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  1. anamnesis

    Selling resin Egret and Pin vice, Siren, scum

    I've put the mini i have laying around on ebay for a 2€ starting prise and shipping through most of europe, feel free to check in! Siren resin Egret resin Pin vice resin Scum
  2. anamnesis

    Selling resin Egret and Pin vice, Siren, scum

    Update with prices and shipping!
  3. anamnesis

    Season 3 - Brewer's changes?

    Do you have any pictures of the other players? Does anyone have them undercoated just to see how to details go
  4. anamnesis

    Guild Ball Collection

    Pretty cool, really like tentacle colors Anamnesis
  5. Hi, I'm selling a few mini i have laying around in there original packaging, i have: Resin Egret 9£ Resin Pin Vice 9£ The price include postage to europe Thanks for checking!
  6. anamnesis

    Question from an absolute beginner

    This mostly happen with resin, you can see it's shiny and slimy. For metal, i do it sometimes but not always, you don't need to have a mirror like finish to make paint stick honestly, you better of with a good primer As per guild ball miniature, you need to be careful with the toothbrush cause some of them are very fragile (hello siren). If you can i'll always suggest to pin your mini so you don't have problem. (here is a link ) Welcome to the mini world Anamnesis
  7. anamnesis

    Anamnesis painting corner

    Hey thanks Anphiarus, I'm still slowly working on it yes let's say slow and steady I'm not sure who's next, maybe Siren since she's already primed and i've been very very lazy with my airbrush, too much set up for me Shark is in a miserable state so i've lost a bit of motivation, gladly if found one of the kickstarter pose thanks to grenoir, so maybe i'll paint Shark when he arrive! (Voting Grenoir for the rest of my painter life now ) Anyway thanks for checking ! Anamnesis
  8. anamnesis

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Really like the concept, for the rosse you could go for a very deep crimson me think and i would go for the dark emerald green for the ribbon if you want colour or a off white like deck tan if you want to be more monochrome Glad to see some news on this! Cheers Anamnesis
  9. anamnesis

    Anamnesis painting corner

    That was the idea behind it, i made the base when everyone was talking about tentacle remplacing salt Anamnesis
  10. anamnesis

    Anamnesis painting corner

    Following my holidays, i have finally finished the base for salt who's been waiting on my shelve for ages! Well i realise when putting up the picture that i forgot a few things but i'll will corect them just before the water effect Without further ado, here is salt in all his majestic glory! Cheers! Anamnesis I realise now that the pics are a bit to big and blurry sorry for that
  11. anamnesis

    Anamnesis painting corner

    Hey thanks for the comments, i've been away a bit moving and everything, but i'm still trying to follow a bit the forum For the paint line, i'm using mostly scale 75 now with a bit of vallejo and citadel paint, if you need more information just ask Thanks! Anamnesis
  12. anamnesis

    Plastic box contents

    I would be really interrested to have more information on this "plastic" minis, does anyone have close up or something like that?
  13. anamnesis

    Morticans, Ratcatchers and Union

    Wow... Considere me totally jealous
  14. Hi, We've been playing some game with my friend, learning the game and everything. Now that we mostly know what we do (or supposed too), i'm quite struggling to see what to do against mason and particularly Mallet. That guy is a freaking terror tearing appart everything with ease. I struggle to get the ball back from the bricked playstyle, any advice? What do you do against Mallet or Honour and her double ou tripple activation (if they win initiative) with her buff or her sister? (was playing shark, angel, siren, salt , greyscale, jac) Thanks in advance! Anamnesis fish drowning at the moment
  15. anamnesis

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Really like your choice of colours pretty cool grampa obulus ! Anamnesis