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  1. Rise of Zarola

    I have never got a good game with Zarola. Obviously, MO is a very good CP (you must be blind if you don't see it, XD), and her DEF 5+ is sweet, but the rest of her is genuinely trash. Linked (Fahad) on Zarola (and Linked (Zarola) on Fahad, too) is a trap. The two typical plays are: Zarola gets the ball, passes to Fahad and MO on Fahad, then activate Fahad, charges against some well placed enemy, and finally shot for goal. The goal threat is huge, but the play is very unreliable (so need MP to boost it) and Fahad needs a well placed enemy to bounce with its charge and place itself within 4" of his goal. Also, it's a difficult first turn goal play. Zarola would need a Blessing to make a Sprint, a pass and a MO to Fahad (so more setup). Zarola throws her Chain Bolas to some enemy, then activate Fahad and charge against that enemy. If well positioned, the play only costs 2 INF (free with a Blessing), and has a good potential damage and momentum gain. Then, where's the drawback? Does anyone remember why Avarisse and Greed were so powerful in 1rs and 2nd seasons? Because they brought an extra activation to its team. In this game, the first and the last activation are very powerful resources, and A&G gave them to you very easy and reliably. I'm not confortable with forfeiting an activation and giving that so valued last activation to my enemy. In Harmony and Honour, the sacrifice worths it, because the odds to score a goal with the sisters are high. The odds to take out a player with Zarola-Fahad combo are not so frequent. Unpredictable Movement is a fantastic thing, but the most "scory" teams has the right tools to overcome this obstacle (mostly 2" melee zones, bouncing and in-demand dodges). I have more success killing the ball kicking it to a flank, forcing strikers to lose a turn running towards it, rather than giving the ball to Zarola. Although, it's one of the best defensive traits in the game. Her attributes are very underwhelming (except its max-move and its defence) and her Playbook makes everyone laugh or cry (depending of the player, XD). Also, as said earlier in this thread, in a so INF starved guild, it's difficult to justify the inclusion of her. Or she is neutral (she generates two INF and she needs 2 INF to use MO or Chain Bolas) or she will become very dependant of the inclusion, positioning and activation of Theron and oHearne. Imo, she doesn't deserve it. I think our team has already enough movement tricks to get where and when we need.
  2. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    Maybe a comparison could help with Egret. The players I think are more similar to Egret are Salvo, Calculus and Hemlocke. Comparing with these three players, the general cons of Egret are: Lack of good passive buffs from its team (mainly Momentous Inspiration). Lack of extra utility via Character Plays. Salvo can screw enemy strikers and recover free-balls, Calculus and Hemlocke can control with Blind and Hemlocke can remove conditions. Egret can only poison non-Tough Hide players and trigger Swift Strikes with Snap Shot. Lack of Health Points. Excepting for Hemlocke, the other two has more HP than Egret. Maybe because of the designers use striker scales on her (normally strikers has less HP) or because of her defensive tech (its mobility), but actually she has less HP. Comparing them individually, beginning with Salvo: Salvo has the same kind of influence efficiency than Egret, but Salvo has more freedom in its activations because he provides its own efficiency (while Egret gets that efficiency from Theron or Hearne). Salvo has more TAC, so more reliability in his Playbook. The first two columns of Salvo (when he normally would reach with a non-charging attack) are better (are the same except for a momentous 2" Dodge in second column in Salvo). The rest of the Playbook, imo favoured Salvo. That momentous Tackle with 2" Dodge in the 4th column is great. Egret has a Tackle with 1 DMG in 3rd column that can trigger Poison and a 1" Dodge, but the lack of being momentous is its perdition. Salvo has access to Tooled Up (it's better applied on Ratchet, Pin Vice or Ballista, but it's still an option). Now with Calculus: Calculus has a Playbook more oriented to damage rather than to ball recovery and mobility, as Egret has. Calculus can apply the poison condition more reliably than Egret (Noxious Blast persists until end of turn, and his trait puts the condition automatically). Calculus has better sinergies with his team than Egret (vKatalyst do more damage to conditioned enemies, Venin's Heroic Play needs poisoned people to work, Smoke can move and duplicate her AOE, Flask and vKatalyst has Intensify). Finally, I won't make a comparison with Hemlocke, because, apart from the initial ones, the Magical Brew trait and its DEF 5+, it has no improvements. So, what things has Egret these trio don't have? Mobility. With Swift Strikes and Back to the Shadows, Egret can move more than 10" in a turn, with her own means. The others can get extra mobility (Second Wind from Ballista and Decimate, Lure of Gold from Midas, and other minor movement buffs), but first, that needs activation and closeness of other teammates, while Egret has it on her own; and second, Egret also has access to other fantastic movement buffs (Zarola's MO, Skatha's toys). Offensive power. Egret has more potential damage than Salvo, with the same influence investment. Hemlocke and Calculus are on the par (Flurry has more effective area than Noxious Blast and don't put poison on allies; NB has its own benefits, too). Football capabilities. Egret has better KICK stats than Calculus and Hemlocke, and her mobility helps, too. Salvo is on the par with her. Egret has access to a reliable source of snared targets. Hunters are experts putting snared conditions to everyone. Not an advantage per se, but the lacking of friendly passive buffs and its mobility gives her a little more positional freedom. Standing at range of BotGF and MO is very good, but not essential. She's very independent. Summarizing, with these similar roles (ranged damage dealers): Salvo excels on utility, efficiency and football capabilities. Calculus excels on damage dealing and durability. Hemlocke excels on utility, damage dealing and defense. Egret excels on mobility, damage dealing and football capabilities. In quality terms, I think Egret is well positioned. Maybe changing her Snap Shot to another better utility CP, or increasing his HP to 14, but no more.
  3. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I must say Egret is NOT a striker, although in her card says she is that. She is an excelent, slippery, ranged damage dealer. Put her 2 INF, and with one of your last activations, move 6" with her, use Flurry in a good target and then retreat 5" with Swift Strikes and Back to the Shadows. That's 4 DMG to everyone caught in the pulse. Maintain her in one flank, near the center of the field and, if the enemy player scores a goal, return the ball as closer as you can of her. There is a lot of possibilities that, with this 2 INF you can score a goal in return in her next activation (Sprint + Kick). It's not the only time SFG don't label correctly a model (look at Fillet as an example, she's also a "striker"). People get confused with Egret "Striker" status (including myself, at te beginning), but, when you realize she is not a striker, then you begin to see her true potential.
  4. Season Four Solthecian Player

    What about a peacock, or an ostrich? The first is a big, coloured bird, and the second is a bigger, fast one. And as a football backup ability, the mascot can help to the mobility, for example: Powerful flapping (4" Aura): Other friendly Guild models within this aura can make a Sprint as a Standard-Advance without spending Influence.
  5. I want to assure Sun Strike triggers with Character Plays triggered via a Playbook result (Jaecar's Bleed and Gut & String, Hearne's Singled Out, etc.). Thanks for the answer.
  6. Midas, the Shining Terror

    A Skatha's Cold Snap followed by a Seenah's Charge as the last activations of the turn, and activating first Seenah the next one, is enough to destroy either two Katalysts. During the first turn, it's probably the enemy haven't generate momentum (except if he receives the ball and begins to pass it between its players), so with the momentum generated by Seenah is enough to have an advantage on the initiative roll.
  7. Help againt Union

    Here goes some random (yet obvious) tips can help: Union, right now, are very unpredictable, because of their greater number of captains. You will have to make a plan for every one of them. Although this, lots of Union players go to safe play, so they will probably put Avarisse and Greed and Harry the Hat. Grace and Benediction are recent toys yet, so it's probably your opponent gives them a try. Brisket is a footballer captain, so you will have to kill the ball as best as you can. The better way is taking the ball and kick it to a flank. Take the cat, catch the ball with it and kick as far as you can from its other players. Meanwhile, you will have to punish the enemy players. Try to go to a 4 kills - 1 goal victory. If you can control the ball until the 4th kill, then you must to go to score with whoever of your players. Hunters has very good players with an average goal threat: Jaecar, Minx, Skatha, Ulfr, A&G, Egret and even Zarola. You will have to control the ball without finishing an activation with a model possesing it. ALWAYS ON THE GROUND if you can! Brisket gets a great advantage if the enemy has the ball in a player. VRage is a brawler captain, and he loves scrums, where he gets the best of himself. He usually stuck an enemy with other 2" melee players and then, use its Red Fury with a killer player (Gutter, for example) to destroy you. You will love Egret against him! Use her as a last activation with 2 INF to use her Flurry over a centered enemy player. 4 DAMAGE assured! You will need all your 2" melee players too (Seenah and one of the Hearnes), because VRage is the captain who wants more 2" melee players in his rooster. Try to skirmish (with Back to the Shadows players) and score goals always you can. It's more easy to say than make it, I know! Blackheart is a support captain, a very good jack-of-all-trades. He's the more unpredictable of all the captains, so play the way you feel more confortable against him. Maybe he will play to score goals with Decimate, Mist and A&G, or he will play to kill people with Harry, Rage and A&G, I don't know.
  8. Nature's Growth AOE Placement

    Thanks for the answer, you are the best!!!
  9. Is scoring goals too easy.

    The solution I liked more is the 15 PV win objective, 3 PV per TO and 5 PV per goal. 3 goals against 5 TOs to win, I think it's fair enough.
  10. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    Here goes some changes I would give to Zarola: Give her Melee Zone 2". With this change, we sharpen more its role in the field as a ganging up model and as a ball carrier. Zarola isn't a very offensive model per se, so we aren't upgrading its figthing potential. With this, the Linked(Fahad) trait is more interesting now, too. Give her the trait Hunter's Prey and change Chain Bolas to "Target model suffers [2] DMG. This model generates [1] MP". Now, the influence investment in Zarola is more interesting. Change some of its attributes and Playbook results. Pretty obvious that one: her Playbook is crap and its attributes (except its DEF) are subpar. I wouldn't give her more KICK attribute to define its not-so-good footballer design, but I would increase its "slipperyness" giving her TAC [5] and a << or <> on her second Playbook column. What do you think?
  11. For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    Methinks the worst thing about Theron's Sun Strike is its momentum/influence ratio (its range, its randomness and its activation order issues are minor problems we can handle, I think). Momentous Inspiration to Theron could be a little heavy, because Hunters has lots of damaging CPs (Theron himself, Zarola, Egret, Chaska, both Hearnes) and can get a very big advantage from it. The other two teams which have MI captains have limited the available damaging CPs: only Mercury, Calculus and Hemlocke can benefit from Smoke's aura. Engineers have plenty of players they can take profit of it: Ballista himself, Salvo, Ratchet, Locus and Hoist copying the play, but apart from Ballista and the Union choice, they have serious issues with their lack of meaningful momentous Playbook results (yes, you can dash into a melee with Salvo or Hoist, and gain momentum, but you're not punishing the target). It's their main form of winning meaningful momentum. Hunters, in the other hand, have Jaecar, Seenah, Minx and Fahad (truly momentum-generating machines), we don't have that issue. To all this, I have an idea to change Sun Strike to break I think its worst flaw: Sun Srike (CST 1, RNG 6"(?), AOE 3", OPT (?)): While within this ongoing-effect AOE, friendly models that generate one or more successful hits when using a Character Play that causes damage, additionally generate [1] MP. I'm transforming Momentous Inspiration in an ongoing-effect AOE. It maintains the activation order issue, but greatly increases its momentum/influence ratio. I would have some doubts with the range and the OPT parameters. Maybe could be interesting the CP could be used more than once per turn, to skip telegraphing future activations, but also I don't know if that would unbalance the game a lot.
  12. Hi everyone!! I want to ask you if when you place a non-CP AOE, like Theron's Nature's Growth, Skatha's Nature's Chill or Smoke's Legendary Play, you have to check the range from edge of the placed AOE to the edge of the user base, or from the center of the AOE to the edge of the user base. I have found a post with the same topic, answering the first option is the right one, but because of that post may be outdated (it's from season 2), I just want to assure the answer remains correct. Thanks in advance.
  13. Is scoring goals too easy.

    Maybe reducing the VP for goal-scoring to 3, instead of 4, could be a good solution: longer games, bigger effort for goaler teams to win, etc. Or maybe some kind of diminishing efficiency, for example, the first 2 goals gives 4 VP, then the next goals only 2 VP.
  14. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Not my Guild, but maybe you can kidnap the ball with high-ARM players. Maybe Mash, near Esters and with Hopper's Tough Skin, or Stoker also with Tough Skin. A 3 ARM player in cover makes impossible to a TAC 4 player to steal you the ball without a Charge. Besides, Mash has a 2" melee UM, which is very defensive. Other form of killing the ball is using Quaff to walk away all you can. Take the ball, Second Wind yourself and flee 12" towards a flank (14" if you sprint, plus other MOV boosts you can get). It's influence intensive, but maybe you can get the time you need to get some TOs.
  15. Theory Concepts

    Dene is not a mascot, but a player, like Seenah.