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  1. Engineered to Perfection?: Mascots

    I take mother over mainspring every time, partially because she is a 40 mm base, not a 30, this lets me use her to block charge lanes/ goal shots more easily. in games where I don't have compound in my lineup, she makes for a very good goalkeeper, as a well-positioned nest and careful placement mean that the opposition striker will usually be shooting at -1 or -2 dice, (not enough to stop some dedicated stickers but enough to deter most, and if/ when they miss mother is then in a perfect position to snap the ball, burrow away drop the ball on hoist, then throw out another nest marker to boost hoist next activation. that coupled with the ability to always be able to retrieve the ball when receiving makes her my go to pick. its not that mainspring isn't good, but mother is just better
  2. Model ideas

    the more I ponder it the idea of Harry driving colossus is one I love more and more....
  3. C'mon you gearheads!!

    I AM WOODEN MAN!.... doesn't quite have the same ring to it.....
  4. Proposal about Harry...

    like the time you were more than happy to supply us with oil for ballista's flame weapon? #VengenceForQuistis #NeverTrustAChemist
  5. Harry the Hat!

    Because Veteran Katalyst isn't enough of a brawler for you?
  6. Model ideas

    What sort of a model do we think Veteran Harry would have if he came to us? I love Harry the hat, so much so that I even have the infamy version of him. and ill be damned if I let them darned murdering chem monkeys get that very fine hat. so the question is why do you think Harry will join us engineers, and what sort of changes could we expect in the model? perhaps he will become a mechanica or is he part of balista's cunning plan to regain control of the guild? what do we all think?
  7. Harry the hard hat

    wasn't PV looking for a new pilot for the Colossus.... inspiring hat on a large base anyone?
  8. My Engineer 9, vengeance here I come!

    so who gets added to your 9 following the new changes to the organised play doc?
  9. Why do you play Engineers?

    im a mechanical engineer in real life. my friends bought me an engineers starter set. robots are super freaking cool i enjoy taking the moral high ground of winning my games through stratergy and ball shennanigins rather than the kill first ask questions later stratergy....
  10. Considering Engineers...

    so, going through you questions in order. 1. we are a football team. aint no 2 ways about it. our average kick stat is 3.5/6" (7" with abilities) which is pretty good (those stats are slightly off due to characters like mother and compound who have poor kick stats), the rest of the team is consistently 4/6" or 4/8" making us the most reliable footballers in the game. both captains legendary plays are ways to practically guarantee a goal. we have a medium speed with about 6/8 being the average move stat. and we hold on to the ball pretty well with abundance of denial options (close control, sturdy, stoic, unpredictable movement and gluttonous mass ) we are also on the sturdier side of the bell curve. with a standard statline of 4 & 1 on most of our players and a near monopoly on abilities like reanimate that will frustrate your opponents no end. (hoist has literally reduced our local V rage player to tears of frustration more than once.) 2. recommended line up's this comes down to personal preference and experimentation. but i would recommend hoist and velocity, hoist is a top rate tank and genraly very useful player who works well in a football or gunline line-up. true replication is a fantastic ability that makes him really useful. plus 4/1 tough hide sturdy reanimate is a hell of a defenceive line. velocity is a star striker, with 3 influence she can thretten a goal from 18 inches (20 with pin-vice). and with numble up she becomes a 6+ with reanimate, which is again really defensible 3.one of my most regularly used phrases for guildball is "engineers dont kill people" and its true. while balista ratchet and salvo together (with hoist) can make a serious dint in the eney from range. our team don't have momentous damage results in the bottom half of the playbook (outside of captains), damage is not what we are about. so if you go in for a fight you are only going in for the hope to get back out again with the ball. or build momentum through repositioning , pushes and dodges are our thing what lets us down in those fights is a shortage of 2" melee. and poor counter attack threat. union models that mesh realy well with engineers are (in my opinion) harry, because he has a 2" melee, a knock-down on 3, a really good tac buff and a great playbook plus his hat turns the football game up to 11. and decimate because she provides some damage, cuts through enemy armour and is a fair footballer herself. but harry is my go to union. (i dont even entertain averice and greed, rage or gutter as option) 4. the only model i used from my stater these days is velocity as im a pure mechanica player. however if you prefer the crossbows and ranged damage thing then its a good call. its also a good value way for you get started. 5. the engineers are good in that its very difficult to get into a situation where a player can do literally nothing useful in their activation, even if it just farming momentum, whatever trick your opponent tries to play the engineer toolbox should have an answer to that, so in this way they are a very versatility team. as far as ways to play them, you can go for the gunline style list and try to keep the enemy at range, it esults in a realy grindy game but can work so long as you can keep the other team on your terms and the ball under your control. my perefered palystyle is the much faster goal oriented method where pretty much every player on the team is in a position to get the ball or score with the ball. in many ways this is a more fragile playstyle as a botched roll on that all important goal kick can leave you stranded and exposed and out of momentum. and there is little that you can do if the opposition find a way to really kill the ball. (brisket hiding in the far corner of the field with he ball is our local butcher players go to trick ) however if that dosn't happen then you have a team can pull a goal out of nowhere like no other i hope this input has helped Regards MrGears
  11. i tried her in an engineer mirror match the other day. i had pv, hoist colossus compound vv and mother they had balista salvo velocity compound mother and colossus pinvice legendary played at the start of the turn, and burned an oil token off colossus for momentum, walked to engage compound and pulled off a 3 dice shot for the first goal , the ball then came back to their balista who deadbolted colossus , put up minefield sprinted and counter legandaried to shoot on goal, promptly missed because goal defence. and the balll went to vv vv activated, passed to compound for a 4 inch dodge, he bonus timed the ball back to vv, she then dodged and walked to within passing range of pinvice (took 4 damage), bounced the ball of her captain and put a second goal in in as many activations. salvo then put an arrow in his transformed sisters knee so that was out of contention for snap shots he popped teather ball to regain position and sent the ball to his prefered sisterly incarnation. who despite compounds best efforts to stink up the place was able to get the goal in (and earned a vengeance token for her trouble), when the ball can back out it went to a carefully positioned spider nest, and so to my mother who was sulking in the wings, she sent out a new nest, burrowed to it and walked into range to send a pass to pinvice who pulled off a snapshot for the win. 3 goals in one turn, and all possible thanks to vv's hundred hand stance and goal defence. it stopped the balista legendary goal which would of been successful otherwise and she meant i then hand the ball to retaliate imedialty would original velocity of been bettter? as a striker certainly but for diversity and reliability vv was good that game (i was also very very very lucky)
  12. Hello everyone. this is the thread where i will be putting match reports for my engineers in their tournament performance 2017. so far i am signed up to the EGG cup (tomorrow) at element games in Manchester. then i have a break until the losers guild tournament in march and then vengeance 2017, i may fill in other tournaments in-between depending on life. to date i have played 20 games with my engineers in season 2, and i am still yet to win one. so my official goal for the EGG cup is either, break this losing streak , or get the spoon. (hence EGG and Spoon Race. My line up will be as follows. Captain: Pinvice. Mascot: Mother Mascot: Mainspring Union: Harry the hat Player: Velocity Player: Hoist Player: Compound Player: Ratchet Player:Collossus i decided to go with just the one captain as i feel like i know pinvice better than balista, and with my almost entirely mechanica line up she makes more sense. i prefer her legendary to balistas, and having 3 models in the list with reanimate and 3 models with close control makes for quite the potent denial game i think. depending on if i kick or receive i will switch between mascots, if im kicking then the spider is in to try and help defend the goal, if im receiving then the mainspring free pass is more useful. hoist and velocity will likely be in every lineup for me, and then depending on the opposition i will work out what else i want, against slow teams i will likely go with harry and ratchet to try and slow them down (3 blast earth with deletion and tooled up and one fire per turn) and to speed my tem up further if i have the ball. against beaters it will likely be harry and compound. iv taken more and more to playing compound out of goal against beater teams as a 2 inch reach gluttonous mass 20 health model is quite useful all in all vs football its got to be colossus and compound colossus for the previously mentioned 3 close control players and compound for actual goal defence , coupled with mothers nests they can lay out a pretty substantial defence i dunno how well any of this is going to work out but id love any advice and suggestions before tomorrow. reports will go up one a day over the next week as i get them written up
  13. Season 3 line up

    so i played my first game with hunters yesterday into engineers and it was glorious. he took, balista, ratchet, mainsprng velocity hoist and collossus. i took, theron the cat the bear, chasca jecar and zarola (because i dont own minx yet) the final score ended up at 12 1 to the hunters. theron was a handy utility peice, zarola and fhad together pinned down velocity and made a goal run theat put the fear of the sun god into my opponent. jacar proved to be a stupendous momentum farm and must of killed the bug about 3 times chaska was worth his weight in gold, with a blessing on him he double boom boxed collossus with the ball off the pitch. that ball when it scattered back on scattered to Senah, who was glorious. who wouldn't love a massive bear rampaging its way up the pitch, first eating velocity then eating balista then at the start of the next turn proceeding to bite the bug for momentum and score (that's right the bear scored for the win) engineers are my main team and i have played about 10 games of s3 with them since releases, and i cannot get them to perform as well for me in any game as the hunters did for me in that one...
  14. Locus

    puts me in mind of this guy
  15. Byron coaches the Engineers

    good game, though i am curious... with the velocity activation toward the end, why did you start with the attack, when you could of walked round Katalyst to to back of him, staying at the extent of melee, then tackle double dodged out puting you 3 inches away and out of his counter attach range, which would of got you the goal shot a turn earlier. not that there was anything up with what you did I'm just curious what your thought process was?