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  1. Blanca

    Hunters by JRS

    Awesome! I love them, and the traps are incredible!
  2. Hello everybody! Few days ago I buy some Scale Color paints as people said there are the best ones for painting. And I realize that are very different as Vallejo and GW ones, I've spend more than 5 different coats for the skin of Mash and it still seems quite translucid (and with a dark imprimation, I guess is more difficult to achieve the skin tone). Could you give me some tips in order to use them better? Thank you!
  3. Blanca

    Next play...against Morticians

    For one day he was the hero. And it's not the only match were Salt has been useful, not long ago it makes a goal against Butchers. It's true that he has not a lot of oportunities and is not in the majority of matches that it can do something, but sometimes is in the point that he can try, and I think... why not?? Now I will try tentacles, I suppose it could help even more.
  4. Blanca

    2 Captain Tournament - Captain Selection

    I see your point, but to my mind, with Corsair is even worst, as he could be unable to move (snared+forest). But it's true that is easy to make a taken out to Shark than to Corsair if affected with snared. To sum up, it's not that easy to make the choice.
  5. Blanca

    2 Captain Tournament - Captain Selection

    Even though I haven't played with Corsair yet, against Hunters I guess that Shark could be better. Hunters move and place lot's of forests, and for Shark is not a problem in his moving capacity but it is for Corsair.....
  6. Blanca

    Shark vs Butchers - getting the ball back

    It could be an idea, but normally he is not waiting at you: keep three with the ball and the others all against one of your team, Shank goes so fast!! It's not that easy to get out of his range Really I doesn't feel me confident against them, I guess that's one of my weakest point there...
  7. Blanca

    Starter fisherman advice?

    Really, it depends on the day and my opponent. I'm now learning about how use Jac effectively. So my best options at this moment are Sakana and Greyscales
  8. Blanca

    Starter fisherman advice?

    My first line up was with Kraken, I was reluctant to discard him because of his MOM KD in first column and the +1ARM to Siren. But when I was more confident on my playstyle (3 goals), and I started to get Kraken away, I can say that I don't miss him. For me what's more difficult is decide besides Greyscales, Jac and Sakana, all of them seems to me very useful and flexible and it's not easy to me to choose only two of them.
  9. Blanca

    Starting ROUGH

    Saddly you are far of our country. If not our sons could play together
  10. Blanca

    Starting ROUGH

    One of my kids play as well, it's very fun to play with him. My other kid is now looking for Hunters, but is too young to get all in mind....he will need one or two years more. I'm happy to read that I'm not the only "familiar" player ups, I forgot! Welcome!!
  11. Blanca

    Hello from Germany

    Hi Matt, I'm quite out of range of Germany....but only to say welcome and that I have read all your post. Interesting presentation!
  12. I really love the basis, and this particular autumn style, it seems that it takes a lot of hours but the final look is awesome.
  13. Blanca

    Thoughts on Fishermen v Union

    Problem Evermore, is that opponent can break your plans if he goes for an essential model and strikes it or let him in KD (without MOM in your side, so you won't be able to move it in first place if necessary). To fight with that (I used to play against Butchers and Morts whom gets lot's of MOM) I try to not show a clear plan, using influence in mostly players, or even better, have in mind two different plans for face the situation after my opponents first move. Sometimes I loose a model or worst I loose influence, but it makes me more flexible, and that's one of the best things of fishermen, mostly all of our models can make a goal in few movements and revert the game.
  14. Blanca

    Painting Midas again

    Incredible, no words. Love pants but also face expression is stunning
  15. Blanca

    First stab at engineers

    Brilliant! Can't add more than that, totally agree