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  1. 01/27 - A New Ball - ROC, NY

    Entry - $15, includes lunch Prizes - Store credit based on placement and raffle prize extras Saturday, January 27th - Registration at 12, dice at 12:30 16 player cap Standard OPD rules Join us for Rochester's first Guild Ball tournament of 2018! We'll have some sweet prizes including widgets, minis, and limited edition sculpts. Store credit will be given based on placement. We'll be raffling off some prizes. Heres how you can get a ticket! +1 Ticket - Show up! +1 Ticket - Fully painted and based team +1 Ticket - Goal token Tournament results will be recorded live on Longshanks. Painted minis are not required. Event is up on Longshanks: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=717
  2. Scalpel or Obulus

    Obulus all the time, but Scalpel has game into Blacksmiths.
  3. Hello, If I target Memory with Superior Strategy (in the Snake Draft format) does Memory gain an activation? Presumably with all the benefits of taking said activation (i.e. if you were to give it a movement stat and Overclocked it could charge, or the puppet could use its standard advance to stand up, etc.) Superior Strategy 4 4” - Target friendly Guild model gains an additional activation and is allocated [1] Influence. Inanimate Object This model does not have an activation. This model does not generate VP when it suffers the taken-out condition. Thank you.
  4. Foul Odor and giant terrian pieces

    Vassal picture to make the situation a bit more clear (Chisel is standing on top of an obstruction). Thanks @Sid!
  5. Foul Odor and giant terrian pieces

    I figured out a possible "real" situation - Fangtooth is standing within 3" of a model who is on top of a "legal" obstruction". Would the frowning face suffer the Rough Ground penalty when it attempts to jog off the obstruction?
  6. Hello, Suppose Fangtooth is standing in the center of an obstruction, with 3" from his base to the nearest Obstruction edge. Will his Foul Odour trait affect any models that are within 3"? My interpretation is no it won't, because Foul Odour only changes open-ground. And an Obstruction (even an illegally large one) is not open ground. Foul Odour [ 3” Aura ] Other models within the aura treat open–ground as rough–ground. Thank you.
  7. Hello, Suppose Obulus casts Puppet Master on an enemy model that started engaging Skulk and has it jog out of his melee zone. Does ending that advance trigger the puppet master? Does it work the same way if the enemy model did not start the advance engaging Skulk? I.E it jogged into and then out of the melee zone. This will also affect Lure.
  8. Morticians' Playstyle?

    3 net hits on a 2" melee character - in my experience it's not hard to set up one or two crowd outs and/or a knockdown. Confidence and charging for a KD into 12 damage and 4 momentum is not bad, and compared to the soccer teams I'd definitely call it great. It's certainly not as fast at generating points as playing ball or using Cosset but it's safe. Whenever I talk about Cosset it just sounds like magical Christmasland, but yeah she turns the mortician's damage output from "Good against soccer teams" to actually good. On a 7/9 with Lure too! If only she didn't die to a weak breeze.
  9. Morticians' Playstyle?

    If Butchers are the Damage and Fisherman are the Ball, Morticians are the third point on the triangle: The Control. I find against killy teams I want to play a lot more soccer and try to engineer a Casket Time. Against Soccer teams, I'd rather use my excellent road blocks to slow the game down for Obulus and Graves to use their great damage output to get a couple kills, and finish the game either dirty or with one goal for the win.
  10. Played the Obulus mirror today (Opponent is borrowing my Casket). Ghast gets a double kill to start off turn 2 Cosset prepares to send Ghast to an early demise Mist sinks a goal for the victory
  11. Egret flurries the twins Don't chase Theron and his dog, or you'll get hurt! Flint gets a goal
  12. Kickoff Jaecar starts... and then fails his goal run Chaska misses his respawn kill Lucky gets a goal
  13. Deployment Kickoff The Fallen Prometheus smells blood (but not before the Midnight Hunter eats his captain!) Goalkeeper for the win
  14. Most excited to paint both Adas. Waking up yesterday with a good amount of $ to go for the alternate Ada was scary. I can't believe we made it to the Kendo. After the Adas I'm really excited to learn how to paint gore, bile, and other technical effects on the monsters. It's not something I have a lot of experience with but I'm excited to learn.
  15. Lob Barrel - Multi target resolution

    Just to be clear on what that means then, is that when a character play has multiple characters in the target area - you roll for the first model, and resolve all effects. Then roll for the second model, and resolve all effects. I.E you don't get to see which models are successfully hit by the play before resolving any of the effects.