do DMG (that's snared and Back to the Shadows triggering), bounce to another enemy or attack again. Minx (other turns): Maybe nothing (if she is stuck and I don't care about it) or 2 INF. She's one of the best MP generators of our team. She deserves some INF for that. Also, she is a surprising goal threat. Fahad (always): Nothing. The best is putting 1 on it, to trigger Nimble, but almost always I don't have enough INF. Chaska (always): 1 if you only are approaching him to the enemy. 2 if you have an enemy at distance and cannot buff him. 4 if you have an enemy at distance and have the means to buff him (Blessing, MO, Last Light, snared or KD enemies). Snow and Ulfr are pretty useless in my game style. Ulfr will need 4 INF to make goal runs (Charge, Where'd They Go and Kick) and the wolf will need nothing, or maybe 1 to put Feral Instinct or to make a Pass after Oh...Balling the ball. I hope this helps. Edit: Correction of some grammar mistakes and an addition to Skatha.
  6. What about Bolt?

    If Bolt begins its turn engaged by an enemy, he can use his Stamina Jog to relocate himself around the enemy without leaving the enemy melee zone. It's not a straight movement, but you can gain some distance towards your next target. Then, if Tutelage is available, he can Shoemerang himself to knocked-down the engaging enemy or use I'm Open! to dodge 4". Also, he can leave the engaging enemy melee zone with his first Jog (wherever you want to leave), suffer the Parting Blow and, if Knock-Down, use MP to remove it and then make the Standard-Jog. Plenty of options here.
  7. I think you need a battery player, someone that gives more INF that it needs. If you want to score VPs more with goal than with casualties, you will need lots of INF. Minx would be your best option. She can work well with 1 INF: Charge, bounce to other enemy, Attack the new target, and Back to the Shadows. With 2 INF, she also can reliably score goals.
  8. Farris rules question

    Here there are some additional details about Farris that would be good to see and may help: Farris' Impact doesn't trigger Unpredictable Movement (because of its Advance hasn't finished yet). The same with other abilities, like Counter-Charge and equivalents. Farris works very well with 1 INF. Just Sprint, Attack, get a momentous Push or Stagger, reposition yourself to a good place (preferably without exiting the enemy' melee zone), and done. Reposition her to allow other friendly charges, to block enemy paths and lines of sight, to stay at 6" of Bolt or to give [+1] ARM to any apprentice. Remember that, if you are engaged, you cannot unsnap the ball. If you use the Legendary Play, maybe would be better using the Give It a Whack to "try" to pass the free ball (KICK [2/6"]) to a better place or to a friendly player, rather than snapping it. She is a terrible vessel for Bolt's "I'm Open!" and isn't a good ball carrier (even with ARM [3]) to protect it.
  9. What about Bolt?

    A few days ago, Bolt's card was revealed. And nobody has spoken about him. So I want to discuss some of his benefits. I think he's one of the best apprentices Blacksmiths have at their disposal right now: his double movement (that synergizes so well with Farris' Quick Foot), his fantastic Character Plays (one of them assures an auto-knocked down to an enemy), the possibility of make them free if he's close to Farris, his good atributes (good DEF and ARM, good KICK stats) and a fair Playbook. You have to be aware of Shoemerang doesn't need to choose an enemy model to target. That's very powerful. You can choose a friendly model and inflict him 2 DMG, then choose an enemy model and apply him the knocked-down condition. Even if you need it, you can choose Bolt as a target. So, beware DEF 6+ Velocities and company, Bolt is arriving, XD!! He's a versatile player, that can work well without INF or load him with 3 to make a goal run. If he starts its activation near Farris, he can move, use his Shoemerang on an enemy and return to the safety with his second move, without paying any INF. Simply marvelous. His higher weaknesses are his low HP (as all apprentices have) and his "overdependence" of Farris (without her, Bolt loses a lot of power). What do you think about Bolt?
  10. Burnish preview

    I don't know if the deal of exchange all my conditions (in area) for the burning condition for free is enough fair. Burning condition is very annoying, but with some models ignoring the first application of it, the removal of the rest of (more dangerous than burning) conditions and doing all this for free, doesn't seem a dilemma. I think the INF cost of Reduction should be 1. Also, as a Hunter player, I know how unfair could be Chaska with its Boom Boxes. It has its drawbacks (no MP generation, all or nothing outcome), but the reward is amazing. You only need Theron or oHearne previous activation, generate 1 MOM (fortunately that's easy) and put BotGF to Chaska. Burnish does the same, switching the super push for an AOE and the burning condition. If with Chaska deserves the investment, with Burnish will deserve, too. Burnish needs to be the Captain to get its full potential, but right now, the only real contender to be Captain is Ferrite. Every other master can work perfectly well with the 3 INF cap. So, it's not a real problem. The character play denial IMO is ok. It has a fair cost (1 MP) so no complains here. Out of all this, what do you think will be the sinergy of Burnish apprentice? I think s/he will have Fire Forged for sure, and maybe Burning Passion. What will be her/his role?
  11. Burnish preview

    Being Captain (not a real problem, because Ferrite is the only contender), with Tooled Up from Furnace and 4 INF, you can do 8 AOE damage with him. 12 using the LP. And not counting the burning condition. Isn't it too excessive? People already complain about power creeping of Blacksmiths, Burnish gives them more reason. Other way, the sculpt is gorgeous!! I love flamethrowers!!
  12. And using Hemlocke to screw with Blind and Smelling Salts? She can eliminate an enemy vHearne KD run or a Seenah charge setup. With 2 INF every turn may work well. And what about A&G? They are players I never use. Could be good against Hunters?
  13. vHearne can be chosen perfectly in the variable slot for the reasons you suggest. IMO it's a mith that Hunters are a low INF team. Excepting Seenah and oHearne, all the other players generate the same INF that the other teams (4 INF captains, 2 INF players and 1 INF mascots). Furthermore, Seenah, Fahad and Minx are Furious, Theron and oHearne have their Blessing, and vHearne has Last Light. That's a lot of INF efficiency tech. Finally, most of the time you are playing with a standard 13 INF team. But you are right Hunters have to control the INF generation. Fortunately, most of our players are good performers with their own INF pools. Seenah (because it doesn't generate any INF), Jaecar and Chaska want more INF to kill people reliably; Skatha, Egret and Ulfr want more to make goal runs; and Theron wants more for his first shooting turn and for a melee killing run.
  14. Hi everyone! After the massive Hunter delivery in Mistery Boxes, there have been a great increase of players using them in my meta. And since I'm the only one who played them, I never wonder how to fight against other Hunter teams. These are my first thoughts (pretty obvious some of them): Enemy Hunters can take profit of Theron's forest. If the other player chooses Theron as a captain, oHearne will be a must. A double Theron, double oHearne confrontation could be very fun. Hunters have fantastic threat extenders: Zarola's MO, Skatha's Snowball and Winter Blessing, Minx's MT, Theron-oHearne combo... If both players have the same tools, it could be very dificult to hit the first strike we adore. It could be good using some baits to cheat the other player (Fahad with Nimble up or Zarola herself), but it may only work against new players. Hunters hate 2" melee enemy players. Although Seenah flaws, it may be a must, too. Hunters also hate scrums, so Egret loses her raison d'etre to be included in this fight. Playing football may be a good strategy. Between our sucking killing ball abilities and our movement extenders, scoring goals is a reality. Ulfr becomes a good candidate. Hunters lack on good KDs (only vHearne and Seenah to be considered), so Snow's aura could be useful. So, depending the strategy we want to follow: To play football (2-2, or 3-0): Skatha, (Fahad or Snow), Ulfr, Zarola, Jaecar and (Seenah, oHearne or Minx) You can choose Seenah to catapult it to the enemy with Skatha or Zarola, making a terrific alpha strike and to transorm it into a KD-bot later, kidnapping all enemy players you can. You can choose oHearne to take profit of enemy Theron forests, and to have a good all-round player. Or you can choose Minx to have another goal threat, a reliable enemy debuffer and a INF battery. To play murdering (1-4): Theron, (Fahad or Snow), Zarola, oHearne, Jaecar and (Minx, Chaska or Seenah) You can choose Minx and Seenah for the same reasons as above. And you can choose Chaska for his Boom Box and traps. The general strategy is overcome the enemy Hunter with a decent Alpha Strike. Catapulting Seenah or Jaecar in the right moment is crucial, so it may be interesting to begin the game kicking the ball. What do you think about?
  15. Hunters in Pitch Formations

    Have you got any problems with supercaptain first activations? That's the thing concerns me more. Hunters are too much flimsy to hold the line. I have the feeling I'm giving away 2 VP.