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  1. Wallpaper section

    Hi, With the release of the GIC cards I realized something - I don't actually have any of those pictures for my wallpaper folder! So I went looking and found the wallpaper section. All of them have a guild icon. While I do like the guild icons I was hoping we could get a set that don't have the Guild imagery - instead just that sweet art.
  2. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Thanks! I like that change to healing. WIll the Morticians card get its own art? It looks like a shifted version of the Union one. Any chance we could get that Farmer picture in the wallpapers section of the website?
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Can you choose NOT to use a Guild Identity, in order to keep the 4 health healing? I.E will there be a "Vanilla" one that confers no benefits or penalties.
  4. Guild Ball tournament at Just Games on September 30th. We will be using the most recent OPD - 10 player rosters, with up to two captains and two mascots. Scoring will be reported live on http://longshanks.org/ The full Farmers roster (This includes Thresher, Millstone, and the other unreleased models) will be legal. If you want to bring them, paper dolls are acceptable (but appropriate conversions are encouraged!). You MUST have physical cards to provide your opponent. The Blacksmiths will be legal. Paper dolls are acceptable, but if you were lucky enough to snag a prerelease copy from Gencon we would love to see the models. Right now they only have 6 players, but if more players are released they will be legal (Assuming we get the full card, of course). Entry price: $10 Registration at 12, dice at 1230. 16 player cap Prizes store credit, swag, or appropriate event kit as available. Hope to see you there! Link to the event on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/754449888068048
  5. Plot cards, who plays first?

    My understanding was that after they get a goal, the Activating Player still has control of the game. If they want to reveal plots or do the post-goal dodge, they would do so now. After they pass control to you for the Goal Kick, you can reveal plots, and then the ball returns to play and the activation ends.

    No problem. I played in a 3 rounder today with Mist as my Union using these rules so I didn't think to try to kill the pitch like that. But now that I think about it, a much more optimal plan: By scooting Avarrise down 3/4ths of an inch you actually kill that side of the pitch entirely - and now the kicker has to put both models next to Ghast. If one of them has low DEF, they both probably get knocked off the pitch thanks to an Unmasking. And if you can't you still have a reasonable chance to just 3 times for a less flashy but still effective double kill. Swap Avarisse's deployment position with Bonesaw for an extra 10mm of deployment nullzone profit.

    @tehlon already brought this up but I'd like to restate this as a problem. The blue bases are illegal placements for a model (just at 3" from the two models nulling the field). The Briskets are legally deployed as far away from the closest edge as possible. You are basically guaranteed a knock-off kill on activation 0 with this setup. Would 2 models behind (but not necessarily in base contact with) each line be an unreasonable way to start? It feels more fluffy because now teams are starting with their auras online and in the range of friendly plays (i.e. in a formation)) but I'm sure there's a defensive case I'm not seeing where you want to be positioned maximally back.
  8. Who are the guilds that B&M want to play against?

    I hadn't thought about that, but I really like Memory as a beatstick vs UM. Combined with the 3 2" characters we're running, we can almost ignore the trait entirely.
  9. Who are the guilds that B&M want to play against?

    When do you draft BPM? Opportunity is another cost that you have to factor in with 6 model lineups. My 10 is Obulus, Dirge, Graves1, Ghast, AG, BPM, Cosset, Casket, Silence, Scalpel. I basically only play Obulus, Scalpel is there for draft confusion. My first 3 picks are pretty much always Graves 1, Ghast, and AG. Sometimes I don't want Greede (Casket Time and Glorious Achievement very scary!). BPM are usually my 6th choice because playing with 8 bases has been pretty successful for me. They also feel like the most flex slot - All the other characters feel a lot more well rounded and all-purpose, whereas BPM are pure offense. While that's something I usually want... there are matchups where the 3 bench characters feel a lot more relevant. I played Morticians in a 3 round today fighting Alchemists, Brewers, and Unions to take 1st place. I played 8 bases against Midas and Rage, and against the Esters team I took Cosset as my 6th. If Cosset can attack someone with the bird she does significantly more damage than pretty much anyone else we have - if she can wrap. And against a low defense team like Brewers, the wraps are gonna happen. At worst, she's hitting a Lure fairly consistently against most of the guild. Having that angle of attack (especially when you combine Grave's damage setup with Tooled Up and 1 for 4 smacks and Ghast/Avarisse knockdown fiesta) felt a lot more useful than having a puppet pair who are just putting out more attacks and kicks. They do it in a unique way of course, but they're still not bringing anything new to the table. Basically, I take them against everyone unless I think another character would be better in the matchup. But scoring points (whether puppet punches or puppet punts) is pretty much always good.
  10. Engineers or Morticians?

    It's interesting to me that Ghast is considered underplayed. With his 2" melee, good playbook, and the Fear/Rising Anger rattlesnake combination he's basically been my first pick midfield anchor forever. Perhaps I need to finish up my Casket and just change him out with Ghast to experiment.
  11. New Player in Upstate NY

    Welcome to the game from the Rochester area! We meet up with the Ithaca folks for tournaments - a bit further for you guys but still somewhat central. If you're interested in playing over drinks, I'd love to invite you and everyone else in the thread to an upcoming tournament at the Fulkerson Winery. A bit of a drive for some, but it will be worth it!
  12. Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Captains and Mascots are step 2 which is before rolling for initiative (step 3).
  13. Hello, Suppose you target an enemy player with Puppet Master or Lure, and have them jog (and end their advance) in melee range of an enemy model with Unpredictable Movement. Can the enemy player choose to trigger Unpredictable Movement? Thank you.
  14. Hitting an actual chess clock adds quite a bit to the experience. IMO it's a lot more "Now I'm done with my activation, you go." then just tapping a smartphone. We don't use the clock out VPs in our casual games. You just take extremely prompt turns to 'mimic' the experience of 1-minute activations. I want to play a pure 1-minute activation game but worry that it favors "Team" characters over super solos too much. Maybe 1:30 or 2 minutes would be better. 30-minute death clock is also fun. I wish I had one of those big old mechanical clocks, that had two actual clocks on it... loud DINGs surely aren't distracting for neighbouring tables.