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  1. Effects of Heroic Plays last until the end of turn. Unless otherwise stated, I imagine. So Quaff jogs 8" for the entire turn given that he started "an advance" within the Time's Called aura, no?
  2. Stave Redux

    I think it's a real shame that many teams' least employed players have gotten some kind of tweak/buff in order to bring them into alignment with the evolving Guild Ball landscape, yet Stave has remained untouched. His barrel lob is certainly *potentially* among the most potent in the game, but with the liability that accompanies him: low-INF (even by Brewers' standards), low-MOV (even by Brewers' standards), low-KICK (even by Brewers' standards), low-DEF (even by Brewers' standards), low-ARM (even by...well...you get the idea), it's hard to justify even a place among one's 10-player roster. There are been many, many, suggestions that would improve him, but without full information, I don't know what the real answer is. But, so long as we're wish-listing, my suggestion is probably not at all unique, but is to merely alter his Heroic Play to read: Explosive Brew The next time this model uses a Character Play this turn, it may do so without spending Influence. The next time this model uses the Lob Barrel Character Play this turn, [enemy] all models hit additionally suffer [2] DMG and the burning condition. That's not going to solve the "momentum farm" issue many have pointed out, but might go a little further toward making up for (at least in my opinion) his biggest flaw in design given the current design space being used, the 1/3 INF stat. Also, if Stave is going to be a momentum farm, he might as well force more use of momentum by opponents. It would also re-introduce a synergy with Stoker that existed in Season 1. Finally, it puts a little danger into using the ability as in this version, enemy and friendly models are treated entirely equally in the same way many other powerful AOE/Pulse Character Plays do, such as: Scything Blow, The Unmasking, or Smashing Face. Anywho, that all pie in the sky, but I'm hoping that there will be an iteration of Stave in a future errata that will make him more relevant, but until then, he'll probably remain the 11th-player in a 10-player roster.
  3. Cats are better than dogs

    I like the cat (to carry the ball, and dish out damage), but about 80% of my games with either captain is with Quaff. First, I am a *huge* fan of Second Wind. It just gets people where I need them to be, especially on first turn, or to get someone back into the fight after being taken out. Second, I often use Quaff to earn me a much needed late-turn surge in momentum. With 1 INF + 2 INF from Old Jakes, Quaff earns quite a bit of momentum (especially when combined with Commanding Aura, gang ups, and Bag of Quaffers). Finally, if I want to make someone a counter-attack threat, I'll activate Quaff early in the turn order to put BoQ on that player. On Mash, it puts the on C2 well within reach. And those C3 results on Hooper, oSpigot, Stoker, and now Lucky are in play, especially with Bonus Time or while within the Commanding Aura bubble. So, while the cat is great in certain situations, especially against certain guilds, I think that Quaff is my default-pick with Scum being taken in situations when I feel I need the cat's damage and/or speediness.
  4. How do you deal with all the low def pieces?

    As has already been briefly said, Compound into Alchemists is the hard counter to the Turn 1 goal from Vitriol. I'll just flesh that answer out. On receiving the ball, pass to Compound or have the big fella go get it himself if he can retreat to Rush-Keeper range of the goal, spend 1 INF for Horrific Odour. Engineers are strong/consistent passers, so this ought not be a problem. Of course, Vitriol can still try to get the ball, but she can't do all of her usual shenanigans (i.e. Charge for Clone and momentum + Attack again for the Tackle + Shoot = Goal) because Gluttonous Mass allows you to ignore the first successful Attack. So she loses that C3 "Momentous Clone" result she needs, and so she won't have the momentum to shoot, because her Tackle (unlike our many players in our Guild) isn't momentous. She can't even pass back because the KICK costs 2 INF within 6" of Compound with Horrific Odour activated as she's already spent 3 to get the ball. If you caught her in the trap, she's probably in big, big, trouble when you push Harry or Ballista, or Hoist into melee and beat her into the ground. Feel free to hang onto that ball until you're ready to make a goal-run on your own terms. If you aren't being pressured to move the ball into play, don't. Beat them up for a bit. Remember that Compound also has a Tackle on C2, which makes getting it back on a counter attack a bit easier. Also, make sure to put up Horrific Odour early-ish in each turn for maximum 'tilt'. Haha! Bonus: This is a video demonstrating the hard-counter that Gluttonous Mass and Close Control are to the Vitriol Turn 1 goal threat. It also goes into other ways to work around the set-play if Compound isn't in your line up.
  5. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    For my money, given the OPD, especially choosing Captain/Mascot pre-game, I don't bother with list-chicken and just include Ballista and Mother. I then have the rest of my roster to "tech" against the opposing team. I don't have Locus, so I have the rest of my available players plus Harry to work with. It'll keep my opponent guessing. That's not to say that Pin Vice has no place (I happen to like her into Alchemists with a boat-load of Close Control and Reanimate players), but Ballista feels more versatile.
  6. How do you deal with all the low def pieces?

    In my opinion, as a guild, we're VERY well-off in terms of making "farming" an unattractive strategy. In general it's just too costly and losing the race to win Initiative isn't actually all that crippling with Home Crowd. However, knowing that some low-DEF models may be farmed, almost regardless of what I do, I try to set a trap. Colossus has relatively easy-access to and has 2" reach. So, assuming I'm enjoying Home Crowd, a first-activation moving into Colossus might cost my opponent a lot of momentum-potential if they aren't able to Colossus on the charge. Colossus also still enjoys Tough Hide and (the oft-forgotten...) Stoic, decent passive defensive tech that can limit an opponent's ability to effectively generate momentum and/or inflict damage. With Harry, I'm typically counter attacking and pushing the player into a more advantageous-for-me position, possibly out of melee, invalidating the rest of the INF assigned to that player. Ballista's Minefield is an obvious trap and no-go-zone for those high-DEF/low-HP models, unless the opponent wants to yield nearly an activation's worth of DMG (4 or 5 boxes worth). Tough Hide and 18 HP make him very resilient and will set him up nicely for the take-out in the subsequent activation. Ratchet really is the squishiest, and everyone knows how much utility he gives to the team, making him Public Enemy Number 1. I usually keep him behind the lines, handing out Fixer and Overclocked while dropping a bomb on or near an opposing player, but sooner or later, he'll get tagged by a beater. The trap here is Compound (who I play often b/c Alchemists are everywhere!), who can play spoiler to an attempt to farm momentum with a well-placed , or even . I've never played with Locus, but I imagine that trying to farm from him would be a miserable experience.
  7. Basic Cog Tactics - What To Do?

    For me, the choice is often "Harry or Hoist", and, for the most part, it depends on how how crucial the 2" melee is. I like Harry into Brewers, Butchers and other damage-dealers who have relatively low-DEF and are prime targets for Goad and are more likely to be forced to deal damage to him in order to achieve their take-out based paths to victory (that's not to say they can't score). Harry can also reliably chip in for damage or apply KD when called upon. I don't usually play Harry into Fish, who have a lot of ways to play around Harry's strengths (e.g. easy access to dodges). However, in a game where the versatility granted by True Replication (by copying Burrow, Blast Earth, Singled Out, etc) appears more valuable than Harry's 2" melee, Hoist is my go-to. More often than not, I enjoy the survivability and versatility provided by Hoist. With respect to Colossus, he is amongst my favourite models in Guild Ball full-stop. Close control (maybe enough said...)! He's also great at scooping up a loose ball (2" snap-to range) and he's incredibly resilient with Tough Hide and ARM2, especially when the model is already locked into melee with him (TAC 5 models can, at best, achieve 3 successes). Stoic often goes overlooked but can be clutch when maintaining the threat of a charge (esp. with Overclocked from Ratchet) or goal. Light footed means that rough ground and pesky forests will not slow Colossus (a surprisingly FAST model) from doing what he wants to do. Finally, his playbook. It's awesome. Singled Out on C1 is awesome! Applying Singled Out makes achieving those juicy C2/C3 results far, far more likely. For example, at TAC 5 (Colossus' base TAC) vs. DEF 4+/ARM 1, the chance of scoring 2 successes is 50%. Not the best. Pushing it up to TAC 7, the odds jump to 77%. Much better! Now getting that KD or Tackle is much more reliable.
  8. Taking Engineers to Vengeance - Blog Article

    The version of the Bug Bomb Goal I've seen pop up sometimes involved Mainspring getting 16" of dodges (4" in Pin Vice's activation + 12" in Mainspring's) before making the push toward the goal. However, I've never seen how this doesn't violate the conditions on Pin Vice's Legendary that deny Oil Token use if the model has already used a Teamwork Momentous play (i.e. Give 'n' Go/Pass 'n' Move). A version with 12" of dodges (4" in Pin Vice's activation + 8" in Mainspring's) certainly is achievable though, and less likely to have an opponent calling "shenanigans" That said, with now having to reveal a Captain and Mascot *before* determining which team kicks/receives (in Tournament Play), I wouldn't feel comfy building a team/roster around this tactic. Indeed, despite my love for Pin Vice, it's likely to be Balista + Mother and eight friends (well, seven and Harry! Hah!).
  9. New to the Cogs

    Welcome to the Guild! I'm relatively new and growing to love the guild. If you're looking to get your first six models on the pitch, I would lead with the starter box (Ballista, Velocity, Salvo), Hoist, Ratchet and Mainspring. There you've got a team that can score, achieve take-outs and dabble in the denial/control aspects of the game without swinging too hard into any one of those paths to victory. A solid 2-goal/2-takeout roster. Personally I'm so in love with Colossus, I have him in my roster instead of Hoist. But I like what Colossus brings to the control and goal-scoring game (knockdown, pushes and good kicking). Best of luck!
  10. Suggestions for playing against Butchers

    Against Butchers, I like to push all-in on goal scoring. Trying to beat them up is a bit risky in my opinion. Butchers seem to loathe high-DEF players since they want to achieve those huge end-of-playbook results that earn take-outs quickly. So Pin Vice and Velocity are a great 1-2 combo that'll have them running after you all game. They're especially good because they have reanimate. Butchers hate reanimate! Since I love scoring, Salvo is good to gobble up a loose ball, or chip in for damage or prevent a Striker from getting a cheeky last-minute goal After that, it's really great to lean on denial aspects to slow them down. Ratchet's Blast Earth, Harry's Molotov, and Hoist for MOAR Blast Earth. As for mascots, Mainspring is great to facilitate those passes or strip the ball away with a sneaky tackle. However, Mother is good at scooping up a loose ball or dropping a nest in such a way to make it difficult for your opponent to achieve objective due to the -1 die on TN test (i.e. pretty much anything worth doing!). Tough call there, so go with your gut. Finally, as a general piece of advice, spread out as much as you can. If you get clumped up your probably going to have a bad time. Good luck!
  11. A Cog's Life

    Engineer’s at the Proving Ground: Part 1 - wherein Pin Vice and a sextet of Cogs take to the field against a team both old and somewhat new.
  12. Kicking off with Cogs

    In the few games I've played with the Engineers, so far I have only kicked off with Colossus with an eye on the terrain. If there's a piece of terrain that would slow or prevent a direct line to picking up the ball, I'll try to put the ball there. Making someone burn INF to sprint as well as pass makes is great. It also could leave that player exposed to Colossus on his activation. Im still durdling around trying to get my legs with Engineers. So take my advice with a old-timey sack of salt.
  13. First engineers game today

    I'm relatively new to the Engineer's Guild, too! Having played four games, all of which have featured Colossus, I would have to say he's among my favourite players. Colossus' quick speed and ability to both retrieve and maintain control of a loose ball is quite valuable with the emphasis on footballing. He is susceptible to being somewhat of a "momentum farm" for your opponents, but easy access to knock-down and his Unexpected Arrival plays make his playbook quite useful. I'm still experimenting, but Colossus will be difficult to replace.
  14. A Cog's Life

    Hi there I've decided that with the new year and the new season comes a new guild. I've decided that I'm going to commit myself to playing the Engineers Guild for Season 3, giving my Brewer's Guild team a rest. To make things more fun for me and to chronicle the change to the new team, I've also decided to launch a blog, which I've called A Cog's Life In general, A Cog's Life is just meant to be a place to throw down some thoughts about the game and especially the guild. My forum posts tend to be long-winded, and even then I sometimes have more to say. So, I figured that a personal blog might be a more appropriate place to do that. As often as I can (I'm aiming for 1 post per week), I plan to cover a range of topics, from new (...and new to me...) player reviews, match-reports, news releases, the meta-game, etc. And, honestly, I'll probably cover some topics more than once as my opinions will inevitably change as I become more experienced and the zeitgeist of the Guild Ball community shifts. So, I don't know if there's necessarily any need or any interest in yet another blog about Guild Ball or someone's shiny new guild, but I thought that I would at least extend an invitation to the community to have a look. Of course, if any of you fellow-coaches have any thoughts about the content (which isn't much right now, I'll admit ... one post!) I'd welcome any constructive criticisms or comments. Cheers!
  15. Fangtooth? Gutter? Hemlocke?

    I'll +1 this. I love "pure" teams, regardless of the Guild.