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  1. Hello, Suppose you need to resolve a throw in, but there is a model or marker already at the dead center of the pitch. How do you place the ball to resolve the circular scatter? If the model is dead center there's no clear law of least disturbance placement. Thanks! Already answered, my bad!
  2. Lucky's new character play Sleight of Hand says: Target friendly model may remove any conditions it is currently suffering. Can you do a 'partial cleanse' and leave some of the conditions on the friend? For example if you want to keep Disease but get rid of KD. Thank you!
  3. angelforge

    Seductive Dread Gaze

    So in the case where you use Seduced/Puppet Master to make an enemy Siren2 attack an enemy to trigger the Dread Gaze, basically all you've done is trigger the aura for the opponent?
  4. Hello, Suppose Siren1 uses Seduced on Siren2 and picks the result. Will the Siren1 team have a "Dread Gaze" aura under their control centered on the enemy Siren2 for the rest of the turn? And would Siren2 be considered an enemy for that Dread Gaze aura for the rest of the turn (i.e. have -2 TAC). Also affects Obulus's Puppet Master and Piper's Pay the Piper. Thank you.
  5. Hello, Suppose Ploughman puts down a rough ground field and then gets taken-out. Do you still get an extra harvest-marker when you plant inside his rough ground while he's taken out? Fertile Soil: When a friendly model places one or more harvest-markers within a rough-ground AOE that was positioned by this model, this model's Controlling Player may place one additional friendly harvest-marker within the rough-ground AOE. Thank you.
  6. Hello, Suppose Siren counterattacks a model holding the ball and triggers Seduced, making them pass the ball to her. She receives the ball and declares a Snap Shot. If the player holding the ball had Football Legend, or was Corsair with his legendary play active, does she gain +1/+1 or +1/+2 kick on the snapshot? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Suppose a model with Gravedigger or Snack Break attacks a model at 1HP and wraps, such that they can choose a playbook result and a damage result. In Gravedigger's case, will they be able to target the model they are about to kill to gain extra VPs? In Snack Break's case, will the Snack Break boon be in effect when the enemy model takes the damage result, gaining extra vps? Thank you.
  8. I know you can pick up the ball during a Lure jog, but I have a question about a specific scenario. Suppose a model in possession of the ball drops it 1" away from them, such that it's "directly away" from a Lure source. Will they be able to pick it up during the Lure advance (which makes them move directly towards the model)? They are starting an advance 1" from the ball, but if they move at all they will be over 1" from it. Thank you.
  9. angelforge

    Reinforced Plating vs Pulse

    Thank you!
  10. From a previous thread: I'm a little confused on this - does Burnish ignore the pulse's effects? Consider Fillet's Blood Rain, where "Target enemy model suffers [2] DMG. Enemy models within the pulse suffer the bleed condition." Burnish definitely ignores the 2 dmg component, but what about the pulse? Thank you.
  11. angelforge

    Puppet Master triggering OPT plays

    Thank you, I missed that rule when I looked for it. Attaching screenshot of the section here. Season 3, page 13
  12. Hello, Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master on an enemy Hearne who attacks a model for Skewered (OPT). If the enemy player uses Hearne to make an attack later in the turn and gets 5 successes, can he choose the Skewered result? Or has the enemy player claimed the once-a-turn skewer. Thank you.
  13. angelforge

    01/27 - A New Ball - ROC, NY

    8 people signed up on Longshanks so far! Exciting stuff.
  14. angelforge

    01/27 - A New Ball - ROC, NY

    Entry - $15, includes lunch Prizes - Store credit based on placement and raffle prize extras Saturday, January 27th - Registration at 12, dice at 12:30 16 player cap Standard OPD rules Join us for Rochester's first Guild Ball tournament of 2018! We'll have some sweet prizes including widgets, minis, and limited edition sculpts. Store credit will be given based on placement. We'll be raffling off some prizes. Heres how you can get a ticket! +1 Ticket - Show up! +1 Ticket - Fully painted and based team +1 Ticket - Goal token Tournament results will be recorded live on Longshanks. Painted minis are not required. Event is up on Longshanks: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=717
  15. angelforge

    Scalpel or Obulus

    Obulus all the time, but Scalpel has game into Blacksmiths.