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  1. Engineers unfun to play against?

    People in my group in Vancouver hate playing against the Engineers. As in angry, bitching about any game I (or others) play with them for 45 minutes after, coming back next later to complain some more about why Hoist is the worst, or Colossus is the worst, or Ballista is too hard to play around (I'm baffled by this one except from Hunters players: Theron is trash), or Velocity having reanimate is too good, etc. Funnily enough I never heard a single complaint before S3. I switched to Morticians mostly so I could stop having to hear their whining.
  2. Wet Coast GT July 8-9

    Signed up! I'll be playing [insert guild here]!
  3. Benediction's Impart Wisdom

    As I've said a few times the change in origin, which is defined but not used in the rule book, and "triggers", which is used but not defined, is the source of the uncertainty. I understand your opinion but it is only one possible interpretation. I'm less certain than you are. Hence a request for clarification from the Lawyer's Guild. No need to keep going around in circles.
  4. Benediction's Impart Wisdom

    Review the rulebook section on Character Plays and you will find that character plays require a valid target in range and LOS. Range S limits the selection of target to the model triggering the play. The word "origin", particularly as it applies to a change in origin, has a definition that casts doubt on who or what is triggering or initiating the character play.
  5. Benediction's Impart Wisdom

    @Saje They most certainly have a target, the selection of which is severely limited by the range. @MilitaryCoo I found myself really wishing that the distance measuring / range stuff used "origin" to clear up a lot of this confusion. Another bone to gnaw on with respect to this: if you change the origin of a character play, do you also change the place from which you draw line of sight? E.g. grace's complementary ability to Impart Wisdom. Do you draw LOS from her still? But that's for another thread.
  6. Can Benediction's Impart Wisdom allow a ranged S character play bought by a friendly model within 6" of him allow him to be the target? I.e. does the change in "origin" allow Impart Wisdom to override the rulebook's description of Ranged S that states "the range is Self and may only be used on the model that triggers the Character Play". Thanks!
  7. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    I'm more concerned with the ranged S thing (concerned is the wrong word - I think it's a valid interpretation of the power). The range-extender thing is awkward for both of them, as while origin is discussed as a topic in the rulebook, it is not used in relation to ranges or measurements, but I'm basically accepting "after spending influence but before checking to see if a target model is in range, you can change the origin and hence measure the range from there" as the interpretation. ETA: @JS riiight. I see the "triggers" wording, but look at what they have for "origin" on page 13.
  8. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    I'm struggling to understand what the intent is of Benediction's Impart Wisdom. I'm choking on the wording. Does this mean if Snakeskin uses Nimble (a Self ranged play that targets a friendly model, Snakeskin), that he can benefit from it? (I doubt this is the intent) Is it solely to allow models with a character play that states "target other friendly" to target themselves? Is it meant to be a range extender for any play that has "target friendly model" in the text? All of those? None? Some?

    The " is in the wrong space. You get an extra 4" of range with Breach! [+0/+4"]
  10. Standing up... Ball snap

    If a model starts its activation standing up, or does any sort of movement within 1" of the ball (dodge, advance) then it can be snapped to. Clearing conditions is not sufficient for an already placed ball to snap.
  11. Yeah, I really found myself wishing I'd had Hoist in position to do that playing against Hammertime Masons on Sunday, but I find I'm usually feeding Hoist to my increasingly angry opponents, either taking 4 of their activations to get the take out or realizing that they just can't stop it from being a snapshot turret. But Vet Velocity still managed to prevent a goal from Flint and delay Hammer scoring a turn by itself.
  12. I think using Veteran Velocity as a goal tender and expecting to stop goals is a bit misleading. I view it as a model that has a big advantage if my opponent misses (automatic possession), but is primarily there to help transition from an opponent's scoring play to one of my own, and subsequently help prevent the ball from coming back the other way by joining the midfield and providing another funnel to my snapshot threats. Think of it like a two-way fullback. Help defend a bit, but more interested in transitioning to offense and helping overwhelm the midfield to prevent attacks from developing further.
  13. Big League Game vs Hunters

    The second list will struggle to compete on momentum depending on ranged plays and you're missing Colossus from both lists. You don't need two keepers in the first list, drop one (I'd drop compound), take the mechaspider.
  14. Struggling with S3 engineers

    I've never used Compound so take this with a grain of salt, but I think that he's a wasted piece in S3 engineers. You need someone that can reliably move up to the center to help with ball retrieval/disposal or decide to go on a goal run themselves once another scoring/snapshot threat has been removed. The key is never to try to win on damage because as you noticed the engies are still pillowfisted. However, they have great counterattacks in many cases due to repositions. It can be tough if your opponent is cautious with the ball when receiving, but engineers should normally attack for momentus repositions with the aim of either forcing an enemy to waste activations taking out a tough model, or getting into scoring/tackling positions. I can see being frustrated against an opponent who is very careful with the ball, but Ballista's deadbolt, mother's burrow and of course colossus are great at getting a ball loose, then your opponent has to decide to try to stop you from getting to it or go ahead with murderous intent. Resist the impulse to dive Colossus in the middle unless you really need the gang ups for a critical part of your turn. I have much more success when I keep Colossus on a wing or available near a scrum but not totally swamped. Stick with them! If you've succeeded with S1/S2 then you'll surely be able to do well once you retrain your thinking on which models serve what role, particularly your opponents models.
  15. Struggling with S3 engineers

    My experience has been the opposite. Previously I could see the ways the Engineers were supposed to win but only manage it if my opponent didn't realize I was letting them chew on Ballista to allow the rest of the team to score. It's been such a big change that my opponents don't know what to do to stop the Engineers yet. They have changed from a ranged denial team to a durable ball-control scoring team with a bit of ranged control. Well, they were always durable with Ballista, I suppose, but now they have more tools to get the ball from where it is to where they need it. What kind of things do your opponents do that frustrate your plans? What is your normal game plan and lineup when receiving & when kicking?