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  1. A great showing by the Engineers until the final activation by Ballista. Needing to inflict the final 10 damage to a knocked down Ulfr, Ballista had a good opportunity to score the final 2 points. Alas the Fates were not with him and the beast survived to watch teammate Egret score the game winning goal. Hunters 12 Engineers 10
  2. It was a paper doll Blacksmiths team versus the Engineers. After being run over and exploding earlier in the game, Compound was caught napping with the ball just a few steps from the goal post. Iron was able to slip into range and use his Heoic to end the game. Blacksmiths 12 Engineers 6
  3. My brothers in the Brewers Guild are waxing their moustaches and beards, and getting their knives, shards of glass, and favourite crooked pieces of wood ready in the event that "shenanigans" is declared!
  4. I'm not quite as cynical as some posting. I don't think that SFG would waste their own time hyping an event whose outcome was pre-destined. I'm guessing they had broad plans sketched out for every possibility. SteamCon is right around the corner and they probably want to have something firmed up for a presentation then. So, picking a 'close one' (because drama!), they decided to 'lock in' whatever the results were at the time and do the necessary story-gymnastics to put a bow on that race. I doubt that SFG would've said "Hemlocke for Morts" regardless of the state of the UiC event results. If the race was swinging hard for Hunters, there was probably a justification planned that would've had Obulus getting salty for losing "The Witch" and the letter posted to the blog would point out that he's "taking the huntress" as restitution for their (i.e. The Hunters' Guild) impertinence. That's my two shekels.
  5. If The Hat doesn't go to the Engineer's Guild, I think it could be awesome if Pin Vice "resurrects" one of the players killed off in a previous season or one they will 'kill off' in a future installment. What a time to be a Guild Ball coach!
  6. Tankard

    Engineered to Perfection?: Mascots

    I play Mother almost exclusively, but Mainspring is an awesome mascot. The momentous tackle on column-1 is great. I like to keep the Cockroack in the mid and back-field feeding amazing snap shot opportunities to Velocity or anyone else with range of the opponent’s goal. A true battery, Mainspring almost never needs to be assigned INF. Were it not for the flexibility offered by the Hoist-Mother tag-team, I’d be a-okay with fielding Mainspring all of the time.
  7. It was a tough game for Ballista and the Engineers against Hammer and the Masons. 12-2 Masons.
  8. Tankard

    Engineers: Control Team?

    Excellent summary overall. I'm surprised to read (and not only here) that Engineers aren't considered the 'fast' guild. With the obvious exception of Locus (MOV 4"/6" - most teams seems to have one slow-poke!), most of the Engineer's lineup have top-speed of 8" when Sprinting. Hoist (MOV 5"/7") and Compound (MOV 5"/7") are marginally slower, but on the whole it's nearly as irrelevant as Memory's 0"/0" MOV statistic due to the copious amount of "jank in the tank" available to Engineers. Pin Vice (MOV 7"/9") and vVelocity (MOV 7"/9" when using the Fly Keeper Character Trait) share the top-MOV stat available to any non-mascot player on any team. Granted, Engineers do not have access to the much-loved Where'd They Go?!, but oVelocity and Hoist (via True Replication...the most "broken" Character Play in the game IMO) have access to Acrobatics. And then there Pin Vice, the Queen of Speed. Alternator (which is not even a Once Per Turn play! ) makes even the slowest on the team (Locus) a respectable MOV 6"/8" or can send either version of Velocity, Mother, Mainspring (lol), or even Pin Vice herself on a Turn 1 goal-run.
  9. After a run of mishaps against both Masons and Butchers, Fate’s ire was seemingly calmed, allowing the Ballista-led Engineers to push past a spirited and blooded Blacksmiths Guild squad. Lead by the incomparable Ferrite, the Blacksmiths received the Kick Off, but found themselves frustrated by Ballista’s command of the centre of the pitch. The Engineers spent the opening period of the match landing bolt and grenade on the unfortunately positioned Sledge, forcing the fire-forged Furnace and a determined Iron into the fray. While blows were being traded mid-field, well-placed mines took their toll on Ferrite’s stout apprentice, and leaving him open to a final barrage of blows from Hoist. Meanwhile, Ratchet, the Pride of Indar, was also forced to the side-lines to receive the ministrations the Physicians Guild. In the commotion, both teams managed to score twice, brining the score to an even 10-10 points a piece. With the Cogs’ Chant seeming to fill the sails drawn over the pitch to save the crowd from the searing sun, it felt as though it were all over but the crying for the Blacksmiths. Fate, as fickle as ever, had one last card to turn though. First, the Blacksmiths stole the initiative, allowing Cinder to take a shot on goal. The shot, however, glanced off the post within range of Ballista, who launched the ball half the length of the pitch, sending both Furnace and Sledge to the ground, straight to the keen-footed Hoist. Who, despite the best efforts of the remaining Blacksmiths, was able to surge toward the goal for a final time. Not to be taken for granted, Fate was up for one more trick, nearly causing the ball to careen off the edge of the goal post. Thankfully, the shot remained true, leaving Hoist with the game-winning goal.
  10. Tankard

    So I did the PV, Ratchet, Hoist thing with GIC

    I really love the idea of the GIC, but I'm torn between the desire to roll out Pin Vice and the need to hedge against the possibility of kicking to my opponent, which I feel is a great way to have Ballista upfield making friends with whichever poor soul is stuck playing fetch. If I knew I was receiving, I'd be popping Ms. Vice on the pitch all day. As it is, I'm bullied into playing Señor BFC. First world Engineer problems
  11. Effects of Heroic Plays last until the end of turn. Unless otherwise stated, I imagine. So Quaff jogs 8" for the entire turn given that he started "an advance" within the Time's Called aura, no?
  12. Tankard

    Stave Redux

    I think it's a real shame that many teams' least employed players have gotten some kind of tweak/buff in order to bring them into alignment with the evolving Guild Ball landscape, yet Stave has remained untouched. His barrel lob is certainly *potentially* among the most potent in the game, but with the liability that accompanies him: low-INF (even by Brewers' standards), low-MOV (even by Brewers' standards), low-KICK (even by Brewers' standards), low-DEF (even by Brewers' standards), low-ARM (even by...well...you get the idea), it's hard to justify even a place among one's 10-player roster. There are been many, many, suggestions that would improve him, but without full information, I don't know what the real answer is. But, so long as we're wish-listing, my suggestion is probably not at all unique, but is to merely alter his Heroic Play to read: Explosive Brew The next time this model uses a Character Play this turn, it may do so without spending Influence. The next time this model uses the Lob Barrel Character Play this turn, [enemy] all models hit additionally suffer [2] DMG and the burning condition. That's not going to solve the "momentum farm" issue many have pointed out, but might go a little further toward making up for (at least in my opinion) his biggest flaw in design given the current design space being used, the 1/3 INF stat. Also, if Stave is going to be a momentum farm, he might as well force more use of momentum by opponents. It would also re-introduce a synergy with Stoker that existed in Season 1. Finally, it puts a little danger into using the ability as in this version, enemy and friendly models are treated entirely equally in the same way many other powerful AOE/Pulse Character Plays do, such as: Scything Blow, The Unmasking, or Smashing Face. Anywho, that all pie in the sky, but I'm hoping that there will be an iteration of Stave in a future errata that will make him more relevant, but until then, he'll probably remain the 11th-player in a 10-player roster.
  13. Tankard

    Cats are better than dogs

    I like the cat (to carry the ball, and dish out damage), but about 80% of my games with either captain is with Quaff. First, I am a *huge* fan of Second Wind. It just gets people where I need them to be, especially on first turn, or to get someone back into the fight after being taken out. Second, I often use Quaff to earn me a much needed late-turn surge in momentum. With 1 INF + 2 INF from Old Jakes, Quaff earns quite a bit of momentum (especially when combined with Commanding Aura, gang ups, and Bag of Quaffers). Finally, if I want to make someone a counter-attack threat, I'll activate Quaff early in the turn order to put BoQ on that player. On Mash, it puts the on C2 well within reach. And those C3 results on Hooper, oSpigot, Stoker, and now Lucky are in play, especially with Bonus Time or while within the Commanding Aura bubble. So, while the cat is great in certain situations, especially against certain guilds, I think that Quaff is my default-pick with Scum being taken in situations when I feel I need the cat's damage and/or speediness.
  14. Tankard

    How do you deal with all the low def pieces?

    As has already been briefly said, Compound into Alchemists is the hard counter to the Turn 1 goal from Vitriol. I'll just flesh that answer out. On receiving the ball, pass to Compound or have the big fella go get it himself if he can retreat to Rush-Keeper range of the goal, spend 1 INF for Horrific Odour. Engineers are strong/consistent passers, so this ought not be a problem. Of course, Vitriol can still try to get the ball, but she can't do all of her usual shenanigans (i.e. Charge for Clone and momentum + Attack again for the Tackle + Shoot = Goal) because Gluttonous Mass allows you to ignore the first successful Attack. So she loses that C3 "Momentous Clone" result she needs, and so she won't have the momentum to shoot, because her Tackle (unlike our many players in our Guild) isn't momentous. She can't even pass back because the KICK costs 2 INF within 6" of Compound with Horrific Odour activated as she's already spent 3 to get the ball. If you caught her in the trap, she's probably in big, big, trouble when you push Harry or Ballista, or Hoist into melee and beat her into the ground. Feel free to hang onto that ball until you're ready to make a goal-run on your own terms. If you aren't being pressured to move the ball into play, don't. Beat them up for a bit. Remember that Compound also has a Tackle on C2, which makes getting it back on a counter attack a bit easier. Also, make sure to put up Horrific Odour early-ish in each turn for maximum 'tilt'. Haha! Bonus: This is a video demonstrating the hard-counter that Gluttonous Mass and Close Control are to the Vitriol Turn 1 goal threat. It also goes into other ways to work around the set-play if Compound isn't in your line up.
  15. Tankard

    Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    For my money, given the OPD, especially choosing Captain/Mascot pre-game, I don't bother with list-chicken and just include Ballista and Mother. I then have the rest of my roster to "tech" against the opposing team. I don't have Locus, so I have the rest of my available players plus Harry to work with. It'll keep my opponent guessing. That's not to say that Pin Vice has no place (I happen to like her into Alchemists with a boat-load of Close Control and Reanimate players), but Ballista feels more versatile.