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  1. "The game progresses as the farmers move the ball up the pitch. The crowd cheers loudly every time the new star gets the ball and speeds up towards the enemy goal. He is the player of the moment! He is amazing! He is..." - Supper's ready! - COMIN'! - "With the scoreboard tied to 8 comes the mid-game, it's time for the farmer's new star to shine. Scoring 4..." - No. Can't score 4 goals in a single game... 2 goals! - "Scoring 2 goals in the last game, it is the farmers newest member who has possession of th..." - Are y' comin'? - - Yes ma', just a moment.- - Stop playin' with that ol' pigsac and come set up the table - - 'k... - "In the face of defeat, the rookie makes his way to the dressing room, already concentrating on the next game... - Remember ya have to help me with the dishes afterwards! - ...however far it may seem." The sun was setting and the boy started picking up the sickle he had taken to help grandpa sow the field. It wasn't much compared to grandpa's scythe, but it was good enough for him. He couldn't lift the scythe anyway. He had tried some times when Grandpa wasn't looking but he almost killed the rooster once. The rooster had barely dodged the thing, losing a couple of feathers, and then had started pecking and shrieking at the boy. Grandpa was always kind and never really scolded him anyway. When Grandpa found out, he helped the boy raise the scythe, and he told him he'd keep it a secret from Ma' and the others. - Eat your veggies - - I don't like'em Ma' - - I don't care, eat 'em - - ... - - I'll tell you what, you eat all your veggies this week... - He looked at her with an expression of despair, about to throw a tantrum. - ...you eat them and I'll convince Grandpa to take you to the next game so you can watch and help the lads from the bench. - The boy's face lit up and he started eating like it was his last meal. "We just received word that the new farmer star has been selected for tonight's initial lineup! Hold on to your seats, for you are about to witness Guildball to its greatest expression. This new farmer rookie has set amazing records and outstanding performances during his first games." *** "Now, after so many years. The farmers make their appearance in the major leagues. They seem to be lead from the bench by a celebrity in the game, but we cannot deny the leadership that has kept the team together since the early days of Guildball. He is an outstanding captain. He is considered a fatherly figure for them all. He is..." - Stop it Harrow! I gotta get ready too! - Bushel was shouting. The team seemed somewhat nervous from the other side of the door. He had learned to calm himself over the years, imagining that voice in his head going on and on about a game he was about to play. Now that the time had come, his hands were shaking and his heart pounding stronger than ever. He felt the same excitement way he did all those years ago, like a little boy ready for his first trip with the Guildball team. Some way, he was still a just a rookie. It had been ages since that first trip with the team, and even though so many things had changed, he had that same feeling. He used to be obsessed with playing Guildball, and as time went on, his love for the game had not decreased but it was overrun by other feelings. It wasn’t about the game anymore as much as it was for the sake of his teammates. So many had come and go. The new players felt so much fresher than his generation ever was, but they still had a long way to go. He would protect them, they were his family, and he was not gonna go light on anyone who would harm his family. - We're all ready - said Bushel - Comin' - Some things never changed. - Harrow's a little nervous, he doesn't know how he is gonna do 'round so many people - - Don't worry, he has a strong heart. He'll do just fine. - They seemed a little disperse during the practice matches. They had much to learn, but with the right amount of training, they would get the hang of it just in time. They had a strong bond, something most guilds had tossed aside in favour of simpler qualities. He readied his bags and picked up the scythe his grandfather had left him, no sight of Peck around to get hurt. He was much older now and could pick it up easily, but the weight of the scythe felt bigger as if he was not carrying just a farmer’s tool. He knew he had to find someone to pick it up in time. For now, he would lead the best way he knew. It was time to demonstrate himself, he was not a rookie anymore. It was time to reap the pitch.
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