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  1. Petraites

    Up against the Alch

    I disagree with the selection of Egret. I think Alchemists will not tend to do scrums, they will play in a wide formation, so Egret's Flurry will not be so effective. Also, giving poison to Alchemist players is a mistake, becuase they can remove it for great benefits. If you want follow Jacc's plan, maybe Mataagi can cover Egret spot better (ranged damage + goal threat).
  2. Petraites


    I also prefered S3 Farris over her S4 version. It's true her actual Legendary Play is really useful (even if she is not the Captain) and if in cover, she can protect the ball against most non-captain strikers, but beyond that, she is a pretty mediocre model. Her setup capacities reduces to Stagger, an unreliable KD, her melee zone and some pushes (in S3 was the same but she can do it for 1 INF); he is also a tax for playing Bolt and her KICK stats are the worst of the guild. I don't know what to think about her.
  3. Petraites

    S4 Theron 4+ Takeout list

    Pack Mentality is a very powerful tool against no knocked-down, take-out teams. If BS don't take Hearth (for its unbeatable KD delivering), Snow can be a good candidate. Also, BS is one of the teams with higher ARM attribute in GB, so Feral Instincts can get some good use here. Maybe Aaron risks Snow a little to trigger Loved Creature, as a deterrent of producing splash damage, like Burnish Flame Belch or vCinder charge. That's my guess. But I'm with mr baron choosing Fahad over Snow against BS. Fahad is a good battery, a good damage dealer and a fantastic ball protector. And I can't conceive a BS team without Hearth, so Snow loses his best tool.
  4. Petraites

    Up against the Alch

    The better philosophy to play against the new Alchemists I think is accepting you will always suffer 3 damage each turn and will have a permanent -2"/-2" MOV penalty. Probably not the first turn and you will always be able to spend MP to mitigate some of the effects. Also, as most of the ways Alchemist can deliver conditions are pulses and auras, you also can mitigate their game splitting over the table (which Hunters do pretty well). But you must accept your players will be burning and poisoned most of the time. Excepting poison and burning, Alchemists also has a problem removing conditions, so maybe Hunters must abuse snared, knocked-down and bleed against them. They have oHemlocke yet, but Union picks are increasingly rarer. Also, their main damage dealers are the Kats, Venin and, to a lesser extend, Mercury. The other models are mostly condition deliverers, controllers and strikers, so pay attention to the damage dealers to slow down their take-out game. Also, careful with Flask and his explosion. Finally, it seems that Smoke is more popular than Midas (as you can read in the Alchemists' forum). Smoke likes to keep the ball until he has 8VP, when he activates and scores the victory goal. Flask is more popular than Naja, too. These are mostly some ideas you can explore. I hope they are helpful.
  5. Petraites


    I have been thinking about the new S4 Farris iteration, and she can be very tricky. First of all, she is a good damn opportunity goal scorer. Just give her 1 INF and she will be capable of score from 20" away (sprint, drop the ball, activate legendary and shoot). Also, she is a decent ball carrier: a cover and her ARM3 can make the deal. But my more interesting idea is making her captain when receiving the ball. Activate her first, with 1 INF. Recover the ball with her, activate legendary and pass to someone. If she hasn't enough movement, make a Pass & Go to put her aura in a better position. That means, in the best case, the other five players will have a free 4" dodge. With Hearth and her aura, these dodges can be doubled. With Anvil or Iron, you can almost begin the match 6" beyond your deploy zone. And you will still have 11INF to spend as you like. This is a very powerful move. Imagine a Bolt first turn, last activation. If he begins his activation inside Farris' legendary aura, he will have 2 free passes. Best scenario possible: P&M from Hearth's aura (4"), Stamina jog (4"), free Ride Off pass with P&M (4", he must be inside Farris aura yet), free I'm Open! pass with P&M (4"), natural Sprint (6") and Kick (6"). All adds up a non-linear 28" goal threat, for 2 INF. And you can exaggerate more with Farris Quick Foot on Bolt. With 11 INF left, you can do great exploits with your players. The first three activations would be master activations. First one, obviously, Farris. The other two, Masters that can buff your own players, rather than debuffing enemies: Furnace's Tooled Up and One at a Time Lads, Hearth's Instruction and Use This!, Burnish's Flame Belch for Cast. It's a fantastic way to setup takeouts while burning activations. The next two activations would be your killer Apprentices: vCinder, Cast, Alloy or Iron. The last activation would be Bolt trying a goal run. If all works, it can be a 6VP turn (1 takeout, 1 goal). The play has its risks though. If your opponent kicks off with a powerful striker, you will not be able to stop his goal. You are using the ball to get that 4" free dodge and the striker will surely steal you the ball easily. Also, passes can fail (even with 5 dice and a 3+ TN, the chance is still there), placing the ball in odd and unconfortable places. But, overall I think is a wonderful play. What do you think?
  6. Petraites

    Season 4 Discussion

    There are some ideas that can help: Excepting the conditions burning and poison, and the inclusion of Hemlocke, Alchemists doesn't have a good tech against conditions. You can abuse delivering knocked-down conditions. Also, I don't know is a good idea to put the burning condition on them because they can use it to fuel their traits. Every Alchemist player has a form to put conditions on your players, so get used to lose 3HP every turn and to have a permanent -2"/-2"MOV. It's better to use MP to heal you up, rather than removing your conditions. Only the Captains, the Kats and Compound can put the knocked-down condition, and only oKat can do it reliably, so they are very vulnerable to 2" melee heavy hitters (like Sledge, vCinder and any apprentice with Hearth's Use this!). Alchemists don't have damage enhancements (like Tooled Up), or Defense or Armour penalties. Their TAC enhancements are personal (oKat and Venin). Bolt is banned against Alchemists. He suffers the double with the burning condition (and he always will be burning). It will be very difficult to kill the ball effectively. Crucible is an astonishing ball retrieval, and Midas can surpass our Armor tech easily. Alchemists plays and traits are mainly pulses and AOEs, now. They will enjoy enemy clusters, so try to avoid them (maybe moving players in groups of two, for example). Alchemists have lost Intensify, their most dangerous form to deliver damage. They also have lost Momentous Inspiration. That means they have to approach to make some MP (if they don't have the ball, of course).
  7. Petraites

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    What do you people want to dump Jaecar so easily? He only loses 2 spike damage from his old trap and a -2"/-2" MOV mod from G&S (and the Blood CP but who cares). He is an all-around player yet: has a superb move, makes lots of damage and MP, sets up and controls enemy players and can score opportunistic goals.
  8. Petraites

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Minerva is the only Hunter source they have to remove conditions, outside the MP spending, so she will be absolutely necessary against heavy condition teams. Also, she is one of the best setup players (Spy Eyes, KD, Harrier), so any melee oriented Hunter team will pick her up. Mataagi is a range damage deliverer and an opportunistic goal scorer, like Egrett. He is a good complement to any 1/4 oriented teams.
  9. Petraites

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    The changes I can see for now: Theron: He loses 2HP and his forest is more easily placeable. Skatha: She was already revealed, so no comments. Fahad: No changes at sight. Snow: It gains KICK range, greater Pack Mentality radius and Loved CReature trait, and loses Oooh...BALL! trait. Chaska: His Boom Box has changed radically. It's OPT, costs 3 INF, has RNG 6" and does 6 DMG and a 4" push to one enemy. Mud Concealer trait now gives DEF instead of ARM. Plus the already known changes to hunter traps. Its Playbook also changes: he has more relevant early results (momentous doble push on 1, 2 momentous damage on 2) but at the cost of losing options. Egret: Swift Strikes now grants 2" dodges. Her Playbook becomes a little worst (momentous push dodge on 4, instead of on 3). Hearne: No changes here. vHearne: Already revealed, too. Jaecar: He loses Blood and a column playbook result (3 damage dodge push on 6). His trap have changed. Seenah: It totally changes. It loses its free charge (although now it has a free attack), its free disengage and its extra VP gain, but it gains loads of damage potential (1 hit in melee = 1 DMG, Crucial Artery and Isolated Target) and 1 extra INF. It also loses a high KD damage playbook result. Ulfr: He gains MOV, KICK range and a shortened playbook. He loses Blood Scent and some interesting playbook results (momentous damage on 2, momentous tackle dodge on 3). vMinx: Her traps changes. Zarola: She gains TAC, KICK dice and max INF. She keeps her crappy playbook (now one column longer than before, yay!). Mataagi and Minerva: The same players, with the reduction of Harrier range.
  10. Petraites

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Our friends of Rage Quit Wire have posted all the S4 Hunter cards: https://www.facebook.com/pg/RageQuitWire/photos/?ref=page_internal
  11. Petraites

    Entire Hunter and Falcons release date

    If Theron suffers any nerf, my bet will be the reduction of Pinned range to 6". This is considering the general downgrading or elimination of control playstyle the game is suffering, such as lowering the number of available AOEs or the range of some CPs.
  12. Petraites


    These are some of the things you get with Farris: 1. INF efficiency: In a team that you only get 12 INF and has some very hungry players (Apprentices), every form of INF efficiency is welcome. Farris can work only with 1INF pretty well, (Sprint + Attack), giving her 2" melee presence (for Sentinel aura and melee bonuses and penalties), her -1DEF debuff to an enemy and a fantastic Momentum. 2. Bolt power-up: That's an obvious one, but it's still a powerful reason. Bolt can get 5 effective Influence if he begins near Farris. Throwing Shoemerang for free is invaluable. Also, the couple Farris/Bolt can do a lot of damage against the right target. Bolt can put 14 DMG in a turn reliably, against a Staggered, Shoemeranged target. 3. Ball fankiness: That's the weakest argument, because it's very situational, and even unreliable. Farris has three rules that makes her unique interacting with the ball. She can steal balls without Tackles (so overrides Close Control enemy trait), she can kick close free-ball markers (getting more kick distance and better kick paths) and, if she is captain, she can give the lattest ability to other close friends. Very few models can make these tricks with the ball, but, because of his lame KICK stat, they result difficult to take profit. Also, if she is captain, she can get a 20" goal threat: Quick Foot on her (2") + Sprint (10") + dropping the ball (2") + Kick (6"). Just be careful with not overextending her too much, because she is more fragile that she looks.
  13. Petraites

    Free Cities Draft

    And what about a player who could consolidate a gun-line playstyle for Brewers? You already have Esters, Stoker, Stave and Hemlocke, maybe a player who makes viable their Character Plays (generating MP with CP, like Theron's Sun Strike, for example). It can open a new way to explore the Brewers.
  14. Petraites

    Hammer Masons

    The major vulnerability of 1" melee superbeaters are counter-attacks. It's true that, with a "Take a Breather", Hammer removes any KD on it (and can keep beating your players), but there is an important detail here: he needs MP to do it. That would the scenario. Mason player begins a turn activating his Hammer with 5 INF. Because of beginning the turn, the Mason player has no MP (while the BS player has one). Hammer begins his activation absorbing INF from a friend to gain Iron Fist (and Punishing March if he has to). Now, he is ready to Charge/Jog to make his magic. Hammer engages Hearth and begin to attack her. What does he need to beat the grandma succesfully? Hammer stops beating when. because of a counter-attack, the target leaves Hammer's melee zone with a Dodge or a Push or Hammer becomes KD. Hammer has Stoic, so can ignore counter-attack pushes. Hearth has no Dodges, so other problem solved. Finally, only remains the KD. And Hearth has a very easy-to-get KD. Therefore, Hammer has to evade Hearth's KD. How can he ignore the KD? Two viable solutions: either KDing her first (so, she will not be able to counterattack) or generating MP to remove the future KD. Hearth has Sturdy, so she cannot be KD (unless you get 8 hits and select 2 KD results; mathematically is difficult: you have to charge and get 10 successes with 11 dice). The second option is generating MP. Hammer has MP playbook results at the beggining of his playbook. So, he is forced to choose a low Playbook result to generate MP and, then, counter the counter-attack. If he begins the sequence with a Charge, he can get a wrap reliably well against the granny (7 hits is more or less 50% of chances). If he succeds, the granny is dead. If he fails, Hearth survives and Hammer can have a trouble. Finally, if Hammer begins the sequence with a Jog, wrapping is impossible (you cannot get 7 hits with TAC7 against a ARM2 model), Hearth survives and Hammer are in trouble again. What do we get? If Hammer is engaged (and no engaging anyone) at the beginning of a turn and Masons has the initiative, Hearth can be a good control piece to immovilize him. The enemy decides to generate momentum with other player? Take profit and cripple Hammer with TAC debuffs and KDs. If Hammer begins his activation KD, engaged with an enemy and no engaging anyone, he will have a real problem. Concluding, Hearth can mitigate (at some degree) a first-turn activation Hammer. And yes, the option of having a counter-attack changes drastically the enemy decisions (and forces him to choose worst results), so not so pointless.
  15. Petraites

    Hammer Masons

    The major problem is knowing how to disable super-players with Blacksmiths. Here there are some specific tips that could help you against Hammer: TAC Debuffs are our best defense against this animal, so let's abuse of Ferrite "Disarm" and Cast "Shield Glare". A TAC 5 Hammer is not a happy Hammer. Some of our players can contest Hammer charges. Cinder "Unpredictable Movement" makes her inmune to his charge. And Hearth, with "Sturdy" can reliably Counter-attack Hammer for a well-merit KD (although you need MP for this). Our 2" melee players can engage Hammer without engaging him to us (this doesn't resolve the Hammer superbeating power, but can mitigate it evading his charge). Finally, be careful with the ball. A Hammer with the ball is a Hammer with a surprising threat range and mobility. He will use it to disengage him from bad scrums, to engage with models with Unpredictable Movement or simply to gain 4" to his movement.